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Posted 4/14/08 , edited 4/14/08
epop: How is FRH's situation lately?

WZ: Just the same as what everyone knows, I am busy filming Hotshot lor! Besides that, to complement the screening of RP overseas, I am also busy in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong... etc places to promote! Now I live every day very fully, it's all very fun! Just like my personal outlook in life, must live every day very happily, definitely cannot let yourself sink into a state of depression!

C: Recently I've been playing the part of a good child at home! haha no lah~ Because the other members are all busy filming dramas, only I have more free time, have been virtually staying at home, of course I'm able to devote myself to being daddy and mommy's obedient baobei! Even if this is the case, when it gets busy it still becomes incredibly busy! But at least compared to the other 3, during the new year I still had 5 days of break to spend as I wish! ^_^ Even though I could only remain in Taiwan, at least within these 5 days I practically did everything I wanted to do and play for the entire year! Like singing, watching movies, meal gatherings etc, these seemingly normal things have become a rare luxury to me who had been busy with promotions all this while!

J: As everyone knows, I have been rushing to film Dan Chao Fan recently, so the pressure is really great! For example even though the weather has been very cold these few days, to present the feeling of summer in the drama, I had to wear just a singlet in the freezing temperatures every day. And it was because of this that during the shaking hands session in Tokyo I became emotional and cried~ (embarrassed) Even though it's tough, seeing that all these years of hard work have produced a bit of result, these heartfelt emotions are hard to put into words. In addition, because I reached Japan one day before the other members to record the Japanese single, my Japanese has really improved a lot! My intonation and control of the nasal passages have also received praise! To say that I'm Taiwan's "Chemistry" is also not too far-fetched! ^_^

Aaron: I've just been madly rushing the filming of Pi Li MIT! Recently because had to re-shoot some of the previous scenes, sometimes when the sky was still dark I would have to start work with a haven't-waken-up look! However, having undergone X Family's gruelling training, now I've become more and more used to this kind of work pattern! Moreover because this is the 2nd time filming, am more familiar with the arrangements on the set and the cameraman's shooting angle, so it's easier now! Because of the re-filming, there's the chance to look at my previous acting, and also critique on everyone's weak areas, this is actually quite a novel experience! Looking at the previous performance, I would tell myself, luckily there's the chance to re-shoot, otherwise if these scenes are released, it would become a laughing-stock! ^_^

epop: Recently is there anything making you unhappy?

WZ: Actually I'm rather worried about my dad's leg injury. Previously my dad accidentally injured the cartilage in his leg while carrying stuff, even though the doctor said it would be better to have surgery, I still hope to find an alternative treatment method which doesn't involve surgery. Really hope that my dad's leg would recover fast!

C: Should be that lonely Valentine's Day! Even though that day FRH had the company of fans, happily spending a very happy Valentine's Day with them, when you've been in a lively atmosphere for too long and ultimately you're walking home alone, that sense of loneliness is multiplied after a bout of happiness! (cries~)

J: Besides the toughness of filming, it's also tough to present the superb cooking skills required in Dan Chao Fan! In addition, my fav band from middle high school days, L'arc-en-ciel, will be coming to Taiwan for a concert! Just as I thought I could finally go to watch the concert, I suddenly received a piece of news which hit me like a bolt from the blue! That is on the day of the concert I actually have to go to Japan to promote We Kiss Again! Good heavens! How could it be such a coincidence! They come to Taiwan, but I am going to Japan... really feel like crying to death!

A: Because I'm busy with both the album's promotions and the drama's filming, sometimes I'm so tired that I cannot concentrate looking at the camera, even my body cannot listen to the brain's orders anymore! I feel like I seem to have developed enochlophobia (fear of crowds)~ Not only do I dislike crowded places, I also fear being in places with many people... (poor Aaron~)
Epop: When you are not happy, how will you vent your feelings?

WZ: When I’m really unhappy, I’ll think of my mum… she suffered a lot! Compared to her, what I’m experiencing now is nothing. I always use this method to encourage myself!

C: When I’m unhappy, I will always shout to my inner self. I always ask myself this: Now you work towards your aim is already a very great thing. I had spent a lot of efforts to return to Taiwan to fulfill my dreams. So no matter how tiring or tough the work might get I believe I can overcome all the difficulties! I feel that you can talk to your friends, go KTV and sing some very HIGH songs instead of hiding in a corner and avoid everything. I like Tank’s ‘Jie Tou Ba Wang’ and Show Luo’s ‘Jing Wu Men’! Personally I feel that partying is a good way to vent your frustrations!

Jiro: When I’m unhappy, I’ll post articles online to vent it out, another thing I’ll do will be to hide at home and write the diary… at the mention of the diary, I’m so angry. I can’t remember where I have left it! I know, it must be hiding in some corner in the house but until now I haven’t find it yet! (The diary doesn’t have legs; it must be Jiro who have been leaving it around! ^_^)

Aaron: When I’m unhappy, I’ll bite the big doll I have at home to vent it, but the first thing will be the doll shouldn’t have too much fur! I’ll even talk to the doll to share the reason behind my unhappiness! Of course, I’ll also seek the opinions of my friends or the colleagues…. I’m those type of people who need others’ support to increase my confidence! Although I have tried to move out and live by myself but living together with family members is still the most fortunate.

Epop: To Fahrenheit, what is happiness?

WZ: I feel that I’m a very optimistic person! As long as I can be with the ones I love, be it my family, friends or fans it’s enough to let me feel happy! Even if I meet with anything which spoils my day, I will try to find some other things to do and use it as a way to divert my attention. I think when you get yourself busy; the spiritual side will have time to get over it. Take the lunar New Year for example; I finally have the chance to return to Brunei. Although it’s just for a short 3 days and everyday I played till I’m really tired but being able to spend time with family and friends, the feeling is already enough! Plus I get to eat a lot of Brunei’s food like cakes, etc… its really great!

Calvin: For me, happiness is being able to find someone that I love~ she can share all the joy and sorrows that I face in my life, even if it might be some embarrassing incidents but I’m willing to share it with her. Now I only have family and friends beside me, even a simple concern is already enough for me.

Jiro: Mother’s happiness is my greatest happiness! Being able to taste my mother’s cooking everyday is enough. When I was young, my health was very poor and my parents were constantly worried about me! Now my mother has finally seen me grown up and being able to stand on my own two feet! Seeing my mother’s smile is my greatest happiness! My mother has been my top fan, no matter is it television show or magazines report, as long as it has my appearance she will never miss it! Besides my mother’s support, fans’ confirmation and everyone’s applause is also my greatest happiness and the happiest thing! Standing and performing onstage has been my biggest dream~ I enjoy the feeling and treasure every opportunity that I’m onstage!

Aaron: To me, my current happiness is to let me have a carefree life for five days and five nights! Let me be away from here, even throwing me in a plantation in JiaNan is alright. Let me bask in the sun and enjoy the life of the scarecrow… this is already happiness for me! (Smiles) I finally understand why Wu Zun loves to eat to consulate himself, even the desert I love to eat recently like a mouthful of caramel macchiato is enough to let me feel happy.

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