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Posted 4/14/08 , edited 4/14/08
this the spells and poions that made by ur friend, Kimmy_chan
1.Kuai tien kuai tien kei wo fei!!
faster faster let me !

2.Wo pu yao ni cha xiou!kuai thien chi pha!
i dowan u to bother me!faster go away!(a spell to make ppl stay away auto from u)
3.Ta Tam ni Ta Ren! Wo yao ni tong ku pa!(dangerous spell!)
how dare you it ppl!i wan you to suffer!(for evil pplz)

4.kuai tian kei ren pu neng kan tau wo!
faster let ppl dont see me(invinsible spell for potions only)

5.ho wa kuan tam pok!
let me become tall a bit!(tall spel for potion only)

6.ho wa eh tam pok!
let me become shorter a bit(shrink spell for potion only)

7.lai lai ka meh ho wa ki kua masa lalu/masa depan(time travel only for potion spell)
fasta let me see the past/future

8.ho wa chao ka kwai
let me run fasta!

9.ho wa ka u lad!
let me hav strengh

10.bagi saya menjadi lebih bijak!
let me become smarter!

11.taskete kamisama!tolonglah kami untuk sembuhkan magis hitam ini!
help me god,help us to cure this darkness!(for darkness potion only)

12.taskete kamisama!tolonglah kami utk sembuhkan tok ping!(mixture of 3 language..=) )
help me god,help us to cure this poison!!(for poison potion only)

13.taskete kamisama!tolonglah kami utk sembuhkan kebutaan yg dimiliki _____!!
help me god,help us to cure the blindness of _____(the name of the person) (only for potion potion)

14.taskete kamisama!tolonglah kami utk sembuhkan org yg tidak boleh bergerak!
help me god,help us to cure the pplz that cant move anymore!(only for petrified potion)

15.taskete kamisama!tolonglah kami utk sembuhkan penyakit/kederitaan yg tidak dikenali ini!
help me god!help us to cure this unknown desease n pain!(for unknown desease/pain potion)

16.cepatlah keluar!!cepatlah keluar!!
faster come out!faster come out(for those who is hiding)

17.cepatlah musnahkan magis _____!!
faster destroy ____'s magics!(dangerous)

18.hentikan pergaduhan ini!
stop this fight!

19.Jadikan saya seorang yg berani!
MAke me into a brave person!

20.Jadikan ____takut pada_____!!
make ______scare of______(name n the thing u wan her/him 2 be afraid of)

1.Name: Clerix potion
use for: able to heal wounds
ingredients:herbs,pheonix's tears, unicorn's blood

2.Name:Elixir of life potion
use for:able to revive ppl(only for gud ppl!it can react if the person is evil)
ingredients:unicorn's blood,mugwood(a special kinda wood), phoenix's blood(rare item),and stone of life(rare item)

3.Name: Jed potion
use for: u can find out if the jewelery that you bought is original or not!(for those who is careless~what kinda potion is tat?lolz)
ingredients:Gem of Truth,mixture of dragon blood,bird's blood and a bit of gold.

4.Name:Invinsible potion
use for: to become invinsible
ingredients:strands of skins from Morph, a dragon who can become invincible n correct spell(i'll add it later)
(advance learner)

5.Name: Pre,Future,past potion
use for: time portal
ingredients:correct spell(im gonna write later), things from the whicheva century u wanna go, if future juz imagine it
(advanced learner)

6.Name: Taller/smaller potion
use for:growing taller or shrink
ingredients:the person's hair,correct spell
(advance learner)

use:increase defense by any amount u wan
ingredients:armor of legacy,tiger's blood and tears.

use:increase speed by any amount u wan
ingredients:leopard's blood and tears

use:increases ur agility by any amount u wan
ingredients:rat's tail,lion's blood,unicorn's skin

use:increases ur intelligence by any amount u wan
ingredients:ring of amethyst, pheonix feathers,deer's blood

11.Name:Anti darkness
Use for: curing darkness!!
ingredients:anti darkness ring n darkness powder n correct spell

12.Name:Anti Poison
Use for:curing poison!
ingredients:anti Poison ring n poison powder n correct spell

13.Name:Anti Blindness
Use for:curing blindness
ingredients:anti blindness ring, blindness powder n correct spell

14.Name: Anti Petrified
Use for:curing petrified
ingredients:anti petrified ring,petrified powder n correct spell

15.Name:Anti Unknown Disease
Use for: Curing unknown disease/pains
ingredients:anti unknown diseases/pains ring, mixture of mermaid,dragon n pixie blood,correct spell

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