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Posted 4/21/08 , edited 4/21/08
Background of Sarchiroko Kaiba

Butler : Its time for your tuition Sarchiroko quickly lets go before the teacher gets angry......

Sarchiroko : .......i don't wanna i want t go see if mum and dad are back........

Butler : Like what i said several times your parents will be home soon........

Sarchiroko : Fine then but u have to play with me console games after this ok???

Butler : Sure as long as i can convince u too go to your tuition.......

A few days past by

Maid : Have u heard , the little boy's parents died in a car crash.........I feel so sad for him

Maid 2 : Yah i really pity him.....and have you also heard his older brother ran away after the news????

Murmuring continues.....

Sarchiroko : AH!!!!!!!!!! Why does it have to happen to me !!!!!!!!!!!(Throws his toy towards a painting of himself that is hanged on a wall)

A hole appears behind a painting.

Sarchiroko : What is that?????

Goes through the hole and sees a door ahead, runs towards it and opens the door, sees a chest and some cards at the side.....

Sarchiroko : What is this?( picks up a card on the floor)

the card signs to my beloved sons Sarchiroko and Shadow

Sarchiroko : Wait is this for Shadow too???

Sarchiroko : Looks like this was left for me and bro huh?

Sarchiroko used the cards and created several decks he thought of and used them to remember what his parents have left behind and all the fun and memories they had together.........

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