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Haiku Poems
Posted 1/11/07
Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry written in the pattern of 5,7,5 morae (partially similar to english syllables). Haiku is a modern revision by Masaoka Shiki of the much older hokku, the opening verse of haikai no renga. Traditional hokku is similar to todays haiku by consisting of 5,7,5 morae. However, hokku contains season words, kigo, to describe the season in which the renga is set or in reference of the natural world. Hokku also combined two, sometimes three, elements into a sensory impression with a grammatical break (kire) at the end of the first or second meter. Many traditional hokku attributes are still used in modern haiku, although a 'free-form haiku' is written in some western countries in which many traditional attributes are not used. Traditional hokku writers include Basho, Buson and Issa.

So please post any Haiku poems you have. Remember that its a 5-7-5 morea.
Posted 1/11/07
Ryunosuke Akutagawa

#1 * Green frog,
* Is your body also
* freshly painted?

#2 * Sick and feverish
* Glimpse of cherry blossoms
* Still shivering.
Posted 1/11/07
Matsuo Basho

* Fallen sick on a journey,
* In dreams I run wildly
* Over a withered moor.

* An old silent pond...
* A frog jumps into the pond,
* splash! Silence again.

* The first soft snow!
* Enough to bend the leaves
* Of the jonquil low.

* In the cicada's cry
* No sign can foretell
* How soon it must die.

* No one travels
* Along this way but I,
* This autumn evening.

* In all the rains of May
* there is one thing not hidden -
* the bridge at Seta Bay.

* The years first day
* thoughts and loneliness;
* the autumn dusk is here.

* Clouds appear
* and bring to men a chance to rest
* from looking at the moon.

* Harvest moon:
* around the pond I wander
* and the night is gone.

* Poverty's child -
* he starts to grind the rice,
* and gazes at the moon.

* No blossoms and no moon,
* and he is drinking sake
* all alone!

* Won't you come and see
* loneliness? Just one leaf
* from the kiri tree.

* Temple bells die out.
* The fragrant blossoms remain.
* A perfect evening!
Posted 1/11/07
Yosa Buson

* At the over-matured sushi,
* The Master
* Is full of regret.

* Pressing Sushi;
* After a while,
* A lonely feeling

* A whale!
* Down it goes, and more and more
* up goes its tail!
Posted 1/11/07

* Covered with the flowers,
* Instantly I'd like to die
* In this dream of ours!
Posted 1/11/07

* No sky
* no earth - but still
* snowflakes fall
Posted 1/11/07
Kobayashi Issa

* In my old home
* which I forsook, the cherries
* are in bloom.

* A giant firefly:
* that way, this way, that way, this -
* and it passes by.

* Right at my feet -
* and when did you get here,
* snail?

* My grumbling wife -
* if only she were here!
* This moon tonight...

* A lovely thing to see:
* through the paper window's hole,
* the Galaxy.

* A man, just one -
* also a fly, just one -
* in the huge drawing room.

* A sudden shower falls -
* and naked I am riding
* on a naked horse!
Posted 1/11/07
Those are my Haiku's I've done.
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Posted 1/11/07
apparently your the only one that really cares about
Posted 1/11/07
I kinda figured that
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I love anime
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you're boring

noone knows haikus so why make a post about them? -.-
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Posted 1/11/07
^^uh wait a while for others to post. I'm going to have seizures looking at that avatar ^^
Posted 1/11/07

Akatsuki wrote:

you're boring

noone knows haikus so why make a post about them? -.-

there'll be some^^

mauz15 wrote:

^^uh wait a while for others to post. I'm going to have seizures looking at that avatar ^^
lol dont stare at it to much or to hard >.> but if u get a wasnt me*gives u twenty buck*

~ok you're going have to start using the Edit button
because my retinas are about to explode. ~mauz15~
Posted 1/12/07
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