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Posted 4/11/08 , edited 4/12/08
This topic is to report anyone who is fake or may be fake!! If you do not report a person correctly I and my mods will ignore the report!! I have OCD and I like things to be organized! No one likes to read a HUGE mess!!


Username: (link it please)
Reason: (Saying I seen those pics b4 is not good enough reason! We need more than that!!)
Proof: (if any link it please)

Please do not try to message ppl on your own. It most likely will only start internet Drama. Everyone I have messaged has gaven up without argument. So its best to leave it to me so there is no drama. And the fakes are delt with in a mature calm matter!

Make conversation on this topic.
TRY not to report someone who has alrdy been, unless you have more info PM ME!
Posted 4/12/08 , edited 4/12/08
Username : Kumakiss
Reason : I Think she is ussing an ulzzang pictures Im not sure O,O

Username : tsuqin
Reason : I've seen her photo's other websites
Proof :
Posted 4/13/08 , edited 4/13/08
Username : chinese_cutie2008
Reason : She Is Ussing an uljjang girl Name Xiao Li
Proof : You Can find it in photobucket
Posted 4/26/08 , edited 4/26/08
Username : o_death25
Reason : She ussing ulzzang name Jiejie's
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Posted 4/27/08 , edited 4/27/08
Username: yuir
Reason: haha she/he has pictures of me >A<
Proof: well she/he says they are me lol
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Posted 4/28/08 , edited 4/29/08
Username: PinkCupCakeFairy
Reason: She's using Samantha's photos and claiming them to be hers. Also, she says her name is Heidi. (-.-")
Proof: Well, she claimed Samantha as herself, it's in her profile.
Posted 5/1/08 , edited 5/1/08
Yuir is really a fake cuz i have a friend welli think shes a fake too but i couldnt find her...or maybe she deleted me>_< well she is a fake.
Posted 5/1/08 , edited 5/1/08
athen1000 is she a fake? cuz i have a friend just like her....o_o
Posted 5/1/08 , edited 5/1/08
XNEKO8X is she a fake? cuz like the edit looks like from paint on computer not irl o_o? if not then i think im blind!
Posted 5/1/08 , edited 5/1/08
kawaii_neko_chan looks like XNEKO8X
its like kawaii neko is a twin of neko o.o but idk...
Posted 5/1/08 , edited 5/1/08
okay i finally found it!
ting_ting2 has the same photos as Yuir and whoever.
Posted 5/1/08 , edited 5/2/08
kadokawamiyuki is a fake cuz she told me she wus a fake idk why but yaho_o
Posted 5/1/08 , edited 5/2/08
midnitesweetie07 is she freaken real?
Posted 5/2/08 , edited 5/2/08

TwistedKisses wrote:

XNEKO8X is she a fake? cuz like the edit looks like from paint on computer not irl o_o? if not then i think im blind!

she said she was fake on her page
but i have a feeling her and kawaii_neko_chan
may be the same person lol
one says theyre the "real' neko and the other one admitted to being fake
sooo eh XD

TwistedKisses wrote:

xorowieox and
looks kinda alike but not really so...yeah i thinkim blind x_x

theyre two different ppl
but i always suspected athen1000 to be fake
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