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Posted 4/11/08
Hey pplss!!!!

Okay so I've seen other groups do this game so i thought why not do it here??
So this is how it works. You chose any hawt asian guy to be what they would be in YOUR life. For example they could be your boyfriend, brother, or like hot neighbor you spy on XD.
We'll make it so that you can choose 6 people so that the posts won't be TOO long XD.

Okay I'll start off.

Yamapi: My over protective brother! && Me being his overprotective little sister
Shige: My boyfriend!!! [[&&Husband!]] Smart and everything! <3
Ryo: Me and Yamapi's longest known friend EVER! Also like a second bro! Also very protective of me and vice versa!
Koyama: Me and Shige's neighbor! Also very good friends! We like to clown around alot =]
Massu: My best buddy!! Plus we'll go out and eat alot! XD
Tesshi: My cousin who i can talk to about ANYTHING!!!!

I chose NewS members XD But you can choose whoever you want!! So have fun!! =]
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23 / F / Marshmallow Land
Posted 4/15/08 , edited 4/15/08
Massu: My SOOOOOOOOOOO Awesomely Borfriewd!! *o*
Tegoshi: He's like meh older Bro!!! I could tell him EVERYTHING!!..ok not EVERYTHING XD
Ryo:.....I'm his little annoying sister! :D
Shige: yeah,were best buds now lets go play with Koyama! XD
Koyama:Cousin!!! I can play video games with him! XD
Yamapi: another bro who is like...protective >.<
Kame: My best guy friend!! which I can play catch with!
Taguchi: could be my funniest friends!!!
Koki: Cousin who can teach me how to rap! XD
Nakamaru: Cousin on my dad side!! XD lol
Chinen: OMG I want his as my little bro but he's older than me by like...1-2 years?! >.<

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34 / F / jakarta city
Posted 6/30/08
hee chul : is my dongseng, and very2 childish and stick with me always...

joe cheng : my boys next door and my crime partner...

kimutaku : my uncle... veeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice uncle...

vanness : my husband!!!! a faithfull husband...

toshimasa hara : my flirty boyfriend but it's ok since i have a husband...

tetsu ogawa : the other uncle... he gaves me a bass lesson often...

oh my...
Posted 7/18/08
Kame: My awesome and totaly rad boyfriend!!!!!!!!!! ^.^

Yamashita Tomohisa: My goofy and funny bestfriend!!!!!!!!

Shun Oguri : My overprotective but really nice twin brother!!!
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23 / F / huh? why do you w...
Posted 8/7/08
Chinen Yuri: My adorable boyfriend who always makes me laugh

Hikaru Yaotome: My totally clumsy friend, when he's with Chinen, every day is like a happy day

Yuto Nakajima: My hyper attractive bestie who sometimes bullies his friends, gets happy easily when it comes to food lol

Ryosuke Yamada: My awesome closest friend who reads alot, fun to be with, sometimes i stalk him to scare him xDD

Ryutaro Morimoto: My kutie little brother who's mature sometimes but annoying once in a while

Yuya Takaki: My over protective friend, always treats me like a sister, also my neighbor, very attractive

Daiki Arioka: My bestie who always protect his friends

Kota Yabu: My handsome cuzin, gets cranky if doesn't get enough sleep

Kei Inoo: My flirty goofy ex. boyfriend now friend, but kind hearted

Keito Okamoto: My lovely dovey emotional friend who sometimes think the opposite of what others say

sorry it's so long...i wanted to put all hey!say!jump members in it..
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F / here....Matsujun...
Posted 10/12/08
Matsujun ~ my lover, my husband, my EVERYTHING....
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F / Sieyo Accademy |...
Posted 10/20/08
mutsumotto jun - my best friend
wang zi - my boyfriend
mike he - my partner in crime
shun oguri - my future husband
joe cheng - my best sidekick!
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29 / F / philippines
Posted 11/6/08
YAMAPI--- MY ALL!!!hahaha

RYO my bestfrend!



JAE HEE the one who makes me laugh
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24 / F / Philippines
Posted 11/7/08
HYUNBIN anD joE chEng__ mY over protectivE biG brother
mikE he_thE boY next dooR
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24 / F
Posted 4/11/09
Shun Oguri :my big kind hearted brother

Jae Hee :my shy neighbour.. :D

Kim Hee Chul : my childhood friend..

Kimura Takuya : my big protective brother

G-Dragon: my best friend..

Haruma Miura:my future husband
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