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Posted 4/14/08
What do you want to be if you were reborn?: The same person I am now.
Charm point: Eye lash. I get asked “why are they so long” often by people.
One word to describe your personality: I think “Too happy/lively that people pull away from me”. Sometime when I’m with JUMP I get too high and no one seems to pay attention to me.
Dominant hand, dominant foot.: I’m left handed. I use left hand to both throwing balls and to hold chopsticks.
Eyesight: For left and right “A”. I think A is the best out there.
Weakness: Arashi’s Ohno kun. I get blinded by his manliness. So, I guess it’s like my weakness. (Laughs)
Little pride: Acrobatic.
Health Problems: That my height is short, but I’m going to start growing soon.
Type of underwear: It’s always boxer briefs. It’s easy to move around in and it’s my favorite.
Sleep clothes: Jersey for both top and bottom. My secret is to sleep wearing comfortable clothing without having a sense of being tighten down.
Sleeping pose: Facing down. I get sleepy easily by being in that posture hugging the pillow.
How long do you bath?: 15 min
Where do you wash first? Hair.
Best mimic impression: Something like Kojima Yoshio san.
Favorite place to shop: I don’t have a certain one. I have my parents by my clothes for me.
What do you often buy at the convenience store? Manga
Most expensive thing you ever bought: Handheld game console.
Treasure: Sign from Ohno kun at Arashi’s concert.
What you can apologize now: Long time ago, I messed up my hair that a hair-make up person made me during my break. I’m sorry!
Favorite fashion item: I don’t have interest in clothes, so I don’t know.
Hair cut you want to try: Anything but bold.
Hobby right now: Practicing somersault.
Favorite phrase: (Pointing at Takaki who was near by) Takaki!
Favorite song: Arashi’s Carmel song.
Favorite color: Black. I like simple colors.
Favorite movie: Sword of the stranger
Favorite book: Popular game “Monster Hunter” novel edition.
Favorite manga: Yuukan Club
Favorite ramen: Miso ramen, I like the crispy feelings of the cabbage .
Favorite TV show: General drama series. Of course I watched all of “Tantei Gakusen Q” with Yamachan (Yamada).
Favorite food: Dumpling
Least favorite food: Eggplant. I don’t even want to think about the feeling.
Favorite emoticon: I don’t use emoticon.
Most afraid of: I’m not afraid of anything! Not even ghosts.
Recently cried about: During JUMP’s PV recording break I won a card game against Yamachan.
Recently laughed about: When I saw Keito trip during Myojo’s calender shoot.
Recently happy about: The fact that I debut!
Recently angered about: During the calendar shoot I lost a game of boxing against Yamachan.
Recent dream: I woke up early in the morning and going to work. I was almost late because I mistook as a reality.
Recent JUMP moment: Jump with the 7 member during calendar shoot.
Recent CAMP moment: I’ve never been camping.
Recent shampooed: Every morning in my shower at home.
Favorite type of girl: A girl with white skin and white heart.
Favorite hair cut for girls: Anything as long as it looks suits her.
Favorite fashion for girls: Girl who looks good in jeans.
Favorite action by girls: Her cute smile will make my heart beat fast.
Date spot: Amusement park.
Ideal kiss situation: I don’t know. I think I would think of an ideal one if I try ever try.
How would you confess to a girl?: After I became friends with her I would naturally ask her to go out with me.
Confession from a girl: Simply “I like you”
What would you want to be called by your girlfriend?: Chi
Number of times confession: 0
What would you not want a girl to do?: Persistent about everything.
Gift for a girl: Anything she can wear on her body, like in winter a scarf.
A phrase from a girl that would make you happy: Gently smiling “Thank you”.
A phrase from a girl that would shock you: I hate you.
Your girlfriend is late. How long would you wait? I would try to get in contact with her if time passes or I would explore near that place. I don’t like waiting at that certain spot.
First love: When I was in Second grade. A girl who I played around with all the time at school.
Proposal words: Simply “please marry me”.
When do you want to get married? I can’t think of getting married right now. Maybe 30 or 40 years old, my thoughts might change in time.
How many kids do you want? I want two. A older sister and a little brother.
Anything you want to say to your feature wife? How are you~? Who proposed to who? Please tell me.
Name for your kids: I can’t think of one right now. I want to talk about it with my wife.
What does you family call you by? Yuuri.
Memorable family vacation: I don’t remember now but I went to a hot spring when I was little. But I remember staying at traditional Japanese styled room because the smell of tatami (Japanese straw mat) make me feel at ease.
Favorite home cooked meal: The dumplings my mother makes is world’s number one. It’s everyone’s favorite in my family.
What do you call your mom by? Mother.
What was your breakfast? Rice and natto, and miso soup. Breakfast have to be rice!
First ever memory that you remember: The other day I found a picture of me at the amusement park when I was first grade. I don’t remember much about but I think that’s my first ever memorable moment.
Childhood dream: To be in Johnnys. It’s on a birthday card from kindergarten.
A serious injury you ever experienced: When I ate too much sushi sea urchin my stomach hurt a lot. Is that injury?
Lessons you took as a kid: Jazz dance. I’ve been doing it for 10 years.
Favorite place at school: My desk.
Favorite school lunch: Cake.
Least favorite school lunch: I don’t really like school lunch as a whole. Especially lunch with eggplants is my least favorite.
Favorite school curriculum: Physical Education
Least favorite school curriculum: English. Because I don’t really understand. I want to study Spanish.
Favorite field day activity: Tamaire. Watching at all the balls in the air makes me burn with passion.
Least favorite field day activity: Relay race, I don’t like running activity.
Committees involved in: At my school, people with lesson school (cram school) doesn’t have to be committee member. I’ve been dancing so I’ve never was involved in a committee.
How do you spend your break time: Space out or sleep.
The longest phone conversation: About 20 mins.
How many times do you mail in one day? 5 to 6 times. There are days I don’t.
How many numbers are in your cell phone? About 150 people. Is this a lot?
Place you want to go: Big amusement park.
Most respectful person: Ohno kun. During concerts and stages he’s really cool and usually he’s really nice. I really admire him.
Person you want to see the most: Ohno kun’s mother. I want to learn how to raise up a person like Ohno kun.
Most desired thing right now: Height!
Most respectful senior: Like I said before, it’s Ohno kun~.
If you were to become the prime minister of Japan.: I want to make a time to have “dance” curriculum in school.
What would you do if you become a girl? Go out with JUMP members and observe their personality.
You won $3 billion, what would you do? Save the money.
Your house is on fire, what would you grab out? My wallet.
The last day of earth, what would you do? Sleep!
Who do you want from HSJ to be your boyfriend? Yamachan. He’s cool and nice.
Who do you want from HSJ to be your son? Takaki kun. He’s like an older brother to me so I want to reverse it.
Who do you want from HSJ to be your older or little brother? Yamachan.
What do you want to say to the members? Let’s JUMP into the world!
What do you want to say to yourself in 10years? How are you? Are you having fun everyday?
HSJ’s number one goal: To be the best dancing and singing Johnnys group. I’m going to try my best!
I see Ohno's number one fan XDD


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Posted 5/13/08
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Posted 8/3/08
ohh..yuri..want to study spanish..??
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Posted 8/23/08
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Posted 10/21/08
yuuri is so kawaii!!!!
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Posted 2/23/10
chiii you are so adorable.... i love you so much...
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Posted 3/23/10
he really really likes ohno-kun!!! so much...

and he wants to study spanish....


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