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☆Vongola Family☆

๑ Name: Sawada Tsunayoshi
๑Age: 13
๑D.O.B: October 14th
๑Vongola Ring: Ring Of Sky
๑Height: 157cm (61.8 in or 5'2")
๑Weight: 46.5kg (102.3 lbs)

His nickname 'Tsuna' can also be translated as 'tuna'. His bedroom door has a tunafish with his name on it. A common shorthand of his name used among fans is '27' as in Japanese, 2 sounds like 'tsu' and 7 is pronounced 'nana' hence 'tsu-na'. 27 is also written on the woolen version of Tsuna's gloves and his headphones in chapter 176.
Tsuna is set to become the tenth generation boss of the Vongola crime family.

In school, Tsuna has been given the harsh nickname of "No Good Tsuna", as he is very clumsy and somewhat of a pushover.

Although he is the tenth generation Vongola boss, Tsuna is unwilling to take part in anything that has to do with the Mafia. He always denies the fact that he is a future Mafia boss and tries to avoid anyone involved with the Mafia. Tsuna is often surprised and horrified (for a comedic effect) at Reborn's and other mafiosos' actions. Later, even though he still wants nothing to do with the Mafia, he is grateful for the friends he has made since meeting Reborn. He cares a lot for his new 'family' and would put himself in the way of danger in order to protect them.

There have been many parallels that link Tsuna with the first boss and founder of the Vongola family, Giatto. Both of their personalities are likely to be very similar as it has been shown that they have similar goals and ways of standards.

As a blood member of the Vongola family Tsuna possesses the Vongola bloodline. This gives him unique traits; such as using the Dying Will Flame, and having a strong intuition.

Tsuna is capable of using the Dying Will Flame (when shot with special bullets), which is a form of high pressured energy capable of having destructive powers or purifying evil auras. It initially lies within a person's body until it is awakened, helping increase a person's strength:

Dying Will Shot - When Tsuna is shot by Reborn's Dying Will Bullet, it uses the pressure he faces during a crisis to externally remove Tsuna's body limiters. He then uses his increased strength and renewed confidence to fulfill his dying will; the last thought he regretted before being shot. Although, this effect only lasts for 5 minutes. (Although it seems that at different times, the effects of the Dying Will Shot are extended. Such as the battle against the fake Rokudo Mukuro, (a.k.a. Lanchia) the Dying Will Flame lasted much longer than the previous times. Although it could be that when the "regret" is accomplished, the Dying Will Flame goes away. Although this is not proven yet.)
Dying will: - When a person is able to control the full potential and power of the dying will they are able to go to dying will mode/hyper dying will mode any time. Reborn said that any one has the potential to do this but not many people can restand the training phases.

Tsuna in Hyper Dying Will Mode (Rebuke) wearing his X-Gloves.Rebuke Shot (小言弾, Kogoto Dan) - When shot by the Rebuke Bullet,(Can be roughly translated as "Muttering Bullet" Tsuna is able to hear people's rebukes (criticism by others). It allows Tsuna's dormant 'Vongola Blood' to awaken. Rather than removing his body limiters externally, it awakens Tsuna's hidden willpower; internally removing his body limiters. He receives the same strength as he does with the Dying Will Bullet. It also removes the limiters on his internal senses giving him 'Hyper Intuition' (Tsuna already has a strong intuition, as does everyone who shares the Vongola bloodline). Although, unlike the Dying Will Bullet, the Rebuke Bullet allows Tsuna to apply his strength more calmly and wisely. He conserves energy and accurately expels it against others in a sharper manner. Unlike the Dying Will Bullet, the Rebuke Bullet seems to have no time limit. This is shown in the battle against XANXUS. Whether this is true or not is un-explained. So far, there hasn't been a time where the effects of the Rebuke Shot went away when Tsuna didn't mean for it to go. (Excluding the one time he passed out at the end of the battle against XANXUS. Though this is only because he was exhausted.)
X-Gloves (イクスグローブ, IKUSU GUROOBU) - Created by Reborn's pet, Leon, these gloves were made especially for Tsuna. He first used the gloves in chapter 78. At first, it appears to be a simple pair of white, wool mittens with the number 27 stitched onto it, but when used with the Dying Will Flame, it changes into a pair of black gloves with an X engraved onto it. It is made out of the same material as the Dying Will Bullets and can ignite the Dying Will Flame without the help of the Dying Will Bullet, increasing Tsuna's strength even more. It can also use the flame as a speed booster when the flames from the gloves are instantly released, causing him to thrust towards his desired direction.
๑Minus/Zero Point Break Through (零地点突破, Zero chiten toppa)- Originally the Vongola 1st's technique. Tsuna goes into a state of Minus point, a pure negative version of the dying will mode. He places his hands together so his thumbs and forefingers create a triangle. In this state, Tsuna can extinguish, and possibly freeze, the Dying Will Flame of others. The Dying Will Flame on his forehead and his gloves disappear, but the X-Gloves don't change back into a mitten. Tsuna also created his own version of the Breakthrough when he fought Xanxas. By inverting one hand and hence creating a square with his thumbs and forefingers, Tsuna is able to 'capture' his opponent's attacks and convert the energy to his own. Both these moves require impeccable timing with regard to capturing the opponent's attack, something Reborn made note of when training Tsuna. Later, during the Future Arc, the crest on Tsuna's gloves changes to indicate the move he is using. Whenever Tsuna uses the original ๑Zero Point Breakthrough, the crest on his gloves changes to a 'I'. Likewise, when using his revised breakthrough, the crest becomes a 'X'. (Or stay as an 'X' if Tsuna wasn't using the original version)
X-Gloves, Version V.R. (Vongola Ring) - First appearing in chapter 158 after the meeting with the previous Vongola Heads and breaking out of Kyoya Hibari's special box's ability, Spike Ball. The X logo on the gloves are now replaced by a crystal covered crest similar to the one on his Vongola Sky Ring. The full extent of their power has yet to be fully explained. Like his original X-Gloves, Tsuna V.R. X-Gloves can still produce what Lal Mirch calls a 'soft flame'. This flame is precise and can be easily controlled. However, Tsuna's gloves now produce a new type of incredibly explosive flame, a 'hard flame'. This flame is expelled at such great force that the recoil would send Tsuna through a wall. Lal Mirch comments that if this flame could be tamed, it would be a powerful weapon. The gloves also seem to have a point where the power they give Tsuna increases exponentially, though Tsuna has yet to control this power.
๑X Burner - Tsuna's newest attack that utilizes the two different flames created by his V.R. X-Gloves. Tsuna begins his attack by standing with one hand folded over his other fisted hand. When attacking, Tsuna thrusts one hand forward and sends out a massive blast of his 'hard flame'. In the past, the recoil from the 'hard flame' would send Tsuna flying off his feet. To compensate, Tsuna thrusts his other hand behind him and uses his 'soft flame' to stabalize and dampen the explosive recoil of his attack. Despite the shear overwhelming force of the attack, Tsuna has commented that he is only using 20% of the attack's potential power. Since he has not yet learned to master his new gloves, he is afraid to use this attack at full strength, fearing that he may lose control and hurt his friends. During his fight with King Mosca, Reborn encourages Tsuna to attempt and use the X burner in midair. And, Tsuna has, only to be knocked out by hitting a wall as a result of the impact. (Because Tsuna didn't have a "platform" to stand on.)
Initially, when Tsuna awakened from his Hyper Dying Will Mode (X-Gloves in conjunction with the Dying Will Flame caused by the Rebuke Bullet), he was unable to move for two weeks without experiencing muscle pains. After strict training, he was able to compensate for his lack of endurance and is now able to enter this mode without experiencing any muscle pains afterwards.

Later in the series, Tsuna is able to enter into his Hyper Dying Will Mode using only the gloves and the Dying Will pills that Basil gave him without the help of any bullet. Although it allows him to achieve his Hyper Dying Will Mode, this Hyper Mode is not as strong as the one achieved by the Rebuke Bullet

๑ Gokudera Hayato
๑ Age: 13 , 23 (Future Arc)
๑ D.O.B: September 9
๑ Vongola Ring: Ring of Storm
๑Height: 168cm (66.1in 5'6")
๑Weight: 54kg (118.8 lbs)

He is often referred to as 59 in the Reborn! fandom as '5' in Japanese is 'go' and '9' in Japanese can be pronounced 'ku', hence 'goku'(dera).
Gokudera was born in Italy and is 3/4 Italian and 1/4 (mother) Japanese. His blood type is B, is 168cm tall, weighs 54kg and his hair is silver. His future dream is to become the tenth's right-hand man. He has an ability to play the piano. He dislikes people that are older than him, Bianchi and Adult Lambo.

At school, Hayato is adored by many of the female classmates who view him as the "rebellious badboy." During Valentine's Day, a large group of females constantly followed him around trying to give him chocolate, although Hayato seemed to be more annoyed than flattered by this. Despite his image of a rebel, Hayato excels in his schoolwork and aces all his tests, much to the surprise of Tsuna. This is probably due to his rich upbringing, suggesting that he probably had a multitude of private tutors when he was young. He idolizes Tsuna greatly and considers himself to be Tsuna's right-hand man. In the manga he is a chain-smoker; often he uses his cigarettes to light his dynamite

Gokudera is known as "Smokin' Bomb Hayato" (スモーキン・ボム 隼人, Sumōkin Bomu Hayato?), using dynamite as his signature weapon. During Gokudera's "dynamite maintenance", it is revealed that he carries huge amounts of dynamite on him at all times.

Below is a list of what he's used during the series.

๑Double Bomb

๑Triple Bomb

๑Double Bomb with mini bombs

๑Bomb Blaze

๑Rocket Bomb

As one of the Vongola families tenth generation guardians, and the guardian of the Vongola Ring of Storm, Gokudera has access to great power. In the Future Arc, his ring transforms into a specific weapon when combined with its ring boxes, also emitting its own Dying Will flame.

When combined with the box he received during his fight with the Black Spell, Gokudera's ring transforms into a metallic mini "cannon" with a skull at the end, and then attaches to his arm. So far the cannon has shown two abilities. By expelling a powerful gust of wind, the cannon can temporarily diffuse the Dying Will Flames of others. Aside from diffusing the flames it does no damage, however. The second ability, the more offensive one, allows the cannon to shoot a destructive explosive blast provided Gokudera loads dynamite into it. It communicates its needs through a projection of italian words.

Recently when training with Bianchi he receives two belts with five customized black skull ring boxes on them. These were left by his future self and are apparently part of The Sistema C.A.I. (a system yet to be explained) attack his future self developed and his past self has nearly completed it.

Gokudera also appears to have an animal box containing a wild cat. It is unknown if this is part of his Sistema C.A.I. or another box he has.

Originally, Gokudera's main weakness was the fact that although his bombs made a deadly weapon, it was difficult to pinpoint and calculate the exact distance between himself and his target and sync it with the amount of time it would take for the bombs to actually explode. In order to remedy this, during the Varia arc, Gokudera invented a new type of bombs accurately dubbed "Rocket Bombs." Each one, once thrown, causes the backside of the bombs to fire up and rocket towards his opponent like high-speed missiles, which then explode on impact. It was this technique, coupled with Gokudera's cunning that allowed him to defeat Belphegor.

Gokudera also seems to have a knack for school and is quite intelligent; he even created his own code system which we see in the future arc (G-Script). These skills make him an excellent candidate to be Tsuna's right-hand man when he becomes the tenth boss of the Vongola.

๑Name: Yamamoto Takeshi
๑Age: 13, 23 (future arc)
๑D.O.B: April 24th
๑Vongola Ring: Ring Of Rain
๑Height: 177cm (69.7 or 5'10")
๑Weight: 63kg (138.6 lbs)

Yamamoto was born in Japan and is 177cm tall, weighing 63kg. He is a Taurus with O bloodtype. His future dream is to become a professional baseball player and he goes to Namimori's batting field everyday. His favourite food is sushi and his favourite drink is milk. His favourite instrument is the taiko, a Japanese drum.

Addressed as 'Yamamoto' by almost everyone in the series, this baseballer-turned-mafia has a warm and friendly personality and is rarely seen not smiling. He is, however, very naive to the point of believing that Reborn's weapons are advanced kid's toys and that the mafia business is one big cops-and-robbers game. Yamamoto is regarded by various Reborn characters, especially Tsuna, as being reliable and almost never fails to deliver. A prominent example is how he won the turnaround match for Tsuna's family in the Varia arc against Superbi Squalo in a sword fight no-one thought he could win.

Yamamoto is the type of character that can make friends with everyone, and if not friendship, at least respect. Characters like Hibari Kyouya has been shown to have interest in Yamamoto's battles and Squalo has also shown interest in his development. However, Yamamoto can become angry when his friends are hurt or injured. He is also willing to sacrifice things important to him to save his friends, shown in the Kokuyo arc.

Despite his easygoing personality, Yamamoto has shown that he has hidden talent as an assassin. In fact, Reborn clearly sees Yamamoto's potential and often mentions to Tsuna that Yamamoto is a natural born killer. His fast reflexes and strong body from sport gives him a natural advantage and he is shown to be able to dodge cannon fire and wayward fireworks. Yamamoto also learns really quick, remembering all 8 forms of the Shigure Souen Style despite only being shown once. He also manages to develop a new form of the style in a life-death situation. In the future arc, Yamamoto also manages to light the flame on his ring on his first try. Of all of Tsuna's family Reborn seems to have a special interest in Yamamoto, helping him train initially, giving him the baseball bat that can turn into a katana, making special notes on his progress and eventually becoming his 'home tutor' in the Future arc.

Yamamoto's portrayal in the story is that of a stereotypical Japanese teenager; his name 'Takeshi', and surname 'Yamamoto' are both common Japanese names, his looks are quite ordinary for a Japanese teenager, he is a big fan of baseball (a popular sport in Japan), his family owns a sushi store and later in the story, he uses a katana (a Japanese sword).In the future arc, he is shown to have learned everything about the mafia and seems to be okay with it

๑Name: Sasagawa Ryohei
๑D.O.B: August 28th
๑Vongola Ring: Ring of the Sun
๑Height: 168cm (66.1in or 5'6")
๑Weight: 59kg (129.8)

Ryohei is introduced as the energetic member of the boxing club at Namimori Middle School. He would often attempt to get the main character, Tsuna Sawada, to join his club, and in response, Tsuna's home tutor, Reborn, attempts to get him to join Tsuna's Mafia family.

Ryohei is Kyoko's older brother, and is obsessed with boxing; he even barged into a zoo, expecting to fight a bear, but instead ends up fighting a lion. He wants to recruit Tsuna to the boxing club and in response, Reborn wants to recruit him into the family. Every time he sees Tsuna and his family doing something strange, he gets fired up and always wants to be a part of it.

Ryohei is always hiding the truth of what he is doing from Kyoko due to an incident that happened when they were still in primary school. Some high school students who did not like Ryohei used Kyoko to lure him into a trap. In his attempt to rescue her, he suffered severe head injuries, which resulted in the scar on his left temple. Kyoko still feels responsible for this incident.
Ever since he fought the adult I-Pin, he gained a slight crush on her.

Ryohei is said to have been born with naturally strong muscles, possessing greater strength than the average human being. However, he cannot always exert his force to 100%; in his battle with Lussuria, he needed Kyoko's encouragement in order to fully use his power.

Ryohei is an excellent boxer and is always 'extreme' whenever he fights. Having trained as a boxer he is quite proficient in hand to hand combat and is able to take and give a huge amount of physical punishment. He is the third to take the Dying Will Shot, but it has no effect on him since he always lives "to the limit (extreme)", and therefore in Dying Will Mode constantly.

In the future, Ryohei has improved greatly in his ability to box. He also learns Lussuria's footwork techniques in order to gain the ability to move at greater speeds. He also carries an animal box with him, but it is only a backup box, since he relies on his own physical strengths.

๑Name: Lambo
๑Age: 5, 15, 25
๑D.O.B: May 20th
๑Vongola Ring: Ring of Thunder
๑Height: 42cm, 179cm, 184cm (16.5 in or 1'5", 70.5in or 5'11", 72.4in or 6'0")
๑Weight: 4kg, 64kg, 73kg (8.8lbs, 140.8lbs, 160.6lbs)

Lambo is a 5-year-old assassin affiliated with the Bovino ("Bovino" means "cow" in Italian) Famiglia. He was born in Italy on May 20 and has a blood type of A. His main choice of weapons are hand grenades, and his future dream is to rule the world. Lambo dresses in a cow suit complete with a tail, and has a huge afro with horns on the sides of his head which gives him the appearance of a bison. He comes to Japan to kill Reborn, so he can prove that he is worthy of becoming his own family's boss. However, he is a complete crybaby, and is no match for Reborn.

He possesses the Ten-Year Bazooka, which switches the target with their own self from ten years later for five minutes. Every time Lambo loses his cool, he uses it on himself, switching with his 15-year-old self. In this form, he switches his cow suit for a casual suit and cow-print shirt. Although this "Adult Lambo" is shown to be handsome, he remains a crybaby, and is often heard saying things that imply his future involves cleaning toilets. He also begins many sentences with "Yare yare" (loosely translated as "Oh my!"; "Oh gosh!" is Viz's translation), and often has one eye closed. He is also able to summon lightning, which he can channel into his horns. He can then charge his opponent in an attack called Electrico Cornuta, though he often misses his opponent. However, whenever Bianchi sees the "Adult Lambo", she starts trying to kill him because he looks exactly like her ex-boyfriend, Romeo.

Due to the unstable nature of the past affecting the future, the older Lambo will only know of certain events after the adjustment in the past. At one point, he does not know of the Vongola Rings, but during the tournament, the future Lambo has changed and knows of the tournament and the rings. In some occasions, when the bazooka becomes unstable or damaged, the malfunction can cause different effects.

During the Vongola Tournament, Lambo is chosen to be the holder of the Ring of Thunder because of his Electrico Cuoio (Electric Skin), which allows him to channel electricity harmlessly through his body. During his battle with Levi A Than, he is shown to be able to use the Ten-Year Bazooka twice in a row, switching with his 25-year-old self. As his 25-year-old self, he can summon stronger red lightning, and is capable of projecting it as a single 'blade' of energy in an advanced Electrico Cornuta. He also possesses Perfect Electrico Cuoio, which allows him to be completely resistant to all electrical attacks. He is also able to release it into the ground or towards an opponent as a new attack called Electrico Reverse. However, he ends up losing the fight due to the short time-limit of the bazooka's effects.

In the future, 15-year-old Lambo is shown to be protecting adult Haru and Kyoko with I-Pin. However, they are soon replaced in the future time by their past selves. Lambo is shown to be the only guardian not training to master the rings in the future.

๑Name: Chrome Dokuro
๑Age: 13
๑D.O.B: December 5th
๑Vongola Ring: Ring of the Mist
๑Height: 152cm (59.8 or 5'0")
๑Weight: 41kg (90.2)

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Decimo wrote:

I'm assuming this is incomplete? O_o

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