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Posted 4/11/08 , edited 4/11/08
Who is(are) your favorite Sanrio character(s)?

Mine are Mamegoma and Kuromi.
Posted 4/11/08
cinnamonroll for me!!
Posted 4/14/08
Mine is pandapple!!!!! He's soooooo cute!!!!! XD XD XD
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F / Traversing the ga...
Posted 4/16/08
I love Pochoco (I can't spell) They don't have him around much no mores. D=
Posted 5/23/08
Uh.... Does Hello Kitty count?
Posted 5/24/08
yes!!!^_^it does!!^_^
Posted 8/16/08 , edited 8/16/08
I love Cinnamoroll, Chibimaru, Hello Kitty, Charmmy Kitty, and Honeycute (Charmmy's twin sister).
Honeycute on top. ~> <~ I also like Sugar, the small [hamster?] that hangs out with Charmmy.
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22 / F / Somewhere over th...
Posted 8/17/08
i luv cinnamoroll!!!!!he's sooo cute!!^^
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20 / F / Next to Tsuna ;P...
Posted 9/12/08
umm ...........i like them all
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