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Posted 4/17/08 , edited 4/17/08

choasfirestorm wrote:

shizukakimura wrote:

choasfirestorm wrote:

hi guys...
umm im thinking of drawing more anime ^.^ butt i like need new anime to draw...
can anybody give me some Anime shows, that have good looking people i can draw!?!?/ because i been currently been drawing too much H20, Da Capo, D.Gray-Man..and im running out of characters to draw ^.^
~~ Thanks in advance

ne~ how about Vampire Knight,Ouran High Host Club or Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles? :D

okay ^.^ thank you!!! ima search some pics to draw up in google, plus i saw vampire and was thinkin of drawing it but it slipped my mind =D thanx again

no problem =] glad to be of some help.. if you need pictures,you can pm me or take those on my profile. if those are not nice/not enough i have lots more... just kinda lazy to update.. hehes =]
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