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Post Reply (Fanfic) First Love
Posted 4/14/08 , edited 4/14/08
This is my second fanfic. I used the same main characters, but the story is completely different.

A Familiar Face

It’s a beautiful day, sunny day in Sakura’s High School. The students were talking about many things that happened during the weekend. There was a girl called Higurashi Yukiko. She is 15 years old. She had middle length black hair and big black eyes, she is kind, but very coward, specially when is talking about ghost. She was talking with her best friend, Minamino Kaho. Minamino is a girl with blue short hair and golden eyes. They were talking about a new recipe that she learned during the weekend. They were having so much fun, when suddenly the bell rang and everybody returned to their seats and stayed there waiting for the teacher to come. After a few minutes the teacher came in with a big smile on her face saying that there was a new student coming from America. The teacher called him. A guy with white hair, greenish eyes came in. He had a serious expression on his face.
Hitsu: Hitsugaya Toushirou. Nice to meet you
He said with a cool expression on his face. All the girls in the classroom screamed when they saw him. When Higurashi saw him, she felt something familiar on him. She thought that she had seen that face before, but she couldn’t remember at that moment.
Tea: This is your new classmate, he’s Hitsugaya Toushirou, he lived in America for many years, but he was born in Japan. So I hope you can get along with him. So Hitsugaya-kun, you can sit next to Higurashi-san.
The guy was walking to go to his seat, while Higurashi was looking at him. The guy knew that she was looking at him, so he glared at her and asked:
Hitsu: What’s wrong? Do you need something? Do I have something on my face?
Higu: Ehh, No. I’m just thinking that I’ve seen you before
Hitsu: I see. This excuse is very old. Are you hitting on me?
Higu: Eh? You’re very rude!!! I think that I made a mistake, because it’s impossible that I know such a rude person like you.
Hitsu: Ehh…You’re a very interesting girl.
Hitsugaya said that with a little smile on his face.
Higu: ….
The guy sat in his seat and the class began. After a while, the class finished and it was already break time. Higurashi started eating her bentou (Lunch) with her best friend
Mina: hey, what do you think about the new guy?
Higu: what do you mean?
Mina: do you like him?
Higu: ahh? Are you an idiot? He’s very cocky. Just because I said that I’ve seen him before, he thought that I was hitting on him
Mina: but are you sure that you have seen him before? The teacher said that he was coming from America
Higu: Yeah, but it’s possible that I met him when he was a child.
Mina: But anyway he’s very cool, and cute, don’t you think so?
Higu: Yeah, but his attitude is not good.
After the classes Higurashi was walking to go home, but she felt something strange. She thought that someone was following her, in order to lose that person, she started walking faster, but that person was behind her no matter what she did. She was afraid that person could be a thief, so she was so scared and then started running. When she got to her home, she saw that a new family had just moved next to her house. When she arrived to her home, she stopped and saw if that person was following her or not. What a surprise she got when the person she saw was her new classmate. She was angry and started shouting at him
Higu: what’s your problem? Why are you following me?
Hitsu: what are you saying? I’m not following you, I live here
Hitsugaya pointed his house, the house next to hers
Higu: WHAT? You live here?!!
When they were talking, a young woman with orange hair came out the house. The moment she came out, Higurashi recognized her.
Higu: ehhh!! You’re Rangiku-san, aren’t you?
The young woman looked at her for a while. She was trying to remember her.
Ran: Perhaps you’re Yukiko-chan
Higu: Yeah. Long time no see
Ran: Mm.. It’s approximately 10 years. You’ve changed a lot, I almost couldn’t recognize you
Higu: Yeah, just a little bit. But you’re as beautiful as always
Ran: thanks
At that moment Hitsugaya interrupted them
Hitsu: Hey, do you know her?
Ran: Eh!!?? Did you forget her? She’s Higurashi Yukiko-chan.
Hitsu: Higurashi?Yukiko? Perhaps is Yuki-chan?
Higu: He isn’t Shirou-chan, is he?
Ran: He is Shirou-chan. Can’t you remember him?
Higu: I knew that I’ve seen you before, but I can’t believe that you’re Shirou-chan
Hitsu: What? Do you have any problem with that? Crybaby
Higu: of course I do. Shirou-chan was such a cute boy, but you! Look at you. You’ve changed into a cocky guy. Besides don’t call me Crybaby!
Hitsu: I say the same. Don’t call me Shirou-chan!
Ran: You two. Calm down. You haven’t seen each other for more than 10 years and the first thing you do is just arguing?
Higu: What else can I do? He’s just so annoying
Hitsu: I feel the same about you. You’re always calling me Shirou-chan this, Shirou-chan that. I’m a high school student right now, so please address me as Hitsugaya-kun or Hitsugaya-san, ok?
Higu: The same here. I’m not the same as before. So please don’t call me Crybaby anymore, it bothers me.
Saying this, both of them entered their house with an angry expression on their faces.

This time I want to make something different. After each chapter I'm going to ask a question, you have to answer it. Let's see how many people can answer it correctly.
What relationship do you think Rangiku and Hitsugaya have?
Posted 4/15/08 , edited 4/15/08
really good!!!!!!!! it would be fun if someone made a manga by this fanfic! =D
hmmm,, I think that they are just friends.. But it would be funny if them had more deeper ... cox they are cute togheter ..
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26 / F / Germany!^^
Posted 4/15/08 , edited 4/15/08
Maybe she's his mother but i couldn't believe this xD
so, i think they're just good friends^^
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Posted 4/15/08
omg ! i love it ! thanks sooo much for making these stories. i like it how they are in the real world now! but why aren't they in soul society? did she lose her placement or something? or are they on a mission?

~~~~~~~~~~~ i think rangiku and whity-chan have a relationship as like a mother/ son yet she likes to mess with him
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Posted 4/15/08
that was funny
Posted 4/15/08
Actually, as I've said before this story doesn't have anything with the previous one. So in this one they are not Shinigamis
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Posted 4/15/08
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG lol i LOVE this one too great job ill be waiting for more and ill be reading it all the way
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Posted 4/16/08
ehh!! sugoi! even if its just the first chapter im........excited already!!! gosh, ur a good fanfic writer fantasy4ever999-san!

A: well, i think their relatives. (or maybe childhood friends?)
Posted 4/16/08

gsb_fairy wrote:

ehh!! sugoi! even if its just the first chapter im........excited already!!! gosh, ur a good fanfic writer fantasy4ever999-san!

A: well, i think their relatives. (or maybe childhood friends?)

Thank you! I'm happy that you like my fanfics.
Posted 4/17/08
I want that you can invite people and read my fanfic, that will help me a lot. If I know that they're more people who are going to read it I want to write more, but I'm a little disappointed right now.
Posted 4/18/08
Answer: Cousin
Nobody said that.

Reminding Old Times

Higurashi was leaving her home to go to the school. When she came out, she saw Hitsugaya leaving his home, too. The moment she saw him, she remembered yesterday’s argument with him. She was still angry about that, so she left without talking to him, the same was with Hitsugaya. He didn’t look at her. Both of them were walking toward the school. As they lived near each other, they had to take the same road to go to the school.
When they arrived, they entered separately. Higurashi entered first, then Hitsugaya. When he came in, all the girls that were in the same classroom got close to him, and asked him many questions, but he didn’t answer anything, not even regards.
Higu: I can’t believe that he’s so popular with girls
Mina: Perhaps you’re jealous?
Higu: Are you kidding? How can it be?
Mina: Did you find out if he was a person you knew?
Higu: Yeah, he was the person I’ve thought , but he’s changed a lot. After all, it has passed 10 years since then.
Mina: and who was he?
Higu: He was my childhood friend
Mina: Is it real? But it looks that you’re not getting along, why?
Higu: He’s just unbearable
Mina: Since you haven’t seen each other for so many years, you’ll feel that he’s a complete stranger for you, don’t you think so?
Higu: Maybe.
It’s already break time, Higurashi and Minamino took out their bentou, went to the roof and started eating. When Higurashi saw Hitsugaya coming in without bentou, she felt pity for him. She got close to him and said.
Higu: I ate so much this morning, if you don’t mind, you can eat my bentou
Hitsu: Eh? Did you poison it?
Higu: What? I’m just offering my bentou, because I felt sorry for you, but it looks like you’re not hungry
Hitsu: Ehh, wait. I’m just kidding. Sorry. So can I eat your bentou?
Higu: Mmm...No problem. Besides that it has your favorite, fry squid.
Hitsu: Do you still remember that I like fry squid?
Higu: How could I forget? The first time I heard that you liked squid, I tried to cook some for you, and what a surprised when the squid shot me with his ink. I started crying and you didn’t do anything but laughing. Since then you’ve been calling me Crybaby, and that was all you fault.
Hitsu: Hey, do you still remember how did you get that nickname?
Higu: of course.
Hitsu: It’s my fault, sorry. Anyway thanks for your bentou.
Higu: why didn’t you bring bentou?
Hitsu: I bet you still remember how is Rangiku, my cousin, right? She’s still such a lazy woman. When I was in America, I was the one that made my own food. The same happens here, but today, I overslept, so I didn’t have time to make a bentou.
Higu: I see. As we live near each other, let’s do something.
Hitsu: what? What do you have in mind?
Higu: Let’s turning. One day, I wake you up and make bentou for you and me. The next day will be your turn. What do you think?
Hitsu: it sounds good.
Higu: ok. It’s settled. Tomorrow will be your turn.
Hitsu: Ok. But I warn you, my cooking isn’t very good.
Higu: No problem!

Next question, I hope you can get it: how will be her reaction when she see her bentou?
Posted 4/20/08
waaah So good!! you are sooo damn good at this!!! you really should be a writer !! umm... I dont get the question..
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23 / F / Death City
Posted 4/20/08
Cool... Love it! XD

Ummm... maybe she'll feel happy inside!
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Posted 4/20/08
she'll feel really embarrassed cuz whity-chan is the one going to be eating it!!!!!
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