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Posted 4/12/08 , edited 4/13/08
This is where the role-playing begins!!!!! This is not the topic to start role-playing on.

I will list animes and characters that you can request to be!!!

Please try not to discuss other animes in a topic such talk about Naruto role-playing in a Bleach role-playing section.

Please note that this page is still in process! Although you can still request via posting on this forum with the available far.


Here are the animes!


Naruto Uzumaki-Nobody Yet

Sasuke Uchiha-Nobody Yet

Sakura Haruno-Nobody Yet

Kakashi Hatake-Nobody Yet

Jiraiya-Nobody Yet

Orochimaru-Nobody Yet

Tsunade-Nobody Yet

Shikamaru Nara-Nobody Yet

Gaara-Nobody Yet

Shino Aburame-Nobody Yet

Choji Akimichi-Nobody Yet

Haku-Nobody Yet

Hinata Hyuga-Nobody Yet

Neji Hyuga-Nobody Yet

Kiba Inuzuka-Nobody Yet

Kankuro-Nobody Yet

Gai-Nobody Yet

Zabuza Momochi-Nobody Yet

Pain-Nobody Yet

Rock Lee-Nobody Yet

Sai-Nobody Yet

Sarutobi-Nobody Yet

Asuma Sarutobi-Nobody Yet

Temari-Nobody Yet

TenTen-Nobody Yet

Itachi Uchiha-Nobody Yet

Kabuto Yakushi-Nobody Yet

Ino Yamanaka-Nobody Yet

Kurenai Yuhi-Nobody Yet

Hidan- Nobody Yet

Kisame Hoshigaki- Nobody Yet

Kakuzu-Nobody Yet

Konan-Nobody Yet

Sasori-Nobody Yet

Tobi- tobikunPlease note that Tobi has the ability to go ANYWHERE in the RP sections. Same with the mods who pick a character.

Zetsu-Nobody Yet

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