What animes do you think need a season 2?
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Posted 10/17/07
ok it might have been posted before and if it has then you can just delete it or whatever.

anyways i know there's alot of animes that people like but sometimes there's a really werid ending or you just think the anime needs a season 2 and so you wonder if there's a season 2.i have had alot of those moments and i was wondering if i'm the only werid one that thinks that way and if you do think like me then can you share the animes?

so i think that
Ghost Hunt
Zombie Loan
Sumomomo Momomo
Fruits Basket
Futakoi Alternative
and probably some more i can't think of
soo what about you?
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Posted 10/17/07
duplicate thread

please use the search or thread index next time

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