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I love this guy, but hes a jerk.
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Posted 4/11/08

sk_grl123 wrote:

Omok wrote:

*thumbs up* Turn gay! (jk; its a habit, I have tendency of wanting my friends to turn'm a horrible friend..anywho...)

you'll get over him; it may take time, but time is the only thing that can HELP in the FIRST place....

sad .___.

lmao xDD

anywho back to the topic ...
uhhh yea iDunno
i have no clue whatsoever about this crap you call "love"
to me , it`s BS haha

shiiii i`ll never know what it`s like til i`m 3O && married
&& besides , you`re just 14
who the hell falls in love at 14 ?
at least turn 14 && 1/2 goshh

Lol... I'm 14...and 5 months...o_O;

i actually have loved a few(three) people.....(two of them lasted two years each, and the 3rd one lasted 3 months...the 3rd one is a...long/short sad story LOL..)

it goes like this:

Crush at first sight > Friends > be best best friends with that person > after a year > confess > get rejected.

*thumbs up* gay pride! (jk)

come to think of it; falling in love when you're gay is even worse...

*two thumbs up* Straight Pride. (though i actually am gay...only if you're wondering)
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Posted 4/11/08

abbiness wrote:

There is this guy, I've dated for about 8 mnths.
& We recently broke UP. I made the desicion to split. Because he was acting like a total JERK.
HE swore to me that I was his life. & The basics.

But anyway, NOW i feel much different w/out him. I'm NOT able to be with anyone else.
Beacuse it's all memories. & The way I was happy. He was the1st actul REAL bf.
& dido with em'. So its like idk, i guess i LOVED him A LOT.

Point is, when we tlk he tells me he loves. & Then later it would be another STORY.
He screwing with my feelings. & I'm NOT sure if hes worth the heart aches.
So what's the point?

Dudes & Chicks.
I need HELP. What should I do. . .

ur only 14.... dont trust guys ur age... theyre so immature.... and plz tell me that u havnt lose ur virginity in the 8 months.... if u did.... thats a total waste... and i bet u lose ur first kiss..... well thats a waste too but not so much.... try to learn more about guys from guys u trust.... that actually wont mind tellin u how guys are.... or how he is.... b4 tryin to find some1 to date..... datin young isnt good.....

and about what u should do... i have no idea.... due to the fact i dont have a gf and never had 1 anywyas nor do i have heart aches.... so umm.. sorry... but... i guess u can go umm... find a new and better boyfriend?... 0.o... thats actually mature..... (dont go for the ones that are popular or w.e....)

and lastly... i have a question for u... y u date him in the first place?... because he said he love u?.... well guys can always say that.... he might love ur physical appearance but then he might get bored of u.... i wonder y girls always go for the bad boys type or the sweet mouth type
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Posted 4/11/08
hun, you're only 14, you can't possibly his life no matter how much he says it or mean it (at the time)
get over it.
you'll find another boy.
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Posted 4/11/08
i never had a boyfriend so,
to answer this i had to ask my guy friends and they said:
the guy is a total jerk and u don't need him
so if he didn't brake up with you yet you should brake up with him
they said:
look as cute as u can be and go to him smiling and tell him that you need to talk to him
when he comes tell him -don't forget the smile-
that you want to brake up and that he was a great friend and
tell him that it is not his fault it is yours
( in the red sentence try to look as if you are lieing but trying to convince him ) but keep the smile
then make a friend call you for something more important than him and answer her by saying that you are coming
look back at him with the lovely smile that carry -oh doggy i am so sorry for hurting you - in it
pat on his shoulder twice and say "let's stay friends ok??" smile again and leave

but when you do that don't cry and don't show tears show confidence only
if u ever felt like crying then do that coz it helps but don't show it to him
and yes if ur still hurting then leave it to time coz time does heal
u can trust me in that..
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