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Posted 4/13/08
Just introduce yourself, the information..i already made!!~~
You can decorate it..with emotions^^ ~~~~ you can add anything i missed.

User name:
Fav. Singers:
Fav. Band:
Fav. Songs:
Why you love music:
Why you joined this group:
Groups i recommend:
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Posted 4/13/08 , edited 4/15/08
User name: candy_xOx
Nickname: Kathi-chan
Birthday: June
Hobbies: Music, laughing.
Likes: Music, Family, Computer, Friends, School.
Hates: Scary stuff, Bugs.
Fav. Singers: [currently] The Veronicas, Rihanna.
Fav. Band: [currently] Paramore, The All American Rejects.
Fav. Songs: Bleeding Love, Breakin Dishes, 4eva, Please don't stop the music
Why you love music: Because......I like the sound^^
Why you joined this group: I'm the creator...and i just really love music.
Groups i recommend:
Hey!!!~~ thanks for joining or accepting the invite!!~ ^O^,
Please invite your buddies!!~~~ i know it takes LOOOONG!!~
Cos you gotta click all those squres!!~~ but i at least wanna reach 800!!!!
My other group is on 500 and something!!!!~~ [Randumzz]
Thanks!!~~ help me please ^O^ bye bye~

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26 / M / Wait where?
Posted 4/14/08
User name:RenegadeXD
Birthday:Aug. 22
Hobbies:Playing soccer,Watching anime^-^, Sleeping
Likes:Anime, Food, Bed, Gadgets
Hates:People who look down on people
Fav. Singers:Kottoko
Fav. Band:N/A
Fav. Songs:Thx for the memories
Why you love music:Music is the key to the soul ^-^
Why you joined this group:I love music ^-^ dou you have any problems with that ^-^
Groups i recommend:"Lolicon Social Society"
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22 / F
Posted 4/14/08
Username anime4215
Nickname chrisssy
Birthday dec 01
Country united states
Hobbies watching animes, reading mangas, going on crunchyroll, listening to music, chatting with friends, playing the violin, and anything having to do with art
Likes music, rollar costers, animals, animes, mangas, n CRUNCHYROLL!
Hates bugs, blood, heights, n backstabbers
Fav. Singers
•Hei Se Hui Mei Mei
•Nana Mizuki
•Rainie Yang
•Koharu Kusumi
•Morning Musume
Fav. Band can't think of any rite now
Fav. Songs

Why you love music why shouldn't u luv music???
Why you joined this group i♥M-U-S-I-C duh!!!
Groups i recommend
Posted 4/15/08
User name:syahirah93
Birthday:may 27
Hobbies:reading , surfing internet , watching tv , eat n sleep
Likes:internet , manga , friends , eat , tv
Hates:homework , house work n maid..
Fav. Singers:taylor swift , jojo , rihanna , neyo
Fav. band:simple plan
Fav. Songs:teardrops on my guitar , everything i do , complicated , naver had a dream come true
Why you love music:fun!!!
Why you joined this group:love musics,,...
Groups i recommend:XDD
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24 / F / you wish you knew ;D
Posted 4/16/08
User name: soccerchick12293
Nickname: sammy, sneaky or yuki-chan
Birthday: january 22 1994
Country: USA
Hobbies: soccer anime and manga
Likes: my boyfriend and my friends
Hates: people who r mean >.<
Fav. Singers: eminem, cascada and more
Fav. Band: three days grace, simple plan, linkin park and my chemical romance etc.
Fav. Songs: never too late, pain, home, i hate everything about you, time of dying, when i'm gone, mockingbird, welcome to my life, i'm just a kid, me against the world, in the end and numb (a lot more lol)
Why you love music: because its rely fun!!!
Why you joined this group: i was invited and i love music
Groups i recommend:
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25 / F / Kim Hyun Joong's...
Posted 4/16/08
User name: asiandramaaddict
Hobbies:shopping,watching asian dramas,internet,photos
Likes:her friiends
Hates: Traitors sorry to say this but BackStabbers
Fav. Singers:Famous Asian Artists
Fav. Band:alot
Fav. Songs:I have my young,Superb-Fahrenheit
Why you love music:best thing in thee world & cant live without it
Why you joined this group:music
Groups i recommend:idk
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22 / F / look behind you
Posted 4/16/08
User name:dira1312
Birthday:december 13
Hobbies:reading,internet,watching tv.
Fav. Singers:leona lewis,mariah carey,taylor swift,jordin spark,rihanna
Fav. Band:simple plan,maroon 5
Fav. Songs:bleeding love,touch my body,please don't stop the music,tear drop on my guitar
Why you love music:because it fun
Why you joined this group:i love music
Groups i recommend:nothing..XPP
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24 / M / flashflashrevolut...
Posted 4/16/08 , edited 4/17/08
User name:Alxstyles
Birthday:June 15th
Hobbies:Anime and music :p
Likes:awesome music
Hates: crappy music
Fav. Singers: Utada Hikaru
Fav. Band: Fall of troy Protest the hero, slipknot, sum 41
Fav. Songs: Blindfolds aside,the bitter end, pulse of the maggots
Why you love music:music is life
Why you joined this group:interested in finding new music and people to vshare it with
Groups i recommend:Protest the hero,fall of troy,halifax
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25 / F / here, watching An...
Posted 4/17/08
User name: Cute_pipas
Nickname: Pipas hehe :p
Birthday: 6th May (I'm turning 16 yey! lol)
Country: Portugal (if dont know ask me ^_^)
Hobbies: so many hobbies... eat, sleep, draw (manga hehe), anime, play instruments(even if I dont know how loool), try to cook (not very good at that now -_-' ), hmmm.. play some sport, sing! (hehe cant stop), hear music, ... and thats it! actually its what I do everyday hehe :p
Likes: to write stories, to draw, Anime!, Manga!, piano and guitar, chat and many other things! ^_^ ooh and I love cute stuff :3
Hates: ... liars, being bored, burn something I was cooking, homework hehe
Fav. Singers: ... too much to choose from... I think I dont really have a favorit I just love listening to music that I like ^_^
Fav. Band: .. the same :p
Fav. Songs: hmm... It depends... now maybe Simple Plan - just a kid and music from The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ^_^
Why you love music: Cuz I can hear a sad or happy music depending on what I'm feeling, cuz music makes me relax and happy, cuz music can be really pretty hehe and cuz I'ved always loved it! I can sing it, play it or dance to it... or just hear it ^_^
Why you joined this group: because I LOVE MUSIC and it seemed nice
Groups i recommend: hmm... the groups in my favorit :p like "Cafe cute star" or "Randumzz"

sorry if its too big! I just write everything that came to my mind hehe.... sorry! -__-
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25 / F / here, watching An...
Posted 4/17/08
ooh no... I really wrote too much... mine was the bigger... sorry!! :(
Posted 4/18/08
User name:gwemlin1214
Birthday:oct 22
Hobbies:.s0undzZz,foodtrip,oftentimes sleeping,surfing d net,doing art stuff, skimboarding,overnytzZz(skul&&hauz),computer til early mown' (doing my projects, im an animation student)
Likes:nice,kind && sweet people
Fav. Singers:uhm,many to mention
Fav. Band:for now Urbandub (local band)
Fav. Songs:the ones sync with my blo0pz(ipod)
Why you love music:'coz its a whole lot F-U-N!!!
Why you joined this group:i find it interesting
Groups i recommend:music freak x3
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22 / F / philippines!! pro...
Posted 4/28/08
User name: bea-chan_narutolover
Nickname:bea-chan or XD
Birthday: september 11
Hobbies:playing guitar, watching anime, reading manga, using computer, breathing lol
Hates: traitors
Fav. Singers: none
Fav. Band: international: finch, local: urbandub
Fav. Songs: letters to you , evidence
Why you love music: because without music, life is not as lively as this
Why you joined this group: cause i love music
Groups i recommend: "naruto chibi fans"
"ginban kaleidoscope lovers"
"ranma half group"
"bokura ga ita club"
" we are weird'

thank you! ~^__^~
Posted 5/6/08
User name: euki
Nickname: euki
Birthday: 10.09
Country: phils.
Hobbies: watching anime/kdrama/jdrama, reading manga, listening to music all day, surfing the net, watching random tv shows / movies, shopping, designing, and photography
Likes: sweets, turtles, pink, princess, pillows, and rain
Hates: cockroaches, lightning and hot weather
Fav. Singers: many to mention.. diff. genre's too.. from jpop, kpop, alternative, emo, pop, rnb, hiphop and etc.
Fav. Band: hahaha. i dont have a fave band.. but the most recent band/s that i listened to was urbandub and snsd
Fav. Songs: a lot..
Why you love music: it helps me rest and forget about my stress and problems.. and it can calm me down whne im really in a bad mood or bad day...
Why you joined this group: to get to know more people who loves music just as i do..
Groups i recommend:
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