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Posted 4/13/08 , edited 4/13/08
ichigo suddenly felt a hard kick between his shoulder blades. the blow made him lose his footing and sent them careening down the side of a building.he almost lost his hold of Rukia but he was able to react quickly enough to grab her tightly by the waist [ICHIGO]:" i got ya rukia!" he struggled to change his position in mid-air while keeping a tight hold on the injured shinigami. a quick twist and he was facing the oncoming ground. When his feet touched the side of the building, he broke into a run, catching the momentum of their fall.he jumped down on the street and broke into a run [ICHIGO]:"theres no time to stop" . meanwhile the Arrancar was shouting at the top [ARRANCAR]:"hey shinigami! can run but you can't hide! hahaha!" *laugh evily* ichigo sense the Arrancar looming above their heads, still shouting and mocking him) he knew they could no longer run or hide the enemy was upon them and that left him no choice.he had to face and fight it.. he gently laid Rukia down, making sure she was hidden behind discarded boxes and crates.. ichigo decide he would fight for her just as he did back in Soul Society he launched himself up until he was on the rooftop of the building where the Arrancar was waiting smugly for him [ARRANCAR]:"where's your comrade?..did you hide her somewhere?" (ichigo didn't answer, his menacing eyes looked straight at the masked face) [ARRANCAR]:"no matter...judging from her weakening reiatsu, she'll bleed to death soon enough [ICHIGO]:" why don't you shut up ..just fight me (he reached for Zangetsu) [ICHIGO]:"lets get dis over with!" [ARRANCAR]:"as you wish" *grin* (ichigo charge to the arrancar) [ARRANCAR]:"youll die first..and since she's still alive, i'll find her and put her out of her misery painfully and very slowly!" (hearing these words broke ichigo's self-control) [ICHIGO]:"bastard!" (ichigo stop charging forward. .his reiatsu comes out from his body) [ICHIGO]:"ban~kai!" (ichigo reiatsu explode) [ICHIGO]:"tenza zangetsu" (trans: heavenly chained cutting moon)
[ARRANCAR]:" haha..bankai huh? its getting sure i wont get bored in killing you!" (his blade like hand becomes even bigger) (both of them vanished into thin air..both of them clashed to each other in 1 sec)

next chapter:"fight together"
note:"please comment wat u think about this chapter...and also i will know who read this..and i can imform u when the lastest comes out"
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Posted 4/13/08
where is the next one, I cant wait, its like I am reading a manga ^_^
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