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Posted 4/14/08 , edited 4/14/08
3rd mail:

js: i'll be introducing the mail this time: that's right. radio name: xiah xiah love~ khhh~
jj: khh~~ let's jump to the next question
js: before i introduced this question, i was already thinking 'this is the one'. so please listen to it. i would like to address this question to everyon. the guide books never explains this so i hope you can teach me. they're the following: junsu kakkoi (cool junsu), junsu kawaii (cute junsu), junsu hen (weird junsu), junsu omoshiroi (interesting junsu). what are they in korean?
yc: ah~~ only these 3. we'll just do one out of these three.
jj: the "junsu is weird" one..
yc: only "junsu is weird"
js: you can't do that. how do you say 'Junsu kakkoi' in Korean? please look at me while you say it
jj: *sigh* junsu.. meot jyeo //he sounds like he's sulking//
js: i know, yeah
jj: he said "i know.. i know..."!!
js: 'junsu kakkoi' is junsu meot jyeo in korean. and yoochun, please look at me while saying 'junsu kawaii'
yc: junsu guiyeowo~ khh~
js: thank you~ HAHAHA
//i've pictured this scenario in my head . fangirl//
js: i'll answer 'junsu hen'. 'junsu i-sang-hae' and
js: let's say 'junsu omoshiroi' together. kanari ga kanari iayada (i quite hate canaries. another oyaji gag!XD)
jj: jaemitseo (he means interesting. trying to keep on topic? haha)
js: HAHAHA! so, i know that. thank you.
yc: no~ this is really pointless
js: so, let's explain this once more.. junsu kakkoi is junsu meot jyeo. kawaii is guiyeowo, hen is isanghae and omoshiroi is jaemitseo
jj: yeah, i understand
yc: i understand
..very brief moment of silence
jj: i understand
js: why do your expressions look so dissatisfied?
jj: yeah, i'm full of dissatisfaction

QUOTE (How much skin does DBSK plan to expose?)

When asked about 'how much skin' they plan to expose, the five members showed distressed faces. Aside from Changmin, who has been proactively 'body building' and has "chest muscles", the rest of the four members usually prefers jogging or bicycling. Changmin shyly expressed: "But I'm not even 20 years old yet."

Junsu said: "I would like to show some skin, but my stylist saw my body and just keeps on adding layers of clothing on me" and caused the scene to break out in a fit of laughter.

QUOTE (B-PASS Sept. interview on TVXQ)

B: When have you all begun dancing?
Junsu: When i was 12.
Changmin: When i became a trainee, so, about when i was 16 or 17.
Jaejoong: same with me, so when i was about 15 or 16.
Yunho: I started dancing when i was in 1st grade (~7-8 yrs old)

B: Very early.
Yoochun: I start now. Not dancing, but rhythmic movements ^^

B: Oh really? ^^ Who memorizes dances first?
Everyone: Junsu~
Yoochun: He learns fast, and he forgets fast too ^^
Jaejoong: Does he have a good mind, or a bad mind??^^
Yunho: Junsu memorizes Oyaji gags and learns the dances the fastest^^

B: Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Especially memorizing Oyaji gags...
Junsu:...........Im fast at watching something and doing it right away, but i'm not good at memorizing.
Yoochun: But Junsu has a good mind, more than you think^^
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