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Posted 4/12/08 , edited 4/12/08
08.01.09 Nakamaru Yuuichi's J-web

Akanishi too entered the jimusho with me the same time, although you can see a lot of different sides of Akanishi, the unchanged manliness, strong well, and ability to achieve is the same as always.

Although we haven't met privately these days, before when he suddenly gave a phone call saying, "let's go to Kyoto!" I hesitated but went with Akanishi anyways.

Since Jin's character is completely opposite to mine, I've received a lot from him.

About 6 years ago when we went to the northern islands for work, on the beach the members were excited, although he couldn't really do a backhand flip, he even performed a much harder backflip at that time.

For one thing, maybe he only did the backflip under that circumstances, but to basically anything, I know he could do anything when he put his mind to it, and this kind of guy is a must need for KAT-TUN.

Having thoughts like "I want to create great things", with that heart, he would get in arguments with the people around a lot.

But I think that's something great.

For concerts too, it's always Akanishi who cuts to the point, he would consider the corners or clothings more closely than anyone, writing lyrics too, he is the one who often produce a new side of KAT-TUN.

Always sending something to others...Akanishi's power has definitely became KAT-TUN's engine

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Posted 4/12/08
ahh i read that before & thanks for posting it Yuichi so honest & cute AKAMARU \JinRu <3333333
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Posted 4/12/08
hehe so kawaii <3
haha I knew that jin can do everything WHEN he wants XDD :P
hehe akamaru is so waii <33
thx for posting -^^-
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Posted 4/18/08
I love reading what the others in Kat-tun think about each other and Maru's thoughts on Jin is so honest and it really describes Jin. I will have to look for that link a clip from the 2007 concert where Jin read a letter to Ueda!!!! OMG that was super kawaii, Jin expressed himself so well and it made me love JinDa even more!!!!
I'll post the link to Johnny's J web later. Ja ne to arigatou.
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