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Posted 4/13/08
Donning a new 2 piece outfit that is now less reminiscent of a Chinese ‘Cheongsam’, Sakura’s achievements in Naruto Shippuuden is enough to make one cry with joy and forgive her for being an irritating dumb pinkhead in the 1st 100 over episodes. Armed with Tsunade’s medical ninja healing skills, Sakura’s resume now includes healing ‘puppet-freak’ Kankurou from ‘puppet-freakier’ Sasori of the Red Sand’s deadly venom. She also managed to kill the latter, who is an Akatsuki member, together with Grandma Chiyo. Now that’s a remarkable feat for a relatively newcomer in ninja business; considering how her teacher, Hatake Kakashi, got totally owned by another Akatsuki member, the dashing cool Uchiha Itachi.

Sasuke and Naruto should be so jealous of her now.

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