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1. If you are not sure a person is fake or you do not have any proof please do NOT report them. You may post a forum topic so other members can discuss this and maybe hel. I understand users must have 500 CR points to post a forum topic if this is the case pm me or a staff member so we can post it for you.

2. DO NOT and I mean DO NOT upload your own personal photos into the group photo album. The only photos that are allowed to be uploaded are salutes, proof, things regarding fakes etc. You may post your own salute in the photos even if you werent asked to.

3. DO NOT take the initive to pm a suspected fake that's the staff's job. Other wise drama is started, arguing, and things never get solved that way. Please just a report them and I promise a staff member will handle it ASAP.

4. I don't want any hate comments or arguing going on in the group. Also do not argue with my staff, they know what they're doing.

5. Any reports that are not on the "report here only" forum will not be recognized, and I mean it.

6. Do not advertise another group/user/website etc. on here anything of the sort will be deleted immediately.

7. When reporting a user be sure to follow the proper procedures you can see this by reading the first post.

8. Keep the group oraganized at all times! No one can understand things when it is a mess, plus I have OCD ><

9. The finalized list is finalized, end of story!

10. Break any rules and you will be warned once and once only after that will result in a ban [time of ban depends on situation]

Thank you so much! I am a very understandable and calm person. As long as you follow my rules we can do this as easy and smoothly as possible!!

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Hey um how do u delete off ur own pictures?
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x_natsumi wrote:

Hey um how do u delete off ur own pictures?

U can't... if u mean in the group photos that is. Only MODs and the creator (or in special cases, other positions) can remove. UNLESS they give permission to in the member manage thingy. (can't describe it XD)
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uhh wow this forum seems old... but theres one particular user that seems to annoy me. I don't really remember the name I should ask my sister. But does anyone know a girl who's a huge lucas wannabe? and poses as a cambodian model? annnd has a boy friend who likes twilight?
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