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NEED HELP (name of 2 animes)
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Posted 4/13/08 , edited 4/13/08

atomicker wrote:

The first one (1:21-1:23) is called Da Capo Second Season.
The second one (2:55-2-59) is called Noein.
Im pretty sure about them. Hope that helps ^^

P.S. I may be wrong but I don't think so

i agree i watched this 2 some time ago

but im not sure

nice amv
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Posted 4/13/08

Hedbrant wrote:


Can anyone give me the name of the anime 1:21-1:23
and the anime 2:55-2-59 in this amv:

I need to know right now!

for a little discussion: What did you think of the AMV?

Sigh... use the Anime HELP Thread next time... It's stickied near the top of the Anime Forum Section...

We discourage threads like this because they lose their purpose once your question has been answered.

Also, please don't bump your thread by double posting...

Please follow the rules, next time.

~ Locked
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