Post Reply Can u prove u are worthy of having the cinnamonroll badge?
Posted 4/11/08 , edited 4/12/08
here it is

Posted 4/12/08 , edited 4/12/08
I think I am worthy of the badge because I help out in the group, and I am nice once you get to know me at first. I also come on often too. ^^
Posted 4/12/08 , edited 4/12/08
Rina-Chan u have proved that u are worthy enough to have this badge!please except it!^_^
Posted 4/12/08 , edited 4/12/08
Yay! Thank you! ^^
Posted 4/12/08 , edited 4/12/08
Im worthy because even though of the family crisis im haveing i help out under stress. I found most the pics for the group so far(even though i know u guys have alot more) and 4 chibi songs. Im creative when thinking of new ideas for the cafe. I have a ton of friends that are now as we speak are joining.
Posted 4/12/08 , edited 4/12/08
okay you have proven that ur worthy oh having the badge please accept it!^_^
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Posted 4/26/08 , edited 4/26/08
People could just steal the image....>_< So um I don't think it's necessary. Maybe you should make the badge instead of using a pre-made image.
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