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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/7/08 , edited 5/8/08
(Alright, those drawings aren't too good but they're not bad either...somewhere in the middle.
Now then, prepare for Part 5...

This post contains 50 different kinds of awesome...and even MORE plot twists!!! You may read this and at the end be like; "WTF? EXPLAIN THAT TO ME!!!" D>'ll just have to keep following along with the story. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! >D

Chizuru: How long is this story gonna be?
Me: If I keep adding so many plot twists and unexplained questions......pretty fricken long...)

The snow was coming down heavy on this day, the normal blanket of white that littered the ground was stained red before her. "...." She remained silent, unable to say anything...words will not heal scars...and they will not bring back the dead...

Chizuru's eyes slowly started to open. "What happened?" She had not yet remembered the recent events(Of course you would...who the hell starts by reading the 5th part?). Ironically, she had not noticed that the surrounding area was different from her last one. "Hm?" Wait, is she beginning to notice?! She turned her head to get a look at her entire surrounding area... "...?" She tilted her head in confusion. Wow, she still hasn't notic-
"!!!" She jumped back onto her feet. "Where am I?! This place is unfamiliar!"....Spoke too soon. She started pacing around the room, trying to get a good idea of where she was. But than, she saw something on the desk under the window... 'What's this?' She reached out for the folder, and emptied it's contents. "Drawings?" They were manga drawings. "Hmmmm..." She seemed to be thinking of something, lost in her own thoughts...or maybe...her memories.
The door knob turned.
"!" She felt a shiver run down her spine. Quick, put it back! She left it exactly as she found it.
"Hey, Chizuru." Tatsuya greeted as he walked into the room. "I'm guessing you want an explanation?"

Chizuru pointed out the window, seeing the day sky. "I think right about now, a character would have to give some sort of convenient explanation."
"Yah, that's a good point too." Tatsuya scratched the back of his head. "Where do I start though?"
"What was on the last page?" Chizuru reached out to the edge of the page, she pulled it back and peeked out to the last page. "Well, I fainted. Than what happened?"
"Here, let me try." Tatsuya grabbed the page and found some invisible ones. "Ah here it is, see..." He started flipping the invisible pages in response to his words: "According to the writer, I carried you around for about an hour. But than I remembered the place was supposed to be in...however I also remembered that I also got lost before. So I asked a random person off the street for directions...they told me the map was upside down. And than we came here. I met the landlady, who made a joke, and than I made a space for you to sleep and waited till you would wake didn't so I fell asleep."
"Okay, I get that part...but...where were you when I woke up about 5 minutes ago?" Chizuru questioned.
"Oh that..." Tatsuya scratched the back of his head. "When nature calls, one must answer." He laughed nervously...
"I hope you washed your hands."

"Well, I think I got a pretty clear picture." Honestly, I think anyone could've gotten the picture. Chizuru took steps towards the door,
"Where're you going?"
"I guess I'm gonna explore my surroundings." Chizuru was curious...obviously. That was just her nature.
Tatsuya nodded and waved, he waited until Chizuru had left the room. He sat down in the chair at his desk. "There are a lot of questions I want to ask." Tatsuya was talking to himself now....weirdo... "But, nows' not the time." Tatsuya stared out the window, lost in thought...there were a lot of unanswered questions that Tatsuya wanted to know...
-3 hours later-
"It's really quiet now." Tatsuya was walking aimlessly around the house and ended up in the kitchen, he took a can of juice from the fridge. The TV was on in the living room, which Tatsuya could see from the kitchen:

A news crew was standing in front of a destroyed house, this seemed to have been shot about 3 hours ago.
"Yesterday, 9 men have been arrested in relation to a house that was apparently fire-bombed late last night. Witnesses claim that..."

Tatsuya didn't listen to anything more about it, he didn't need to hear about this he was there when it happened. He raised the can to his lips after opening it, "Something wrong, I haven't heard from Chi-" When Tatsuya had passed by the door to the outside he noticed that...Chizuru's shoes were gone. "Did she leave?" Took him that long to notice.

"This just in." The news crew said. "Looks like we're gonna see some rain today, and that'll last until the next day...what weird weather lately. Right guys?"
"'s like our world is controlled by some sort of otherworldly power."
A moment of silence all around.....

Tatsuya looked outside, it really did look like rain. Or it might've been cloudy, Tatsuya never really did trust the weater people...still...if it does rain, he doubted Chizuru took an umbrella with her. "She could get sick." Tatsuya took an umbrella from the rack...there was only one there so he knew Chizuru didn't take one. He sighed to himself, "This girl is so troublesome." Tatsuya said to himself while putting on his shoes...can't leave without shoes. He took his first steps outside...he had a pretty good idea of the places Chizuru might be...but he was also partially worried that he'd forget where his home was.
Chizuru walked through the wreckage of what used to be her house. She was looking around for something that might've been still intact. She instead found a destroyed stuffed animal, she cried lightly. "I'm sorry...I couldn' everything..." It must've had a significant importance to her. She didn't even notice the rain coming down on her head...however, nearby a twig snapped. Chizuru was still yet to notice anything just yet...
The sound of a blade being unsheathed could be heard...

(There's the end of part 5. I'll get the next one up as soon as possible...actually I wanted to make this longer, but I've got someone counting down behind my back so I had to end it quicker than originally planned.

Spoiler: I'll be continuing one of my other stories this Friday or tomorrow.
Chizuru: T-T Are we getting dropped so soon?
Me: Don't worry, I'll work on this story too! O.O
Chizuru: Will you be able to handle it? >_>
Me: I'm writing about 9 or more stories at once right now......Yah I think I'll be fine. >D
Tatsuya: ....Your imagination is unnatural... >_>
Me: Heh-heh-heh... >D )
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Posted 5/9/08 , edited 5/10/08

sword?! already?!

(I.T. You know, you should have noticed that's the way the story is me:O.O rly? I.T....I can't deal with this idiot...)

Ahh, please write the next one! I'm practically dying to know what happens to Chizuru!
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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/10/08 , edited 5/11/08
Okay. I'll have it done before this day ends...about an 80% chance.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/10/08 , edited 5/11/08
(Because I couldn't make the readers (misterywaters) wait before they destroy themselves wondering what happens next.
Chizuru: *Wakes up from nap.* We're starting already?!
Here comes Part 6. )

The rain seemed to be getting even heavier, anyone without an umbrella would be soaking to be them.....BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT!!! D< Time to progress with the story!!!
"Okay, thanks anyways." Tatsuya turned away from the ramen shop, no information on Chizuru there.
"I hope you find your girlfriend."
"Girlfriend?" Tatsuya said to himself...he didn't feel like correcting the ramen shop lady and just continued walking. "I've been walking for nearly half an hour now in this rain." Someone needed to state the obvious in any story...and here it goes: "I've only been revisiting the places we were yesterday...except..." You'd think he'd have thought of that being the FIRST place to go.
-5 minutes later-
Tatsuya had arrived at the most obvious place he should've gone to first: Chizuru's former house.
"I don't see her here." He sighed to himself in defeat, "Oh well, I guess she'll show up when she-" He was about to give up when his foot hit something. "Huh?" He looked down at what his foot was a...well...half a teddy bear? "....That's so wrong...." -__- It was...on so many levels...what did the teddy bear ever do to deserve being cut in half? "And what's with the blood?" He was actually pretty calm about this. "......" Count down in 3, 2, 1... "WAIT A MINUTE!!! Teddy bears don't bleed!!!" Duh...Though others might question why the blood hasn't washed away? ..........lets say that blood is on the bear and the bear is on a surface above the ground which is under something that the rain can't touch...or's too troublesome. "Than...whose blood is this?!" I know who it is...but theres no way I can tell you because I am controlling the events of this story from another dimension.....oOOooOOooOooo. Now, in this story, a convenient explanation should appear in...5, 4, 3, 2, 1-

"Huh?" Tatsuya saw a church way up on a hill near this house. "?" The church bell had a significance it seemed. Now if only there was a convenient-
Two random civilians walked by, "Is that bell ringing?"
Tatsuya listened in...because he couldn't exactly tune out.
"That's grandpa said that bell hasn't rung in over 150 years...he heard it from HIS grandpa."
"Weird. I always thought that place was shut down. Oh well, I sure hope no one is fighting a battle in there or know with lots of blood and stuff."
"I wonder whose blood it would be? The defender or the attacker?"
"Well either way, someone wouldn't be saying; 'Hey check out the blood' they'd be saying something like; 'God help me!!! I'm out of blood!!! Someone find me some more blood!!! I NEED MORE BLOOD!!!' right?"
"Yah...maybe...well lets go. Before someone starts asking us about why we're standing here around a destroyed house and if we know that guy over there standing in the middle of it. See...right there." The civilian pointed at Tatsuya and waved.
"...." Tatsuya waved back. 'Wait what am I doing?' He made his way towards the old church.

-In the old church-
Chizuru picked up the giant bell that she snapped off the chain, hearing the ringing sound but ignoring it. She tossed it at the assassin. On closer inspection, her shoulder was would seem she had been wounded...but it didn't seem to affect her......because she was nearly superhuman!!!
The assassin dodge rolled...because if that thing had hit him he'd be dead. The assassin threw off his cloak leaving his black clothe and mask fully visible, to hinder Chizuru's vision.
Chizuru grabbed the cloak and pulled it away. The assassin was coming at her from behind. Chizuru had planned this exactly like so; she threw the cloak in a 360 circle around her. The assassin slashed through it, expecting Chizuru...but no one was there. Chizuru grabbed the assassin's sword by the handle. "I used it against you." She mocked. She picked up the assassin as if he were a rag doll and than tossed him over the benches...proving once again of her superhuman strength, IS THERE NO LIMIT?! "Who sent you?" She demanded as she walked forward...
"If I tell than I die." He reached up and lifted himself onto one of the benches.
"I see...than...just by saying that, I already know who it is." She kicked over the bench in front of the assassin, standing over the assassin.
"What the hell are you?"
"...I'm an immortal monster...what else?"
"Are you going to kill me?"
" masked ask me a question and I answer you with one of my own; 'do you desire to live' if so, than go on and run. I have no need to kill." Chizuru took steps back.
"You think the answer so simple?" He reached for the sword.
At that moment the church doors opened. And here comes the hero...late though. Staring at the scene, Tatsuya could see Chizuru, a masked man, a wrecked church...and...thats about it.
"Tatsuya?" Chizuru didn't expect to see him here.
The assassin saw his chance, he rushed towards Chizuru and plunged his sword into her chest.
"Chizuru!!!" Tatsuya had watched the scene, it had happened so fast that he couldn't react quick enough.
Chizuru remained standing, staring down at the blade in her chest. "...." She watched as the blood spilled out.
The assassin unlodged his blade from Chizuru's chest.
Chizuru fell.
Tatsuya took one step forward and a knife was thrown at his feet. He backed up just in time.
"No...witnesses..." He moved towards Tatsuya.
Tatsuya backed away, he picked up the was the only weapon he had. 'This guy...killed Chizuru...' Tatsuya looked at where Chizuru had fallen...but...she was gone?
The assassin's hand stopped. "Hm?" He looked over his shoulder, "It can't be."
Chizuru was keeping the assassin's hand from moving. "That...really hurt..." Her hair shadowed her eyes, the expression she was making couldn't be seen. "Though, I know what'll heal it." Chizuru stared straight into the eye holes of the mask. Chizuru's eyes were a bright red color instead of the usual.
The assassin was terrified out of his fricken mind...he tried to move, but his hand wouldn't move...not even a struggle.
Chizuru pressed her free hand to the assassin's forehead. "Die peacefully." She looked to Tatsuya before she did what she was about to do... "Tatsuya...please...look away...I don't...want you to see this..." Chizuru's hair started to change from it's usual color to a silver coloring, she started growing horns on her head as well. "Please." The pleading in her voice obvious...
"...." Tatsuya looked away. The sound of screaming could be heard loudly by the second. Whatever Chizuru was doing, Tatsuya didn't want to see it. It would scar him for life. After a few seconds, the screaming ceased. Tatsuya heard a thumping sound. And foot steps coming towards him.
"Don't look yet." Chizuru commanded.
"..." Tatsuya continued to look away. The footsteps stopped behind him.
"Okay, look now."
Tatsuya turned around slowly...Chizuru was back to normal now. Even the bleeding, but the rips and tears in the clothe were still there.
Chizuru smiled weakly. "So, what're you doing here?" She acted as if nothing happened.
"...." Tatsuya was silent, what he just saw now...was...well. It was something his brain had a hard time adjusting to.
"You came here for me right?" She asked, she was hoping that Tatsuya would accept this. Though her hopes were failing...most people wouldn't. Chizuru looked down, and frowned.
"Yah..." Tatsuya answered.
"!" Chizuru looked up hopefully.
"You were gone, and it was raining so...I kinda got worried." Tatsuya explained.
A smile appeared on Chizuru's face at those words, "Thanks...for worrying..." Chizuru walked past Tatsuya, "Well than...lets go back than."
"Ah...yah..." Tatsuya walked next to Chizuru, he wanted to ask even more questions... "Chizuru-"
"I'll tell you...later...I promise." Chizuru promised.
"Y-yah." Tatsuya held the umbrella above Chizuru's head. "It's still raining outside."
The two walked together through the rain, back to the place where they could call home. But now even more questions arise. What's Chizuru's connection to Nagi Yuki? Who burnt down Chizuru's house? Who or what exactly is Chizuru? What a mysterious story thing is turning out to be...One things for the end of this story everyone will be like: ' brain hurts...'

(There's the end of part 6. XP
Expect part 7 later. Hopefully at around part 7 we'll reveal who Nagi Yuki is.....and it's not the obvious answer for those who think it is.
Chizuru: So? It's not who we thought we originally thought it was from who we thought it was first?
Tatsuya: What? )
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Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08
wow kouta-kun~ its getting great and cool^6

i look forward to 7!
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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08

Stories get harder to maintain as it goes along. Though as long as people keep reading this, than this'll go on for a while I guess...
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Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08
dis story iz soo kool nd interesting!!^-^ ...well except da part with a lot of blood...but still good!! i was so "into" da story dat when i read da last sentence i was lyke "aww...dats it?" btw,ur drawing of tatsuya looks good!!^-^
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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08

lilpurplepanda wrote:

dis story iz soo kool nd interesting!!^-^ ...well except da part with a lot of blood...but still good!! i was so "into" da story dat when i read da last sentence i was lyke "aww...dats it?" btw,ur drawing of tatsuya looks good!!^-^

Oh thanks.
A lot of times when I write I tend to go overboard with the goreyness. Call it a bad habit.
Don't worry, I'll get the next part up soon. Depends on how my brain is working.
Really? My drawing is good? ....YAY, SOMEONE LIKES IT!!!
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Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08
ur welcome^-^ oh i c^-^ *gives u cookies* maybe dis will help ur brain? XP hee hee! yep yep! ur drawing iz good^-^ will u draw chizuru too?^-^
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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08
Cookies. Does it have....

In it? (Did not draw it...found it and have been waiting to use it.)

Mhm. She's difficult to draw though. Even now I'm still trying to draw and it doesn't turn out like I want. T-T
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Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08
yep yep! it has chocolate^-^ lolz!! u finally get 2 use it now XP oh...i on drawing her!!^-^
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Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/12/08
OMG love this story. It could totally become an anime! 0_0 That's be so cool. That's 10 for Kouta_Xlll XD anyway did you read my story yet? i hope you like it. But i'm just learning so yeah. Most of my inspiration comes from Stephenie Meyer. Thank you Stephenie! I'll never forget youzE! xD
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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/15/08
(And here comes the next part...early just for you guys... This one will be a long one. It might even take me a full day to finish...
I kept wondering if this would be okay... If they didn't have the PG-13 rule, this scene would've been so ecchi... )
-Part 7-

The morning alarm was ringing, but it wasn't like one of those crappy alarms that you eventually get sick of hearing and actually hate hearing it. No...this was...rock music alarm. The song was random every morning. Tatsuya was beginning to wake up, going through the whole morning process. First, he'd wake up...his eyes would open for a couple seconds. Than he'd go back to sleep...afterwards, he'd shift positions. Than, the same process would repeat again...until he got bored. But this time, there was something on top of him. "What's this?" Tatsuya wondered. His hands moved along the heavy object on top of him...under the blankets. "It's feels...smooth...and soft." The thing was giving off a nice scent. "It smells familiar. It's warm too." Obviously...there was only one thing it could be. Lets see how long it takes for him to figure it out...........
"!!!" Tatsuya sat up and pulled off the blanket. There he saw Chizuru, using him as a pillow...wearing some of Tatsuya's spare clothe as pajamas.
Normally, for a guy this would be one of those opportunities that only come around once in a lifetime. However, he doesn't have the guts to do it...since he's seen what Chizuru can do...wimp...
This was Tatsuya's expression... ... "WHAT IS SHE DOING HERE?!" That's not what I would've said. "She's sleeping here so defenseless too...she doesn't think of me as a guy does she." Tatsuya added....That's a little closer to what I would've said. Not exactly word for word though.
Tatsuya stared into Chizuru's sleeping face, his cheeks turned bright red at the magnitude of Chizuru's cuteness. "Actually...she's pretty cute like this." He smiled warmly, he began to stroke the top of her head. He started to remember the events of last night...

-last night, in the living room-
Chizuru was standing in front of Tatsuya. Perhaps an H-scene was about to happen!
Chizuru undid the bandages that Tatsuya had tied around her previous wounds the day before.
Tatsuya's eyes widened as he watched what lay underneath sign of the wounds. It was as if they healed over night...there was no way Tatsuya was that great a doctor.
Chizuru took a deep breathe, looking off in another direction and holding onto her arm. "As you know, I'm...not human." No really. "I've lost track of how long I've been alive, I do know that I've been alive during the time when the people of this land wore armor, carried swords instead of guns and built castle."
"Holy..." Was the only response Tatsuya gave, he did some quick memory surfing, "If my history is right, you're over 400 years old."
"I...suppose..." Chizuru turned away from Tatsuya. "That person you saw, was an assassin...hired by...a man I used to call my friend." Chizuru's voice held a large degree of sadness and sorrow.
"Chizuru..." Tatsuya wondered if Chizuru was sad?
"Also, my wounds, even fatal ones heal rapidly when I bask in the moonlight or...well...what I did to that assassin. However, I prefer the moonlight. But..." She looked outside, "As the night gives me strength, the day weakens me." Chizuru didn't feel like going more into this.
"...." This was really a lot to take in at once. But, he knew it had to be true. "And...that transformation before-"
"Yes...that...but it's not a transformation. That' true form." Chizuru's hair started changing silver again. The horns were beginning to show...
"Wait, don't have to show me if you don't want to." Tatsuya wondered if this was hard for Chizuru?
"Thanks." It turned it actually was painful emotionally. Chizuru went back to normal.
"Also, your clothe are kinda ruined aren't they?"
It's true...they were. Chizuru's clothe looked like they just came out of the shredder...but still functioned as covered the the disappointment of men. -_-
"Oh, you're right." Chizuru noticed, she she sat on the couch than began taking off her stockings.
O.O "...." Tatsuya just watched. It was only until it was passing the point where I could get in trouble for writing it, that Tatsuya had to stop it. "What exactly are you doing?!"
"Hm? Changing." Chizuru pointed out. It didn't take a genius to see that.
"Do you even have clothe to change into?" Chizuru's house had burned down...and from the things she brought back, they didn't look like clothe.
"....." A sudden silence. O.O!!! It's true, she didn't have any spare. "Than, do you have anything I can wear?"
-_- "Think about it, we have a difference in height, torso side and width, and body weight, are you really asking me if I have something you can wear?" He probably did somewhere. "Lets find out." Tatsuya pushed a box over to Chizuru. "There are some clothe in there...or dirty magazines...I don't know. There might be something in there." Tatsuya headed to his own room. "Anyways, I'm gonna go turn in soon...The day is pretty much over now." Tatsuya pointed out at the moon. "See-ya in the morning." and with that said, Tatsuya was headed to his room.

-present day-
Tatsuya smiled to himself, "What an eventful day that was." He continued to pet her. "I wonder if today I should ask...It might be too soon though." Tatsuya needed to know more about Nagi Yuki. "But, if I don't find out soon'll be too late anyways." Tatsuya sighed to himself, he remembered the last time he tried asking about Nagi didn't turn out well. Actually, he never really got an answer...because Chizuru's house got fire-bombed the next couple seconds. "I wonder...what's Chizuru's connection to Nagi Yuki?"
"If you want to know," Chizuru began, it seems she had been awake already. She sat up, "than I'll show you."
"Show me?" Tatsuya wondered why she wouldn't tell him.
"You have to see it, than you'll understand why Nagi Yuki won't be able to help you." She stood up and stretched. "I'm gonna go find some clothe I can wear." Chizuru couldn't go out in pajamas...actually...she could...but nah...
-later on, once the morning stuff was over-

Chizuru was leading Tatsuya somewhere. Tatsuya wanted to say something, since he felt that this may have been a painful moment for Chizuru. But...this may have been his only chance to find out. was Chizuru's idea anyways. "We're here." Chizuru said suddenly.
"?" Tatsuya looked to where Chizuru was facing, it apartment complex...a pretty average apartment complex at that. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.......other than the fact that this guy was trying to learn to draw manga from someone who was basically a mystery that only this girl who isn't even human knows of...yah...this story was far from normal.
Chizuru rang the doorbell, instead of a normal doorbell it played an anime song.
'Is that even possible?!' When I'm the god of this world, anything is possible.
A boy answered the door, at first glance he seemed like a very droopy person, that's what his eyes looked like anyways...all half closed and brownish. His hair was colored a light brownish color and went in a spiky style, the spikes seemed to all point off in the same direction: The left...or right...depending on the direction your look at it from. It seemed different from Tatsuya's style, but similar too...very odd. The clothe he was wearing was a simple, black long-sleeve shirt with a design on it that read: "Shut up." No really...that's what it said. "Shut up.". The pants he wore were simple blue jeans, help up by a plain brown belt. He didn't wears socks though...completely bare foot.
As Tatsuya stared at this guy, he felt as though he had seen this kinda character an anime...somewhere. Than he got to thinking, "Hey, Chizuru, is he-"
"He's not." Chizuru already knew what Tatsuya was going to say, so she interrupted him. "This is Kei Makigana."
"......" He didn't say anything. He reached behind his back, and pulled out a juice don't want to know where. "Juice?" He held it out to Tatsuya.
"He's...a little different..." Chizuru warned.
Tatsuya had no idea how or where he got that juice from... "Where did you get that juice?" Tatsuya asked.
He held out the juice, and than moved his hand in front of it. When he showed his hand once again, the juice can was gone. It was a 'Sleight of Hand' trick.
O.O .... Tatsuya clapped.
In the end the three of them ended up sitting in a living room, it was different from Tatsuya's...since there were anime posters, and 3 bookshelves filled with manga. And than about 6 more with DVDs...Also, there was one that had.....H-games. Every super fan's room of choice.
"I guess you know why we're here?" Chizuru could guess that much.
"Yes...I figured it out the moment you stepped into the door. The way Kei was nearly exactly the way a certain character that Tatsuya remembered sat.
'Woah...this guy must be a super fan of that character.' Who wouldn't be. 'He even sort of talks the same.'

"You want to see...Nagi Yuki don't you?" He pointed out, taking a sip from his juice can. "I figured as much." He put the juice can down. "Despite my personal feelings, I can not deny her the chance to have human company. She hasn't exactly had any in a while." This seemed to be a long explanation, "After the incident, people came around a lot to see if she was okay. Of course, she didn't change much. However, despite the fact that inside she was still the same person, people who were close to her started coming less and less...and than...they just stopped all at once. These people were her fans, friends, even her loved ones. And than...I was the only one left. I eventually took her here, to live with me. It was safer this way." He really got into explaining things...didn't he...but...despite all he said, he really left little to be known.
"I'm sorry about what happened, Kei." Chizuru apologized, for what? Keep reading...
"Don't worry...despite how we left off last time, you didn't directly cause the incident. After all, there was nothing anyone could've done to prevent it." He took a final sip of his juice can. "If it hadn't happened than, it would've happened later." He looked directly at Chizuru now, "So, I apologize for the way I acted during our last meeting. But you don't seem to hold any resentment towards me...otherwise you wouldn't have come today, knowing that I'd stay by her side."
'Seriously...who is this guy...he's like that other guy in real life form.' Even though I'm controlling your lives. Tatsuya didn't want to feel stupid, so he felt like saying something...he really shouldn't have though, "So...where is Nagi Yuki?"
Kei stared at Tatsuya now, "...." A long moment of silence. "She is here. But, why do you want to know where she is?" He was curious.
"My brother said that...I could learn to draw manga from her."
"!!!" Kei nearly fell off his chair. "I see..." He looked to Chizuru, "Is he aware?"
"I told him she couldn' seems he has to see it for himself."
"Ah, so I get it now. Tell me, how do you think Nagi Yuki will be able to help you?" What an odd question.
Tatsuya had never really thought about it, the only thing he had heard was; 'Find Nagi Yuki, she'll be able to help you.' He didn't exactly have a response prepared because this question would never have come up in a normal conversation, " know...for...lessons and stuff. To help me improve."
"She won't be able to help you than." Kei said decisively.
"Why not?" Tatsuya asked.
"....." he looked to Chizuru, "Looks like we'll have to show him." He stood up, placing his hands in his pockets he walked to the back of the apartment. There was a large screen door way in the back that lead to the backyard. Kei slid the door open and stood outside...
Tatsuya followed, he felt the wind hit him.
"She's over there." Kei pointed outside.
Outside was a large and wilted was winter? It's not like there would be leaves or anything on it. In front of the tree was a bo-staff sticking out of the ground...this seemed like something from a movie. As Tatsuya stared at the scene he walked closer to the tree... "Is this...Nagi Yuki?" It sort of made sense...the incident they were talking about, the reason why Nagi Yuki couldn't help...must've been...because Nagi Yuki was already long gone from this world. Tatsuya sighed, "I guess...she really can't help me after all."

(.__. And that's who Nagi Yuki is...already dead. How sad...

Nah, I'm just messing with you! That would make a great dramatic plot point and would make a huge load of sense as to why Nagi Yuki can't help...but that's not her real fate...Now to continue!)

"What're you talking about?" Kei asked. "Shes actually right next to that tree." Kei had to turn Tatsuya slightly to the left, around the tree to where a girl sat with her hands folded on her lap. This girl stared up at the clear open sky, her light-yellow hair was tied up into long twin tails on the side of her head, the hair stretched all the way down to her legs. She wore a simple black long dress, her chest was smaller than Chizuru's but not by too much...she wore no shoes either. Maybe it was a custom around here or something? The sleeves on her dress covered her's an important part. But there was something even more important, the girl turned her head to Tatsuya. "I smell someone..." She reached for the bo-staff...which turned out was right next to odd that Tatsuya had not noticed the girl. She moved the staff around, poking Tatsuya's knee, his stomach, and than his forehead. "Who dost goes there, speak now!"
Tatsuya was able to see the girl's face clearly, under her left eye was a cute little tear-shaped adorable. However...her eyes...they were both lifeless and colorless...she was blind...seriously, if you couldn't tell that a little while ago, than you really need to have YOUR eyes checked. "How rude of me," What a polite girl she must've been...and she talked in the old tongue...did she live in a different era or something. "Hikari Yuunai, that be my name." Her hand came out from her sleeve...something about it...seemed unnatural, she pointed to herself after saying her name. "Who art thou, stranger?" She took out her other hand from her sleeves, it was the same. She pointed to where she smelt Tatsuya.
Tatsuya had to translate what she said, which made his response delayed. "I...beith...Tatsuya."
Hikari laughed lightly, "Thou dost not have to speak my tongue if thou dost not wish it."
"Oh thanks, that takes a load off my mind." Tatsuya rubbed the back of his head while sighing in relief.
"Why hast thou appeared before me on this day?" She asked, basically wondering why Tatsuya was here.
"Oh that...well..." Tatsuya wondered if he should ask now that he was here.
"It's been a long time," Chizuru said with a tone of joy in her voice. "Hikari-chan! Do you remember me?"
Hikari's eyes widened, "There be a voice...I hath not heard in so long." She stood up from her chair, staggering at first. Using her staff to keep a balance. "Chizuru...Nankyou...Mi'lord!" She said joyfully, she moved towards the voice. But ended up tripping.
Chizuru rushed forward, she had caught her just in time. "Hikari-chan!" Chizuru cried tears of joy. "I had thought you never wanted to see me again!"
Hikari returned those tears of joy. "Doth talk foolishness! The devil himself should fail epically to make me see ill of thou, mi'lord." Hikari hugged back. "I missed thou, my old companion."
"And I you." Chizuru pat the top of her friend's head.
What a nice seeing such a close hug, Tatsuya sort of got a nose bleed. There was no doubt in his mind, this girl...was Nagi Yuki. The legendary manga artist that everyone far and wide has heard of.
Hikari's nose twitched, "There be blood in the air, someone doth be bleeding?"
"Just ignore it." Tatsuya wiped his nose.
And so, despite Tatsuya's nose bleed...this was quite a touching reunion scene between two friends who had not seen each other in so long. But, something about what Hikari said lingered in Tatsuya's mind. 'Why'd she call Chizuru, mi'lord?' What exactly was there relationship...?

(Part 7 is now complete.
Tatsuya: *Reads it over.* I actually like it. I think people will be pleased with this.
Chizuru + Hikari: *Reading over the reuninon scene intently.*
Me: What's with you two? >_>
Chizuru: That scene...seems sort of shojou-ai doesn't it? -_-
Hikari: Thou make it seem as if we have shared a bed a night.
Me: O.O ........ *Silence.* You have a dirty mind don't you, Hikari.
Hikari: *Smiles.* Doth I?
Kei: Yes, you do.
Hikari: *laughs.*

So, now people know who Nagi Yuki is. But now even more questions arise. Keep reading my loyal readers. I promise every question will be answered...and even more drama to come!
Expect part 8 when my brain starts functioning again...
Oh yah, if anyone was about to cry at the reunion scene...please tell me.....I feed off your emotions.
One more thing, how many people actually thought that Nagi Yuki was dead? I was almost about to leave it like that to mess with your heads until part 8 came out...
PS: Some words in the Old Speech might be a bit if anyone knows how to speak it fluently....HELP ME OUT!!! )
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Who wants to know...
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Hm, I wonder what the next part should be about? Hmmmmm... *Thinks.*
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to try to make Hikari's speech better you just hafta go back on Shakespeare. He'll give you an example i'll tell you that much.
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