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Posted 4/12/08

Clan Leader: Fzmousie

Each clan has a dorm and forum or in other words, their territory.
The dorms and forums is kept in order by the clan leader, with the help of the vice.
If there is still no clan leader or vice for a clan, the dorms and forum cannot start.


Singles: (for 4500 CR points and above; one member per room)
Room numbers~
S01 -
S02 -
S03 -
S04 -
S05 -
S06 -
S07 -
S08 -
S09 -
S10 -

(for 2500 CR points to 4499 CR points; two members per room)
Room numbers~
D01 -
D02 -
D03 -
D04 -
D05 -
D06 -
D07 -
D08 -
D09 -
D10 -

(for 0 CR points to 2499 CR points; five members per room)
Room numbers~
P01 -
P02 -
P03 -
P04 -
P05 -
P06 -
P07 -
P08 -
P09 -
P10 -

To apply for a dorm, please fill this up:

CR Points:
Dorm room number chosen:
(according to your CR points)
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