Naruto Trivia
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Posted 4/12/08 , edited 4/12/08
Naruto Trivia
Ramen's naruto
Was it a coincidence that Naruto loves ramen because ramen has a topping named Naruto as well? could be... Naruto is indeed a steamed fish-paste cake, sliced to decorate soup. it has jagged edge and pink spiral on the middle. Naruto is also a city and strait in Japan, famous for it's whirlpools and the Dainaruto bashi (The Great Naruto Bridge).

TacticsIcha Icha Trilogy
What's Kakashi fave book? everyone can tell it's the (slightly) nasty adult novel "Icha Icha Paradise." if you pay attention carefully to its cover you will find 2 different versions i.e. a boy ran after a girl and a girl ran after a boy. the 2 next titles are Icha Icha Violence and recent Icha Icha Tactics.

Kakashi's weak point
Even a very strong man like Kakashi has a weak point. well it's something you might never thought before ^,~ i.e. Kakashi really hates spoilers! esp. spoiler of his recent fave novel "Icha Icha Tactics." Naruto and Sakura found Kakashi's weak point during the Battle of The Bells. what a 'flawless' victory!

Inumako and Shikamaru's most fave game. Shougi has certain features in common with chess, it has six kinds of officers in addition to the King and Pawns i.e. a pair of Golds, Silvers, Knights, and Lances, a Rook, and a Bishop, but the officers have very lil freedom of movement. And in addition to the relative rigidity of the pieces there is a further obstruction to skill. Shougi does belong to a much higher level of skill than the common board game.

Karasu Bunraku
Bunraku is a classic Japanese puppet play. however, differs from most puppet plays, bunraku uses a humanoid marionette. due to its size and weight, usually it takes more than one puppet master to move it. yet, Kankuro is even able to move three puppets at once i.e. Karasu (raven), Kuroari (black ant), Sanshou'uo (salamander).

Uchiha's Emblem
The most famous family emblem in Naruto is none other than the Uchiha. the Uchiha clan controls fire element thus the emblem is a fan. the upper part color is red white the lower part is white. Uchiha itself is another pronunciation of Uchiwa which refers to a Japanese round-paper fan. this fan usually carried by Japanese girls in yukata during summer.

ANBU's mask
The the elite intel force which real identities are top secret. their distinctive features are the uniform, a tattoo on their left arm, and a mask (omen) they always wear on duty. in Japan, you can find and buy these masks in Japanese festivals (esp. during summer). the figures are mostly animals such as dog, cat, fox, bird, etc.

Uchiha Fugaku Konoha Keimo ButaI
It's the Konoha Military Police Force, formerly led by Uchiha Fugaku (deceased). this force was originally built by Uchiha ancestors, thus it has become a legacy as well as a proud for Uchiha clan to be the members. however, due to the tragic massacre of Uchiha Clan by Itachi, this Police Force seems to left idle (or disbanded) because there are no stories about it again.

Orochimaru and the Serpents
Orochi itself means great serpent, taken from a giant serpent Yamata no Orochi. Susanoo no Mikoto slew this serpent and taken from its tail a sword called Murakumo no Tsurugi, which then renamed by Prince Yamato Take as Kusanagi no Tsurugi. it's one of 3 Japanese regalia which being kept in Ise shrine.

Shikamaru Nara Clan and the Deer
The Nara clan is known to raise up deer, well i found some hints about it. firstly 'shika' in Shikamaru means deer and Nara is the first Japanese capital during the Nara period (710 - 784 A.D.) which is known to worship deer as God's messenger. thus you'll be seeing many deer live freely in Nara national park.

AkamaruInuzuka and the Dogs
The Inuzuka was also a clan which was one of the most powerful in the Chiba prefecture during the Edo period. they were known as "dog warriors" and worshipped Inu, a deity representing the zodiac sign of the dog. it is also the name of the dog-using samurai Inuzuka Shino from the Japanese 'Hakkenden' story.

Great Sandaime was the tutor of the legendary Sannin: Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade. don't you think those three have many things in common with Kakashi's Team 7?

Now you'll know why Orochimaru seems to know a lot about Anko. it's because he was the tutor of lil Anko. it seems to me that Anko had a kind of hidden feeling upon her former tutor (was it love?).

Wow, what a surprise! our perverted hermit was actually the tutor of cute Yondaime. too bad Yondaime died soon after he sealed Kyuubi. i'd just wondered, was Yondaime as nasty as his former tutor? thank god he's not ^,^

The young Yondaime was the tutor of lil Kakashi and his fellows, Uchiha Obito and Rin. you can read their touchy story in Kakashi Gaiden. Obito died, but no further story about Rin. meanwhile Yondaime died after sealing the Kyuubi. and Kakashi? yeah, you know who he is now ^,~ the biggest news is that Yondaime was Naruto's father
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