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Posted 4/14/08
Name : Yuki
Age : It's A Secret
Hobbies : Sleeping X_X
Likes : Anime's And Lolita's...Etc
Dislikes : Vegetables And Mean Pplz
Posted 4/14/08
Name: Kat Kairu

Age: ___

Hobbies: err.......idk O__O

Likes: Gothic,Sweet,Punk lolitas and sweets^^

Dislikes: errrrr cucumber,borccoli etc...etc... >> oh yea and i dislike it when i eat too much
Posted 4/16/08
Name : Tere

Age : 69 Years Old

Hobbies : Sleeping.

Likes : Gothic And Punk Lolita And Ancafe

Dislikes : Fakerz And Vegetablez

Posted 4/22/08
Name : Lyndsay
Age : 18
Hobbies : Scarey ps2 game's,Drawing! and wierdly Eating ice lol
Likes : Lolita!,Decora,Japan,anime,korea lol way to many....
Dislikes :Bully's & Racis people!
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28 / F
Posted 4/24/08
Name : Aoi
Age : 14
Hobbies : Everything Art (except music). Tae Kwon Do. Fashion.
Likes : Style, Fashion, Art, Originality, Hot Bishie Boys. xD
Dislikes : Fakes, annoying people spamming me.
Posted 4/25/08
Name: Yuuri
Age: 13
Hobbies: Drawing, fashion, eating, sleeping, reading
Likes: Fashion, art, anime, mangas, dramas, the Twilight series, pocky, cake, candy, sweets
Dislikes: A lot of people, and waking up to go to school
Posted 5/27/08
Name : Kiesha ________
Age : idk
Hobbies : Goin to friends house , Sleepovers , Watchin T.V , Listening to music
Likes: Music, Sleepovers, Bugging ma brother
Dislikes: Fakers, Liars, Scary Movies
Posted 5/27/08
Nice To Meet You Kairu , Lyn , Yuuri , Aoi , Tere And Keisha !!! XD
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31 / F / LI, NY
Posted 5/28/08
Name: Cer
Age:...god damn you youngings--21, almost 22
Hobbies: drawing, painting, singing, sewing, ranting, drinking, viewing, reading, research, writing, cooking, eating, gaming, running
Likes: lolita, food, watercolors, piano, celos, French, water, Victoriana, cupcakes, musicals, ballet, opera
Dislikes: bugs, non-zombie-or-musical gore, ignorance, pretentiousness, math, anyone that just generally makes my eye twitch
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24 / F / in a box on Haraj...
Posted 5/31/08
Name: ...... tsukiko
Age: im is 15
Hobbies: randomness, drawing, writing,singin, playing gitaur, seeing my texas frinds (i dont live the no more) and eating
Loves:food, asian guys, german guys, lolita, harajuku, fasion and MUSIC
dislikes: ignorance, this(y+3+x=), bitches(<------sorry),
Posted 6/2/08
Nice to meet you peoplez how are you ? ^^
Posted 6/2/08
im great ty u???? XD
Posted 6/2/08
no problem and same kinda bored every1 dead except for us not very lively O_O
Posted 6/2/08
Nickname: Sun Sun not real name but lots ppl call me that ^0^
Age: im 16 la~
Hobby: on internet and hangin out with my friends
likes:lolita,malls and more....
dislikes: liars
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