Love/Despair poetry
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Posted 4/14/08 , edited 4/15/08
Heres my first poem written

The Truth about Valentines Day
Valentines Day is finally here
People jump, scream, and cheer
And though this day is supposed to be about love
That's not what i see

I see aching hearts
Shattered souls and broken bonds
And no on seems to be there to share their feelings
No one cares
But even they dream of a better day

Another day to redo what has been done
Another day to frolic in the birght yellow sun
One more day of happiness with their love
But sadly no more shall these days come

Though the world is filled with despair
These will always be someone there
To comfort, to hold, to yell you "its okay"
Here on this Valentines Day
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Posted 4/14/08 , edited 4/15/08
Heres one more

His Final Words
His final words
Before they said goodbye
His final words
As they were watching the nighttime sky

His final words
Buzzed around her head
His final words
Made their feelings for each other dead

His final words
Made her cry that night
His final words
While they were having the fight

HIs final words
Were a horrible thing to say
His final words
Made her not see the light of next day
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Posted 4/14/08 , edited 4/15/08
Heres the last one

Fool's Game

Love is but a fool's game
And we are the pawns
It robs our happiness
And leaves us crying until dawn

Drowning our misery and sorrows
With lies and other things
Wounds our hearts and watches
As it falls apart at the seams

Makes us cry late at night
Over some stupid boy
Shouldn't love bring us
Not sadness but only joy?

Love is a fool's game
So why should we play?
If when we lose we might
Not see the light of next day
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Posted 4/15/08 , edited 4/15/08

Nightmares of Destiny

I wake up in the morning
Seeing that all things are different
Everything is gone off my sight
Waking up in the cursed land

When sitting down... hurts my legs
When standing up... falls a punishment
When walking anywhere... gets pushed around
When laying down... i get crushed

Everything i see now is like hell
All is shattered in pieces
Burning from hatred and sadness
The love once had is changed

Seeing the cursed life,
After being slashed in the heart for 3 times
Blood from endless journey and suffering
Drops at the fabric of destiny
Posted 4/15/08 , edited 4/15/08
when i saw you i was afraid to meet you
when i met you i was afriad to kiss you
when i kissed you i was afriad to love you
now that i love you i am afriad to lose you

soooo sad
Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
Memories of You

The day we fell in love
the sky above was dark and gray
But despite that omen
I still love you to this day.

Through the sands of time
upon we walked one summer night
both of use were laughing
and our spirits soared like kites.

But you changed
and suddenly all went wrong.
It very deeply broke my heart
when you never loved me all along

The song we used to sing
upon the beach we used to dance
dwelling on those memories
leaves me in a trance.

The rose you left behind
is all I have to think of you
Now I wander about
wond'ring what to do.

Forever to me
you were a one of a kind
Mem'ries of you
keep returning in my mind.
Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
Love is...

Love is a game
just meant to be played.
Love is a phrase
Just overly cliched.

It's dominated by cheaters,
players, and rule-breakers.
Where three words often said
are lies spoken by fakers.

Love is an emotion
and hormones are the cause.
Love is simply perfection
that brings out your flaws.

Young ones are swayed
into believing that it's real.
Soon conscious of mistakes,
next fear is what you feel.

Love is a wish
desired by loners.
Love is a sight
shown off by its owners.

It's a sad pathetic world
when love is only wanted,
for the sake of having it,
and for it to be flaunted.

Love is a drug,
addictive and strong.
Love is a toy.
and you're strung along.

The endings are painful,
yet again you will start,
to end with more lies and tears,
and another cruelly broken heart.

Love is a reason
to be treated like dirt.
Love is an excuse,
an excuse to get hurt.
Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
If I Could

If I could sing,
I would sing you a song;
A wonderful ballad,
Ever so long.
And in it I'd sing
How I love you so
And how I would love
To go where you go

If I could write,
I'd write you a letter;
A letter like this,
There'd be not one better
And in it I'd write
My devotion to you
And wonder on paper
If you love me too

If I could move,
I would dance you a dance;
A beautiful foxtrot,
I'd skip and I'd prance.
I'd embrace your sweet body
Off your feet you'd be swept
And by me, your admirer
You'd forever be kept

If I could sail,
I'd take you away;
A journey so wonderful,
We could leave now, today
And on this great trip
I'd be inspired to rhyme
'Bout how we'd be together
Just us for all time
Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
I'm not in Love

Once again I find myself
Thinking of you
Picture of you on my shelf
All the memories I have so true

Telling myself once again
That I'm not in love

It was beautiful at first
You were all I thought you'd be
But then came the worst
And for her you left me

I'm telling myself again
I didn't fall in love

I wanted you oh so much
And at first you seemed to care
You gave me hugs and kisses
But it was just a dare

Once again I tell myself
I'm not still in love
Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08

Your passion I'd once adored
held very little depth;
You chose your lovers on a whim
and whispered lies with every breath.

You led me on and kept me dreaming
and I was fool enough to yearn
although I never stopped believing
that one day you'd return.

In your eyes I saw my weakness,
a tainted truth I could trust.
But when I fellon my knees,
you left me there in the dust.

In time I'll learn to let you go;
when my memories have gone,
I'll meet you where the poppies grow
in the last of the setting sun.
Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
When first I looked into your eyes
each breath became a thousand sighs.
My heart drummed out a thunder beat
I glowed with joy from head to feet.
The hand of love had touched my soul,
as the bell of destiny began to toll.
The tide of love began to rise,
the world was filled with summer skies.
My sodden clouds of cold and grey
glowed with gold, then wisped away.
A brilliant rainbow arched across,
as waves of love began to toss.
The air was filled with lovebird cries,
when I first looked into your eyes.

When I first looked into your eyes,
all time and space were paralyzed
And in that instant, I was shown
a universe I had never known.
I dwell there still, in Paradise,
when I look into your eyes.
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Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/23/08
interesting poems
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