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Posted 4/14/08 , edited 4/16/08
this the spells and potions that made by ur friend, anime2themax
1.shuei lai,ni de peng you hen lei.
come water,your friend is very tired. tsing!
QIUET!(makes people not hear anything temporarily)

3.bu yao ting
dont listen.(makes people not hear anything temporarily)

4.bu yao shou
dont talk(makes a person stop talking until u command them to talk again..) hen man,kuai tian!
ur very slow! faster!(makes people do their work faster) chu wo de (indicate what u want)
go get my ______(commands a person to get what material thing u want)

7.espada ng anghel,tintawag kita!
sword of the angel, i call upon you!(to call for the sword)

8.hipon ka!
you're a shrimp! (to turn your enemy into a shrimp)

9.baboy ka!
you're a pig!(to turn your enemy into a pig)

10.tulungan mo kami mahal na anghel at protektahin kami.
help us beloved angel and protect us (puts up the strongest barrier)

11.mamatay ka!
you die!(very dangerous...will kill your enemy)

12.papel na hawak ko,lumipad ka at puntahan mo siya!
paper that i hold,fly and go to that person!(sends messages to far places)

13.pakpak ng anghel,tulungan mo ako para makalipad!
wings of the angel,help me so i can fly(lets you grow angel wings that can get u far and fast for only 12 hours)

14.espiritu ng patay,dumating kayo at kunin niyo siya
sprit of the dead,come and take that person!(to curse a person)

15.mahal na espiritu,bantayan niyo po siya at protekatahin.
beloved spirit,guard that person and protect them (protects that person you want to be safe on a journey)

16.hanging na nasa paligid ko,patayin niyo siya
wind that surrounds me,kill that person (kills a person with the wind,very dangerous)

Spells: potion
use for:able to change appearance
ingredients:herbs,a phonix feather,a piece of what u want to change into,unicorn's blood and a wolf's hair

use:lets u camouflage with the walls and things around u
ingredients:silver dust,unicorn's blood,phoenix blood, a drop of dragon's blood,glass dust

use:to make people tell the truth
ingredients:a nymph's hair,pixie's blood,unicorn hair,dragon blood,the hair of the person u want to tell the truth,and the right spell

use:increases ones strength by a hundred times
ingredients:tiger's blood,dragon's scale,a unicorn's hair

5.Name:eagle's eye
use:increases your vision
ingredients:an eagles feather,a centaur's hair,phoenix tears's beast
use:it produces a hallucination of seeing a monster
ingredients:ashes,unicorn's horn(dust),midnight flower,hell leaf hallucination
use:makes a person hallucinate happiness
ingredients:pixie's dust,dawn rose,nymph's blood,glass dust's desire
use:lets a person see what they want(makes them in a dream like state/asleep)
ingredients:silver rose petals,blood rose thorns,phoenix gold feather,dragon silver scale's pain
use:makes people see the nightmare that they dont want to happen or see
ingredients:devil's black rose,black seeds,red soil,dragons blood,tiger's blood
use:makes a person go crazy
ingredients:wolf's blood,bat's wing,red soil,hell's grass,black dragon scale

11. name:hell's arm
use:makes your arm into a strong weapon (highly dangerous,use only for emergency and lasts only and hour)
ingredients:phoenix blood,tigers fur,the users hair,dragons blood and a black scale,silver dust of destruction
use:whatever the user touched it will explode
ingredients:sulfur,ash,pixie wing,10 drops of tiger bllod,4 bat wings,7red dragon scales of destruction
use:(put on the instrument)makes ur instrument have a hypnosis sound and hypnotize your enemy (does not harm instrument)
ingredients:pixie blood,nymph hair,4 gold dragon scales,6 drops phoenix tears's voice
use:lets the person have a beautiful and alluring voice to trap enemy
ingredients:the user's hair,pixie dust,nymph juice,5 drops nightingale blood,phoenix feather coin
use:(drop coin in potion) the coin will become a tornado when u spin it
ingredients:8 bat wings,20 dragon scales(silver),5 phoenix feather,3 tiger's nails

16.Diyos ng Tubig,tulungan mo po ako at bigyan mo ako ng lakas
Water god,please help me and give me the strength
(lets u have the power of water and control it with immense force,may be dangerous..use for emergency)

17.Apoy sa loob ng aking buhay,ibigay mo ang sarili mo sa nagay na ito
Fire inside my life,give yourself to this object
(transfers ur soul into an object/person for 24 hours..after 24 hours u must return to where ur body is)

18.Mga multo ng patay sundan niyo ang tao na iyun
Ghosts of the dead follow that person
(another curse,very dangerous,person will die)

18.Mga espiritu ng sementeryo na ito gumising kayo at patayin niyo siya
Spirits of the cemetery wake up and kill that person.
(another curse...will haunt ur enemy then kill them slowly with torture and make their life a living hell temporarily)

19.Musika ng aking puso,gumising ka para sa aking instrumento
Music of my heart wake up for my instrument
(will reflect the person's true self,can be used on others,)(the one below)

20.Musika ng puso niya,gumising ka at ipakito mo and totoong sirili mo
Music of that person's heart,wake up and show your true self

21.Puno na walang mga dahon,mamuhay kayo
Tree with no leaves,have life
(will put leaves on the tree,needs the right potion)

22.Mga bulaklak na hawak ko,maging isang magandang damit
These flowers that i hold,become a beautiful dress
(turns the flowers into a beautiful and well made dress)
Posted 4/14/08 , edited 4/14/08
can i put all my new potions here???
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24 / F / in myself
Posted 4/15/08 , edited 4/16/08

anime2themax wrote:

can i put all my new potions here???

yup u can...^_^
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