What would you do to go and see your favourite band?
Posted 10/19/07

What would you want them to play?
Where would it be (in a perfect world)? - and why?
What sort of staging would they do? (eg. Rammstein's Pyrotechnics)
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34 / M / 中国
Posted 10/19/07
Let's see.... fantasy concerts I'd wanted to have been at:


I'd have just loved to have been at the Live in Leipzig show in 1990. Maybe not the best music in the world, but god damn if it wasn't intense in it's own right.

I'd also KILL to have seen Anna Netrebko at the Salzburger Festspiel a couple years ago when she performed Violetta in Verdi's La Traviatta. I have the DVD... but what an experience that would have been to see it in person.
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Posted 10/19/07
Tool and Melt Banana. I'd sell my appendix for that.
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26 / M / surrey, united ki...
Posted 10/26/07
I want to see Avenged Sevenfold and Refused(never gonna happen i guess).
It would have to be in Wembley Arena or Download Festival main stage.
Loads of smoke machine smoke/lasers/strobe lights(epeleptic fits anyone?) and also a gigantic deathbat on stage.
Also a massive circle pit when refused play circle pit mentality like covering the whole floor circle pit.
thats about it i guess.
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Posted 5/23/08
pay them to come see me...
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