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The next round of fighting involves the four horsemen of the apocolypse ... they are guardians of hell sent to stop the release of Draethius (the demon lord).

Horseman of Death - Aximili - Sirberius's target

Horseman of War - Mikael - Dante's Target

Horseman of Famine - Zateyr Larac's Target

Horseman of Pestilence - Drakov Valentine's target
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Dante (Draethius) versus Mikael (horseman of War)

“What exactly are you?” I asked this Horseman.
“You can call me Mikael; I am the Horseman of War.” He replied
“Well what do you want with me? You obviously are not part of The Fallen Order if you don’t want this power to be released.”
“You are not as stupid as I thought, no I am not apart of this Fallen Order. I am a ‘Knight’ of sorts I guess you could say.”
“Oh really now, a night” I chuckle “A knight of what Hell?”
“Precisely, I am sent here to retrieve the one known as Draethius. He is a demon who had escaped our grasp, and we are here to take him back.”
“You know I would gladly hand him over to you, but there is a slight problem. He is inside of me and he gives me power and I’m not so sure I want to give that up yet.” I say with an evil overtone.
“Then you leave me with no choice, I will take you with him.” The Horseman says drawing his sword; “don’t underestimate the power of the Horsemen.”
“No worries I want this to end quickly so ill give my full power.”

As I finish that sentence the darkness flames begin to swirl around my body along with the crimson flames left over from the power Draethius gave to me. I transform into my Over Soul Bloodlust Form, I dash at him with my duel katanas and begin a flurry of attacks. He didn’t move an inch as my blades did little to no damage at all. He laughed and said, “Is this the true power of the beings of this realm, pathetic.”

I begin to charge up my Darkness Flame attack, the two flames combine and I charge in holding my fist. I punch his crimson armor and the clash causes a huge explosion and I fly backward into a wall.

“Ha survive that asshole that was my best attack with the added power the souls I absorbed, there is no way you could have survived that.” I say gasping for air.
“You know that actually dirtied up my armor, oh wait that is just the dust from the explosion. You actually didn’t do a thing.” He laughs
“WHAT, there is no way. What are you?”
“I am a figure of pain and destruction, I am the bane of your existence, I am the one who will drag you back to the pits of hell from whence you came.”

I hear a voice in my head. “Accept my help and we can do this together, he is to strong for you. But I know his weaknesses, I can defeat him.” Draethius says in my mind.
“No I don’t need your help, I can do this myself.”

I spread my wings and charge at him with full force and begin to punch him in his helm and chest piece, but to no avail. He swings one arm and I go crashing back into the circular room where I fought the witch. I struggle to my feet, “Why is it that every time I fight I get my ass kicked? Why can I ever fight like a pony or something?” I charge my body with the soul of the newly absorbed witch. “Now let’s see if this bitch was worth absorbing.” I split into five beings and each charge up their Darkness Flame attack, but each is charged with a different element also. We fly at him each punching a different area of his body, the attack seemed to have an effect, because it stalled him in his tracks. But for some reason all five clones launch off of him and disperse into dust. I lay on my back against the wall.

“Please tell me that wasn’t your best attack.” He says mockingly.
He holds out his hand and a crimson sword appears in it as if forming from his armor.
“Well I guess I could do some damage to you, I mean so far you have been beating yourself up.” He laughs. “Were you wondering why you were taking so much damage from your own attacks, this armor of mine is crafted from the deepest pits of hell. It is able to repel any attack you throw at me. I am basically immortal, you can’t hurt me boy, just surrender and come peacefully. But then again what fun would that be.” He walks slowly at me and I try to get to my feet but I am too weak.

“Take my power Dante, you know you have to, you know it is the only way to defeat him, the only way to beat Sirberius.” Draethius says in my mind again
“What how do you know about Sirberius? I already can beat him anyway.” I reply
“He was once my servant, I gave him his powers, and I know what he is capable of. And you are nowhere near strong enough to take the three of them on.” He says back.

Mikael picks me up by my skull and stabs his sword into my chest; the blood erupts from my body. He tosses me using his sword to the other side of the room, and creates a javelin from what seems to be his armor. He tosses this javelin into my right arm. He then creates another and hits my other arm. He crucifies me to the wall, “Now you will be tortured until you beg for the sweet embrace of death.”

“What do you mean he was your servant? Damnit so I am no match for him, I need to become stronger then he is.” I say to Draethius.
“Then you know what you must do in order to become stronger, you need my power as much as I need your body as a vessel. Together nothing can beat us.” Draethius replies.
“NO, I refuse to allow you to destroy my home, to kill the ones I love.”
“Who said anything about killing and destruction? People will look up to us as heroes for stopping The Fallen Order. They will love us.”

Mikael makes a whip and begins to lash at my body tearing the flesh, I scream in pain every time the lash hits my skin. “Come now, sing for me, and sing the song of Hell.” He says as he relentlessly whips me.

“Accept me NOW, or you will die here and NEVER have your chance to prove your strength.” Draethius yells.
“Fine, fine ill do it, let’s join forces.” I reply partially from the pain, and the other part for the thought of power.

My body erupts with crimson flames destroying the javelins and healing my wounds. I hover above the ground with the power flowing through the very fiber of my being. I slowly regain my footing on the ground.

“Are you ready for a real fight now?” I ask Mikael
“I see, I never thought you two could join forces. No matter I will still kill you right here right now. No more playing.” He replies.
“I’d like to see you try.” I laugh

Mikael charges me with a broadsword, I easily dodge the slashes. “To slow, way to slow.” I mock

I charge at him and use my energy to fuse with my fist and punch him in the chest piece. The breastplate cracks a bit but I go flying back due to the aura he has imbued in his armor. “So I see you’re not as immortal as you would like me to believe. You have a flaw, and that is your armor is breakable, which means I can kill you.” I say
“You are pathetic if you think brute strength is my only asset.” Mikael responds along with chanting undistinguishable words. He stabs his sword into the ground, and the ground cracks and splits. Fire erupts from the crack and skeletal minions start to crawl out from the ground.
“What is this? Some sort of necromancy?” I ask
“These are the martyrs that will rip you limb from limb. The perfect minions, they don’t need food or substance, they don’t feel pain, and they will fight till they are completely destroyed.” He says
“Then I guess I will just completely destroy them.” I reply

I grab my scythe from my back and begin to swing it around; blade arcs start to shoot from the force slashing the skeletons into piles of bones. I dash up to Mikael and slash at his armor a dozen times before being repelled back. The skeletons begin to rise back up from the ground putting them selves back together. I dash towards Mikael slashing through the skeletons, but he was prepared and by the time I got there a circle of fire erupted around him forcing me to avert my momentum to another direction. I stop a bit from his side and begin to chant for my darkness flame, but I hear the voice of Draethius in my head. “Use half of my power to kill him in one shot; it will be enough to send him back to hell.”
“Alright I will give it a shot.” I reply

The flames beings to change color to a crimson red as I charge up my attack. I hold my hand out pointing my palm towards Mikael. The flame concentrates into a ball in my palm. “Now perish from the force of my Domination Flame. I fire the ball at Mikael and it slams into his armor stalling for a bit. The armor was trying to repel the attack back at me. “Now die!” I yell as I charge at him flames swirling around my body as I dash into the ball and push it with myself through Mikael’s body.

I fall to the ground on the other side of his body. Man that took a lot out of me, damn that armor of his, I think to myself. I pivot my body to see Mikael still standing, “There is no way you survived that attack,” I yell. I notice the hole in his chest as it begins to patch itself up.

“I told you, this armor isn’t what makes me immortal.” He laughs.
“Then I will turn you into ash; let’s see you come back from that.” I reply as I get back to my feet.
“I didn’t want to have to use this much power but you are stronger then I gave you credit for.” I say to him.

I charge up and flames swirl rapidly around my body incinerating the surrounding skeletons into dust. The flames subside into my scythe, and I prepare for one final attack. Mikael grabs his broadsword and charges his power into one final attack; the winner of this final attack lives and the loser dies. We both dash at each other with one thing in each others minds, which the stronger one is.

We make one final slash at each other and land opposite of each other both of us standing. I collapse to one knee as blood erupts from my right side revealing a huge gash. As my vision begins to fade I see Mikael erupt into black flame. Good thing when I pierced through him that first time I implanted my darkness flame into his body. I just needed one more shot of power to ignite it. I stand up holding my side, “Heh is that the best Hell can throw at me. Then maybe I will take over hell itself next.” I say as I laugh.

“Next stop, Sirberius.” I say out loud.

The End
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Fall of Drakov and Valentine’s Plans
Drakov, the Horseman of Pestilence, and Zateyr, the Horseman of Famine, entered the Garden of Yggdrassil.
“I can’t believe Aximili and Mikael were defeated,” said Zateyr, “I better return to hunting down the prophet Larac.”
“Don’t get killed,” said Drakov, “we cannot let the Demon Lord be resurrected.”
Zateyr left. Drakov went to where his army was hiding. However his army was not there. Instead stood three people.
“SALIGIA,” muttered Drakov.
Drakov knew of some stuff about SALIGIA from what Mikael had told him. They were the embodiments of the seven deadly sins, with Cardinal Dominic de Avaritia as their leader. The three before them was Lord Valentine de Invidia and two of his followers- his brother Sir Kira and Captain Envy.
“Where are my men?!” demanded Drakov.
“Azriel de Ira and Lady Ashley de Superbia took care of them,” informed Envy.
“And now we’re here to take care of you,” snickered Kira.
“Why? I thought SALIGIA opposed the Demon Lord,” said Drakov.
“Officially we’re neutral,” explained Valentine, “but times have changed and you’re in our way.”
Valentine began explaining his plans…

Drakov took out his lance and pointed it at Valentine.
“I will never allow you to do that!” proclaimed Drakov.
“Really?” mocked Valentine, “you don’t have a choice.” He looked at Kira and Envy. “Return to No Where, I’ll deal with the Horseman of Pestilence.”
“Understood,” acknowledged Kira and Envy.
Kira and Envy teleported to the Mu.
“I think I’ll play at 5 %,” mocked Valentine.
Valentine pulled out one of his hairs. He let it drop to the ground. When it hit the ground, it caused a ripple. Suddenly a stream of water and sand shot out of the ground. It levitated around Valentine.
“What the hell is that?!” demanded Drakov.
“An art of mine,” said Valentine, “the Art of Sand & Ice.”
Drakov charged at Valentine. Valentine made no move to dodge it.
“DIE!!!” shouted Drakov.
The lance impailed Valentine. The water and sand fell to the ground.
“So much for master of envy.”
Suddenly Valentine turned into a heap of sand. Startled, Drakov backed off. Drakov noticed Valentine standing a ways away.
“Impossible,” said Drakov.
“Possible,” corrected Valentine, “since the moment you saw me I was using my Art of Sand & Ice.”
The pile of sand morphed into a replica of Drakov. The water went around it and froze to keep the shape.
“This is the power of envy, the ability to be like another!” laughed Valentine.
The Frozen Ice Horseman charged at Drakov. Drakov used his lance to dodge it. They fought for hours and hours. The Frozen Ice Horseman was appearing to get stronger by the minute.
“This is cheap,” protested Drakov, “you use your powers to make him stronger.”
“Wrong,” said Valentine, “it’s not getting stronger, you’re getting weaker. My Frozen Sand Replicas are just as powerful as the original with all the same powers except the psyche and the ability to get tired.”
“Damn,” cursed Drakov.
Drakov did a fake lunge. The Frozen Ice Horseman fell for it. Drakov took out another lance and decapitated the fake. Valentine began clapping.
“Nice,” applauded Valentine, “very few people can beat my Frozen Sand replicas.” He grinned. “But this is the end of the line for you.”
Valentine turned into a cloud of sand and flew over near Drakov. He rematerialized and aimed his left arm at Drakov.
“Fatal…Attraction,” chanted Valentine.
Suddenly the area Valentine and Drakov were at was covered in immense pressure. Valentine seemed to be unharmed but it was beginning to damage Drakov.
“I won’t give up so easily,” moaned Drakov.
Drakov began chanting. Some of his blood splattered onto Valentine’s face. He screamed.
“Now you won’t be able to see… out of your… left eye…” moaned Drakov.
Valentine laughed. Suddenly hundreds of realistic eyes materialized.
“You fool, it won’t matter because of my Thousand Eyes Restrict,” laughed Valentine.
In a horrid manner, Valentine ripped out his own left eye. He tossed the cursed eye aside. One of the many eyes replaced it.
“Now it’s my turn,” said Valentine, “Sand Tomb.”
Sand engulfed most of Drakov’s body. As Valentine flicked his finger, the sand crushed Drakov’s body. As the sand moved away, blood took its spot.
“I’ll let you suffer,” said Valentine.
Valentine teleported to No Where.

Minutes later a prophet named Manuel came along. He spotted the dying Drakov.
“Master, how did this happen?” begged Manuel, “let me go after them.”
“No, I have one last mission for you, Manuel,” said Drakov.
“You must warn the Elder Gods. Tell them not to release the Demon Lord.”
“Why would they listen now if they didn’t before?”
Drakov used the last of his breath to tell Manuel of SALIGIA’s plans. He closed his eyes and died.
“I will avenge you Master,” promised Manuel.
Manuel got onto his horse and rode to the Gates of Hell.
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Sirberius (Vampire/Dragon) Hybrid vs Aximili, The Horseman of Death.

I let my Demon form slide away. My black skin faded, the spikes shrunk and disappeared, and I was floated gently back to the ground. My full body seal returned back to it’s place around my body and became translucent. Looking at my clothes, I discovered that they were torn and tethered. I snapped my fingers and I was submerged in fire. It repaired my black long coat, red shirt, black pants, and black boots to their original state.
“There, now I’ve got to go and warn Dante about the Demon Lord’s plans.”
Zane had returned to my sub-conscious, so I didn’t have to find him. My black dragon wings found their way through the slits in my coat and emerged. I took to the skies and floated over the buildings.
“Which way should we go,” I asked Zane.
“I saw Okuram heading off north,” came his reply. “I can even sense his Ka’dai signature coming off from that direction.”
“Then north it is.”
Flapping my wings, I streaked north through the open sky. The wind was blowing my black and red streaked hair all around and my clothes we rustling due to my fast pace. But I couldn’t slow down for anything. I had to get to Okuram before Dante was destroyed. As I was flying, I started noticing something weird. I brought my thoughts to Zane to see what he thought.
“Zane have you noticed anything strange while we’ve been flying?”
“Actually yeah. Just a little while ago I saw that no one seems to be moving on the streets below us. It’s like they’re just standing still.”
“I though the same thing. And about the same time I noticed that, I started sensing an uncommon energy signature. The part that’s really weird is that it isn’t a Ka’dai or De’Kaju energy signature. I’ve never sensed anything like this before.”
I looked down and stopped in my tracks. The streets (which had all of the people of Tyruna in them) were now filled with soldiers and each one had a bow and arrow aimed at me. But that isn’t all, the soldiers weren’t human, nor were they any race of mystical creature. They were all skeletons. I couldn’t believe that I was seeing an army of the undead.
“Sirberius, snap out of it,” yelled Zane. “They’re about to attack.”
I shake off my trance in time to see the arrow flying toward me. Realizing I had no time to prepare a dragon fire attack to block the arrows, I started to dodge the arrows. I used my dragon eyes to calculate the velocity and speed of the arrows, so that I would be able to determine how I should move my body and wings to avoid the arrows.
The barrage of arrows seem to be endless. After a few minutes, I start to get tired and slip up. One arrow pierces through my right wing. I tuck them both and fall to the ground. While falling I emit an immense amount of fire and start to spin around. The fire incases my body, burning all the arrows that came my way.
I land on the ground, release my control of the fire, and look around me. All of the skeleton soldiers had vanished and the streets were baron.
“I don’t like the looks of this one bit,” I say under my breath.
“Look to your left. There is something there that’s drawing a lot of energy into it.”
I turn to see a large, swirling, black vortex. It was sucking air into it with a powerful force. Then I started to see something moving about inside of it. The figure stepped out of the vortex and it closed behind it. It was a hooded person on a decrepit, skeleton horse. Beneath its hood glowed bright red eyes.
“Sirberius and Zane,” it said in a low ghastly voice. “I have come for thee.”
“Oh just what I need, another minion trying to get in my way. Let me guess, you are here to kill me?”
I waited for a response but got nothing. Then it drew a long scythe from its back.
“Well I guess that answers your question,” Zane says with a chuckle.
“Yeah I guess so. Icoru Do Ramshi Nocla Induado Hytosa”
I put my hand to my stomach and break my first seal. My Ka’dai energy increases by have half of what I already had. My skin got rougher, dragon claws replaced my hands and feet, and my dragon tail found its way out of my pants. Horns came out of my forehead and curved of the top of my head. Now my Demi form was complete.
“Alright, prepare yourself,” I yell while charging at my opponent.
It raised its scythe and had the horse dash toward my. I snapped my fingers; my dual guns appeared in their holsters and my bastard sword appeared in my right hand. My fingers clasped around the handle tightly. I jumped into the air with my sword raised above my head and swung down as I plummeted to the ground. It blocked with its scythe’s handle. Then it started to chuckle.
“What do you find so funny,” I ask.
It looked at me beneath its hood and said, “The fact that my plan worked.”
I put my feet to the scythe’s handle and jumped back. Landing ten feet back, I put my sword in its sheath and stared at my foe.
“What do you mean that our plan worked? Who exactly are you?”
“Sorry to be so sudden about my actions. It was just the only way to ensure that my plan’s success,” it says reaching for its hood. The hood came down and its skeletal head was revealed. “My name is Aximili. I am the Horseman of Death. I can’t exactly use my full force in a battle unless I am attacked first. So I provoked you into attacking. Now I can fight you without any restraints.”
I put my hand to my face, “Damn it, so I fell right into your hands the moment I charged at you. I must admit that it was a good plan, but that doesn’t mean you’ve won this battle.”
“Oh I know that,” Aximili says calmly. “However, I have a lot of other plans and ideas to ensure that. I have heard that you are quite the strategically gifted thinker. So let’s see whose mind is greater at formulating battle plans.”
“This is unlike anyone I’ve fought before. They just come at me with rage and fury. Only letting their instincts fight for them instead of their minds.”
“Well I have the honor of all horsemen to defend.”
“You mean that there are more of you,” I ask curiously.
“Yes. There are four of us in all. Another has already engaged with the Dante boy. Our mission is to destroy all threats to the great plan.”
“Like I said, I don’t have time for another minion. If you won’t move out of my way then you should prepare for battle.”
“If you do not wish to hear me out, then I shall engage you in combat.”
I blinked my eyes and opened them to find that the skeleton soldiers had surrounded me.
“When the hell did this happen?!”
“I command an endless army of these skeleton soldiers. They appear within a moment’s notice. I also have other abilities that will ensure my victory.”
“Save the talking for after you are defeated,” I say confidently.
The soldiers started to pile in. I grabbed the closest one by the neck and broke it. I took hold of its head, surrounded it with fire, and pelt it through nine soldiers that were lined up. One to my right drew its sword and charged. I duck back and swat it with my tail as it passes.
The skeletons is hurtled into another and, like a domino effect, they knock over all the ones behind it.
“Now Sirberius,” Zane says excitedly.
I breathe in deeply and exhale, issuing out an ocean of dragon fire. It torches the soldiers on the ground then disappears. The remaining skeleton soldiers stepped over the smoldering carcasses, filled in the gap, and they all charged toward me at the same time.
“I think that we need to kick it up a notch. Jugos Levit Lunkara Yusoi Mandra”
I put my hand over my heart and break my second seal. My Ka’dai energy doubled in size and power. The ground even started to tremble in my presence. Black fire covered my body as my Demi form faded away. Dragon scale armor covered my body, small spikes emerged on my arms, my fingers were incased with metal claws, and my long spiked Daggertail shot out of the back of the armor. My Reaper form was now completed.
I stuck my hand out and in a blaze of fire, my scythe appeared before me.
“Now, feel the terror of death,” I yell out with a bloodthirsty intent in the tone of my voice.
“You can’t say that,” came Zane’s voice.
“And why the hell not?”
“It’s a copy written name. You are using the property of someone else.”
I pause for a moment, “You know what Zane, that’s a very reasonably logical answer.”
“Glad you understand.”
“Hey guess what. Did you know that Logic has a brother? Its name is SHUT THE HELL UP!!!”
“Fine, see if I care that you get sued.”
I swing my scythe around in circle, cutting all the around me in half.
“Reaper’s Edge.”
The blade of my scythe glowed white and swung it in front of me. Then I did a three-sixty swing while jumping into the air. All the soldiers within my reach were tossed into the air with me. I spun my scythe over my head. It shot out a circle of white energy that cut all of the soldiers that passed through it.
I fell to the ground, put my scythe on my back, and put my hands together in front of me.
“Reaper’s Dance.”
Five clones of me appeared around me. One in front, two in back, and one on both of my sides.
“Do it now,” I tell them.
“Reaper’s Wrath,” they say in unison.
Each one now formed a sword of pure fire energy. They put them to the ground and ran clockwise. The fire blades tore through the ground and when they clone’s stopped, a circle was left around me. Then the clones raised their swords and brought them down. Five streaks of crimson fire tore through the crowd of skeleton soldiers. Even Aximili had to dodge one of them. Once they reached their limit, the ground cracked between the cracks left by the streaks and formed a large circle outside the crowd.
My clones disappeared and I jumped into the air.
“Now for the finishing touch. Four art spell, Hellfire Quake.”
The two circles started to glow red and when I balled my fist, it glowed red as well. I plummeted to the ground, landed on one knee, and brought my fist down with all of my strength. It connected with the ground and sent out a shockwave that shook the city. The ground between the two circles suddenly started to crack and molten lava started pouring out. Then the ground broke and the skeleton soldiers fell into a pool of hot, fiery lava.
I stood up and looked around. I spotted Aximili floating above the lava on his horse.
“That was pretty impressive,” he said clapping his hands.
Then he was gone as I blinked my eyes.
“But you’ll need more power and skill than that to defeat me.”
A long pole pierced through my back and out of my chest. I was lifted off of my feet and flung through the air. Spinning around, I saw Aximili in the middle of the inner circle. Then I smiled triumphantly.
My body burst into flames, then it disappeared. Aximili looked shocked and started looking around. I put my DG-2 (Second Stage Dual Guns) in front of my and pointed them at Aximili.
“Up here,” I yelled.
He saw me floating above him. He had nowhere to run and was trapped within the lava pit. I used my first wave of clones to get rid of his army. Then, while I was in the air, I created another one to use the Hellfire Quake spell. Its power was so great that it covered mine while I broke my third seal and charged up into my True Hybrid form. I wanted him to kill the last clone. When he did, he would be standing in the middle of the lava pit like a giant bull’s eye on a dartboard.
“Infinity Bullet.”
I had already charged up an immense amount of energy, so I fired it off and a large ball of energy flew toward Aximili. He was too shocked to move. The energy ball hit him head on and exploded.
“Looks like my mind out smarted yours. Nice try though,” I say smiling.
I closed my eyes for a moment and when I re-opened them, I found myself with my DG-2 in front of me again. The Infinity Bullet I had shot was hurtling toward Aximili again, but unlike last time, he jumped out of the way. He rode his horse over the lava and safely to the outside of the circles.
“What the hell is going on here?”
He looked up at me and smiled. “You are way better than I thought. If I had hesitated for a moment longer, I would have been completely obliterated by that attack.”
“But you were, I saw it with my own eyes.”
“That may be true, but thanks to my ability, I am allowed to go back in time to re-do any event that I please. Which means that I went back with the knowledge of your attack. And with that information, I was able to successfully evade it.”
My jaw dropped as low as it could go, “You mean to tell me you have a power that allows you to control the very fabric of time. That’s like a fucking cheat code for unlimited re-dos if you don’t like the outcome of something.”
“I had no plans to use it,” he retorted. “I honestly thought this battle wouldn’t take long. But your strategy caught me off guard and I was forced to do it. I completely underestimated you.”
“So I guess that this is where the real fight begins?”
“Yes, but who do you continue to fight? I’m sure that you understand that it is impossible to defeat me when I can turn back time.”
“I understand that. But I believe that every plan and ability has a flaw and a weakness. And you’d better believe that I will find yours. Aconto Hushabay Zane Hediyoshi”
I put my hand on my forehead and broke my forth seal. My Ka’dai energy quadrupled in size and power. I floated back down to the ground and found myself surrounded by the skeleton soldiers once again.
“Ha, same old tricks.”
I draw my guns and start shooting the soldiers around me. Making sure I put one bullet directly between the eyes. One with spear thrust forward and cuts my side. I put my guns in their holsters, grabbed the spear’s handle, and threw the soldier over my head.
“Now’s the perfect opportunity to show them why this called my True Hybrid form.”
If you haven’t guessed already, my True Hybrid is a form of many abilities. Is main thing is that is the only for of mine that can channel all of the powers of those that I have used a Reaper spell, Soul Reaver spell, or Zane and my Draining Infinity Cannon to kill. Basically, I’m a Hybrid built off of other’s powers and abilities.
I start with my newly acquired control over lighting from Alastor. The spear lets off an electric current that cracks the air around it. I thrust it forward and a lightning bolt shoots out of the blade. It zips through closest skeleton and all the ones behind it. They all fall and turn into a smoldering pile of ash.
I turn around to find a large line of archers. They pull back their arrows and let them fly. Switching to the ice abilities of Natsume, I raise a thick wall of ice. The arrows hit it then bounce off without even denting the surface.
“Behind you,” Zane yells.
I jump into the air, but I move too late. A blade cut down my back. I land on top of the ice wall and turn to see Aximili. His scythe was now dripping with my blood.
“Good reflexes, but that cut was al that I needed. Now that I have made an open wound in your flesh, my scythe’s Death Touch will gradually drain you of your life force and your Ka’dai energy source. Your wound will also worsen as the battle draws on.” Aximili starts to laugh, “How do you plan to defeat me now with that kind of disadvantage?”
“True I am at a bad turning point, but I have just found a way to defeat all of your abilities. It will take me just five minutes to execute me plans, Starting now!”
Zane appeared from in front of me and I tossed him his dual swords. He released their true form and power, and then he jumped toward Aximili. He moved out of the way and evaded Zane’s attack. I tapped the ices wall with the bottom of the spear, which caused it to break into hundreds of ice shards.
As I fell to the ground, I dispersed them in all directions. All the archers got hit and fell to the ground. Zane covered himself inside a cocoon of fire to melt all of the shards that came his way. And Aximili took two shards in the chest and one in the shoulder. Suddenly, in a flash of light, I was right back in the middle of the shards and was falling to the ground. They flew outward and hit the archers. Zane covered himself in fire to avoid the shards. But instead of being hit, Aximili jumped up over the ice shards, which left all of the soldiers behind him to be killed.
I switched back to Alastor’s lightning abilities and charged it through the spear. Spinning it around, I jabbed the blade into the ground.
“Symphony of Destruction.”
Hundreds of lightning bolts fell from the sky and hit the ground. The remaining soldiers were fried and Aximili was ducking and dodge between the lighting. I kneeled over on the ground in pain and started to breathe heavily. I could feel that the cut on my back had widened and was issuing blood at a dangerous rate. My Ka’dai was damn near empty and my De’Kaju was already replacing the void. If my Ka’dai reached absolute zero, I would most likely die. But at the rate of my blood loss, I will be doomed to die before that happened. Things seemed to be bad. But I couldn’t give up now that I was so close.
I put my hands together very slowly, and in response, the lightning started to bunch together and close in toward me. I spotted Aximili dashing inward on his horse with his scythe raised. The lightning was finally closed together with no gaps, and Aximili made it out just in time.
“I have you now,” he said triumphantly.
He swung the scythe upside-down; blade pierced my stomach and that’s where he left it. Aximili raised the scythe by the handle, but I grabbed it so he’d raise my up with it. We met face to face and he started to laugh a bit.
“It would seem that my strategy skills surpass yours. You must see that you are now finished.”
“No I’m not,” I gasp. “You have actually fallen into my trap. I have surpassed you.”
“How do you imagine that,” he laughed.
“Like this,” bellowed Zane. “Death Dimension.”
Everything grew dark, and then we started to hear groans of pain. Suddenly it got bright and revealed a dome with the souls of the damned inside its walls.
“You see,” Zane says smiling. “You’re trapped.”
“Ha, I can get out of here.”
We waited for a minute, but nothing happened. Aximili turned to me with look of anger.
“What’s going here? Why can’t I turn back time?”
I laughed and coughed up a bit of blood, “Because we are now in the a hidden forbidden place know as the Sin Realm. This is where the souls of evil people and those who have committed heinous crimes are sent after they die. They suffer for all eternity. In this place, there is no sense of time. Time is actually stopped upon entering this realm, so there is nothing to turn back.”
Aximili looked shocked, “I see. So you did all of those things to get rid of my army, knowing that I would re-wind time to avoid being hurt. Then you forced me in close to you so he could capture and seal us within this realm where my powers are useless. That is a great plan. But how are you gonna kill me and save yourself?”
“I don’t have save myself. I just have to keep you still.” I put my hands together and yell, “Reaper’s Hold.”
Two large demon claws shot out of the ground and clasped around Aximili and his horse. He dropped his scythe, so I was able to pull it out of my stomach.
“It’s now or never. Hecuran Leviatha Hydron Shuvi Atoliran Alkaid Shundo”
I release my final seal and it becomes visible around my body. It spread out across my body and takes form. My skin turns black, spikes come out of my elbows and knees, my fingers turn into claws, and two horns come out of my forehead and wrap around my head. My nearly fatal wounds heal themselves and my Demon form is completed.
Aximili see that he is beaten and stops trying to break free of the demon claws. He raises his head to face me.
“It would see that you are the greater strategist. And it would seem my task can not be completed now.”
“See that way. But you are the only one of the Fallen Order members to get this close to killing me.”
A look of bewilderment comes across Aximili’s face, “I am not a part of the Fallen Order. I am from a higher power. I was sent down here to stop Draethius from surfacing on this plane.”
“What the hell,” Zane yells in frustration. “Then why the hell did you attack us?”
“Because you two carry something within you that Draethius wants. No of us know what it is, we just know that he wants it badly. So I was sent to kill you so that it would never reach his vile hands.”
“Something that the Demon Lord wants… is inside of us,” I say slowly, putting my hands to my chest. Sorry but I have no idea what that could possibly be. And I will not give up my life to find out either. However, I am on the same mission as you, I wish to stop The Demon Lord.”
“He has a grasp on our brother’s mind,” Zane says.
“How do you know that he did not simply defect to Draethius’s side?”
“Because he is using the word Okuram as his name. To you it has no significant value, but to us it’s a code. The Demon Lord also has plans to destroy our comrade, so that he may have the energy to come to our plane. We have vowed to stop him at all cost before that happened. And we need to be alive to make that happened.”
Aximili lowered his head, “I see. Then drain me of my life force. By doing so, you will be able to control my army of the undead and my control over time. I think that you will find these abilities useful in your fight with Draethius.”
“As you wish,” I say calmly. “Thank you for your help.”
Zane and I stood back to back. I extend my right arm and he extends his left. A black eye opens in front of our hands and looks directly at Aximili. Eight spikes form around it and start to rotate. We start to channel energy into it.
“Draining Infinity Cannon,” we say in unison.
A beam of white energy is fired from the eye at Aximili.
“May the Holy Lord keep you safe,” he says under his breath.
The beam hits him and his body is destroyed. All that is left of him is a blue flame. I summon the flame to my hand and absorb it into my body. The Death Dimension spell fades away ad the streets of Tyruna come back into view. The streets seem to have gone back to normal. There was no sign of a battle and everyone was back to walking amongst the street.
“It’s almost as if we never even fought him.”
“Yeah, but we don’t have and time to think about it Sirberius.”
“I know, we’ve go to hurry to our brother and end this once and for all.”
Zane and I returned to our normal states to blend in with the crowd and walked toward our brother’s faint energy signature.
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I was cornered between a handsome looking clone and a hell driven horseman. the clone could not return to normal form because he took the shape of metal, which takes a long time to to mold to flesh.

"Please me" the clone begged "We can make this workout"
"Are you freakin kidding with me!!. the last time I let a clone lose i got sent to Bloodspire Ward"I replied

While the clone and me argued. The horseman quickly striked at me with his sword, I was able to dodge it and the clone shielded itself. it was a free for all match between the horseman, the clone and me.

"So" I lit a cigar while i watch at the two making a stance "If we want this to be a fair match, I suggest that I'd summon him, right clone me?"
"Bastard!, your lucky i cant return back to my form"My clone replied.

"Prophets!"The Horseman shouted"So how shall this battle be?"
"free for all, btw. I'm the prophet, He cant even do divination shits"I said
"Then everyone is my enemy"the clone replied.

Me and the clone simultaneously changed the floor beneath the horsemen into quicksand, the horseman jumped of his horse and took out his Large sword. My clone was the first target that the horseman went to, as they fought it gave me time to make a better seal, so that the demon i can summon would be in its 5% fit. when they finally noticed my act, Madellus(demon that I usually summon) came out and accepted my terms to kill my clone.

"So it will be between the original and me"The horseman said as he wipes his sword with his hands.
"You bastard!!, im going to use binding infestation on you if i get the chance!"the clone shouted.
"Ahh, Wheres my manners, I forgot to introduce myself. My na. . . "but before the horseman could continue. .
"ZATEYR" me and the clone interrupted.
"I heard your name a couple of times in hell, and now im bringin u back"I said.
"Let me guess Larac. kill the clone?. 2nd time you've called me this day"Madellus said.
"Yeah yeah, do it quick before he can make a soul for himself. 3 hours already passed and now he could speak properly"I replied.

My clone threw Iron spikes at Madellus and me. He tried to run to the nearest exit but his heavy body made his movement slow. Madellus slowly walked towards the clone while I ran at the Zateyr. He swinged his big sword at me as I dodged it. I quickly turned into a big dragon and tried to eat him, but he got a grip of my mouth before i could close it. He was struggling between my teeth and tried to stab it a couple of times. I blew fire, exploding him for away from me. My clone went close to my tail and stabbed it, I felt the pain that it was slowly being consumed. Madellus Pulled him away from me causing the Binding Infestation to stop.

"You Idiot!, Keep him away from me!"I said to Madellus.
"Dare not be hasty, This is the only time I can toy with you on earth" He replied
"Moron, don't let him!!" but before I could reply the Zateyr sliced off my dragon throat.

I turned back to my human form choking on my own blood. Madellus stared as I walk dying, Zateyr wiped the blood off his sword as he slowly walk close to me. My clone quickly attacked Zateyr with his metal sharpened arm, as black colored aura started to cover his body.

"You Idiot, you had your guard down. I'm might as well kill you now but one of us got to live"the clone said.
"Made. .llus"The blood spewed out of my mouth as i said his name"quick, regenerate it"

Madellus' hands, glowed a green glow and started to heal my throat while my clone tries to kill the horseman. Zateyr's sword could not pierce through the unique metal exterior of the clone. He even tried fire magic but all it did was turn the metal into black. The clone me ran as fast as his metal body could do towards Zateyr, while he laughs firing dark energy beams. The clone appeared in front of Zateyr and tried to land a stab, but Zateyr's sword was the only thing it could hit. The two paused and stared at each other, I couldnt make a sense of what the two was thinking. I couldn't hear what the two was also talking about because of the pain, all I saw was that their mouth was moving. It didn't look like my clone was bargaining, Zateyr was far from being cheerful at their conversation.

My clone started to emit a dark destructive aura, while Zateyr's energy was overflowing with evil. The energy that separated from my clone, would either destroy the hall's interior or absorb it. While Zateyr's energy was still like water on a glass. I could see their energy, attack each others energy.

My clone went on all fours like a rabid dog, his diamond spiked back started to grow more spikes. The new spikes wasnt metal, it was crystal. My throat was fully restored but I could not join in the brawl of energy.

"Hey Madellus"I said
"Yes, Larac" he replied
"What do you fuckin suggest we do now"
"I am enjoying it more than you"
"Moron, I'm barely smiling. I told you kill him quickly"
"Larac. . .It is favorable to your side, If the horseman is weakened by the clone"
"Don't you think I fuckin know that. I rather have me dead then have a carbon copy do my job"

My clone ran towards Zateyr. His spikes were alive, as it tries to lengthen on its own trying to stab Zateyr. The Clones diamond back scared me, It could either devour the one who gets hit, or stab the being to death. While the two was busy I crept and start making a very large seal around the two. They didnt notice me as they were both occupied. Madellus kept laughing at the view of my clone and Zateyr. I used both mine and the vampires(read visorese leader) blood I killed.

"Hey, fags. . ."I said as the two stared at me"Don't you ever lay your eyes off me. Clone, remember this seal"

Zateyr was dumbfounded and snickered. As the clone saw the blood patterned seal "FUCK!" he said, and started to look for the nearest end part of the circle. He ran to the nearest but my hands was already on the blood. Red electric current started shackle the two, they kneeled feeling the pain of the current. I couldnt get in but i needed to buy time to talk to madellus. Zateyr crawled slowly to exit

"Madellus, give me your right arm. I need to level the playing field"i said

Madellus used his left index finger, poking on his right shoulder as blood dripped. The arm fell off but it was still twitching, I used binding infestation on his arm on mine. The process was painful because a demon's soul , or part of his(Madellus) soul brought torment to mine. After my arm fed on his, its form was different. It had brown bone covering it with spikes. I wanted his arm because i needed something strong and powerful to cut through my clones body, and strong enough to withstand Zateyr's magical and physical attacks.

"Pussy!, desperate move taking that demons arm"The clone said.
"Moron, your in your amoeba state. What do you think i can do now" I replied
"Laracs, what is this all about?"Zateyr ask
"Well, All is fair now horseman"Clone said.
"After I kill you Zateyr, I'm going for you next" As I pointed my left hand blade to my clone.

My hand started to emit black flames and I fired at Zateyr. I quickly appeared 10 feet close to my metal covered clone, and made a rift that sucks anything not . My clones amoebic energy would either flow away from him or be sucked through the rift. His metal hands stabbed the cement floor and gripped tight on the hole he made. He struggled not to get sucked.

My speed heightened and power increased, due to the demon's arm. My arm was flaming a blue black flame. It was like a flamethrower firing at the horseman. He was faster than before and his sword quickly changed its form too. It boiled a red color and it was dripping. The liquid that fell from the sword ate the floor, like acid would to metal.

"What the?! F. . .So the famous sword I've been hearing about"I said.
"Yes, beautiful. You never thought that Gods here in the mystical community would actually make a sword so hellish"Zateyr replied
"Yeah, Gods! they never do anything right ever since I days"

I quickly appeared behind him and my quicksilver blades quickly appeared at my palms. I did a sword dance to land a perfect slash to his flesh, but he could block everything with his bastard sword. My quicksilver started to rust because of his sword. I returned my quicksilver blades to my body.

Meanwhile, my clone gripped fiercely at the floor, trying not to get sucked. Madellus giggled and went close to the clone as his toes with claws, punch a small hole so he won't end up being sucked with him.

"ahhh Larac dos.Seems you have a soul now. Want to make a deal. . .I can kill the original right now so you can live on. You can continue his job to capture my brother" Madellus said.
"Like fuck! I'll make another deal. The Bloodspire would fuckin capture me if they know im a clone"He replied.
"Valant are we. Always pretending to be honorable in an honorless world. Well, you will Die in the void world"
"Talk fucks!!"

The clones aura started to eat off Madellus' face. He laughed as blood started to drip from his face. He started to pluck the clones metal finger/claws of the floor, slowly and one by one. Madellus' hard skin and demonic energy,slowly being eaten by the amoebic energy by the clone. Madellus still continued to laugh and annoy the clone.

I was busy with my own fight. Not noticing what the other two was doing. I was losing and fairly regretting that I didnt follow Madellus' suggestion, about making the two tire out. I could block the sword with the demon hand, but when the drip liquid of the sword hit my skin; it would eat through my skin like acid.

"Zateyr, don't think you can beat the council. You may kill me now, but there will be more greater beings that can replace us"I said.
"We don't need to defeat you. We just need to convert all of you, to take our side"Zateyr said as blows were being exchange.
"Convert my ass. Not happening, those two bastards(sirberius/dante) would kick my ass if ever that happens. Besides, you cocks are too fucked up for me"

My clone metal arm started to glow a very bright light. Madellus was unrecognizable because of his missing limbs and skin. His smile was still there and he was still unplucking the clones finger. My clones arm started to grow very brightly, he was cursing and shouting at madellus. Then suddenly his arm became long and started to stretch out.

I was cornered and I was bleeding like hell. Almost all of my skin was hardly regenerating and I was breathing fast. I saw my clone's hand stretching towards us, when I saw in his eyes. It was like psychic communication, I know what was going to happen and I felt that he was communicating to me.

I was about to make a seal to stop Zateyr from moving, but when i was about to kneel his bastard sword struck me; stabbed me in the lungs. My flesh started to turn red, as I also try to regenerate myself. I grew extra arms just to restrain Zateyr's hand.

"Prophet, you will die here and now" Zateyr said.
"hehe, all of you strong bastards think it's all about strength and power. But skill and knowledge can always outmatch power anyday"I said as I slowly die and cough in blood.

My tattoos shined and blinded Zateyr. He laughed as he closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes, My clones arm was on his head, and my clone was also halfway through the rift.

"My head is as strong as this castle Larac, even if you two join forces. I would still be the victor"Zateyr said.
"Now you will see, how years of learning magic can beat power you prick"I said.
"Mu irris, als muerhii hou . . . . ." My clone and me started to murmured in synchronization. But my sight slowly faded and I fell asleep, death maybe.

I awoke to the scene of the hall, It was messed up and blood all over. My stomach was still red but i was able to regenerate some of my lose flesh and blood. Ezra entered the room, with the joy in her face. She ran quickly and jumped at me.

"Im so happy your ok boss"Ezra said
"I thought I told you to leave"I replied. She then slapped me in the face.
"You moron, the seal is still here. You only removed half of it"She said
"You idiot, I don't need to remove all. If I die you wouldn't be bound to the death. Didn't you even notice, you slapped me back there. meaning the seal is almost gone"I said as I placed my arm around her shoulder.
"oh. . . .what do we do now? I couldn't find any of the council that we were suppose to look to"She said as she carried me. . . .
"Don't worry, judging by those two. They already escaped the fortress or wherever they were held. just get me back to Youichi"

When we went out, no trace of life was there. Not even the ones that we have taken out. Ezra felt like it was all over, all I felt was more problem that will soon to come. A large man was at the end of the door with a large sword on his back and wearing a cloak, seems to be waiting for me.

"Who are you?!"Ezra shouted at the man.
"Larac, his energy It's stronger than the vampire you fought against"she also whispered to me.
"Don't worry, he's a friend. Can you give us a time to talk"I said to Ezra.
"Ok ok, but I don't trust the guy"

She left the two of us and went outside of the fortress, while we were at the door.

Man: So. . . .What now?
Larac: I don't know, I hate what just happened. But I owe you one. . .(with my hand in fist)
Man:We kinda suck, nothing more nothing less
Larac: Where you going to now?
Man: I don't know, can't go with you. Thats for sure
Larac: Want me to erase your memory?
Man: No, I can live. . .with the thoughts, annoying though. I can't join you in killing that demon
Larac:I know. . .Don't need to remind, hope the secret wont be out.
Man: One of us gotta live right
Larac: I told you, don't remind me. . .
Ezra: HOI!!!! BOSS!! we need to return and give Youichi the report.
Man: hehe, I will miss her. . . She kept those lonely nights a bit bearable.
Larac: Yeah
Man: You going to tell her?
Larac: She doesn't need to know. . . .BTW, the council might probably know that one of the horseman is. .
Man: I know I know. . . Far away as possible. You want to keep the sword?
Larac: Great, but my quicksilver is enough for me. You need it more. . . . .
Man: Never ever thought you'd have this talk huh
Larac: yeah. . .The first one was a bastard. I hated that I went to the ward because of him. . .
Man: This is goodbye then. . .uhm. .There might be a chance Dante wont be coming back to the council
Larac:That bastard?! LOL. .impossible, It's like thinking the sky is red
Man: Zateyr still have a little bit of memory left here, and it seems it doesn't look good. . .
Larac: Trust me.The last thing Dante would do is join a faggot team. . . .
Man: Goodbye me. . . .
Larac:Yeah goodbye. . .I'd stay as far away from the Bloodspire and Glycosa

The stranger and me patted each other and separated. Ezra returned and carried me on her back. . .

"Larac, who was that guy?"She said as my arm wrapped her shoulder.
"A close friend"I replied..................
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