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Post Reply (Fanfic) First Love
Posted 4/20/08 , edited 4/20/08

MissGabbe wrote:

waaah So good!! you are sooo damn good at this!!! you really should be a writer !! umm... I dont get the question..

I mean how will be her face expression when she sees the bentou
Posted 4/21/08 , edited 4/21/08

fantasy4ever999 wrote:

MissGabbe wrote:

waaah So good!! you are sooo damn good at this!!! you really should be a writer !! umm... I dont get the question..

I mean how will be her face expression when she sees the bentou

Ok, now I understand I think that she will be awkward...!!!
Posted 4/21/08 , edited 4/22/08
Answer: She didn't like the bentou, but she didn't say anything

The Way We Used To Be

The alarm clock rings. Hitsugaya turns it off and then he gets up. After that, he goes to the bathroom and organizes himself. He goes to the kitchen and start preparing the bentou. A few minutes later, he leaves the house and goes to Higurashi’s home to wake her up. 20 minutes later, both of them go to the school together.
After the classes, both of them went to the roof to have lunch together. They sat on the floor and opened their bentou. When she saw what was inside the bentou, her face changed.
Higu: what’s that? This is a little burned
Hitsu: didn’t I tell you? I’d said that I wasn’t good at cooking.
Higu: what else can I do? After all I was the one who suggested this idea
Saying this, she started eating. Hitsugaya was curious if she liked the food he prepared or not so he asked.
Hitsu: how is it? Does it taste bad?
Higu: …It looks disgusting, but the taste is not that bad.
Hitsu: I see.
Higu: Tomorrow is my turn, so I’ll prepare something delicious for you
Hitsu: really? Do you know how to cook?
Higu: Mm…don’t underestimate me, I’m good at cooking. I’m the one who cooks in my house, and everybody loves it.
Hitsu: Really? Aren’t you just showing off?
Higu: Of course not.
Next day, Higurashi woke up early to make the bentou. After it was ready, she went to wake him up.
The young couple walked together to go to school. When they were getting there, they saw many students at the entrance. Both of them were curious about what could it be. They got close and watched what was that made such a fuss there. They saw a student talking about what had happened yesterday when he was cleaning the classroom.
Stud: When I finished cleaning the classroom, I packed my things and was leaving the room. When I was about to leave the school, I saw that the sky was getting dark and it was about to rain, and then I remembered that I’d left my umbrella in the classroom, therefore I returned to pick it up. It was at that moment when I saw it.
When he said that, everybody started talking about what it could be, the student asked them to be quiet, and then he continued.
Stud: I heard something coming from my classroom, but I was sure that I’d seen that nobody was there.
Higurashi started screaming after hearing that.
Higu: something you said? Is it a ghost?
Hitsu: Idiot. Ghost doesn’t exist.
Higu: How do you know?
Hitsu: I just know. Even if it was a ghost I have to see it to believe it.
Higu: but…I’m scared. That guy said he heard it
Hitsu: but he doesn’t know what he heard, maybe it was just the rain.
Higu: but…who knows? Perhaps it’s a real ghost
Hitsu: ok. Today we’ll stay here and investigate what was that noise
Higu: ehh? We? I don’t want to. I’m scared
Hitsu: It’s ok. Nothing will happen. I’m here
Higu: Ok.
After classes both of them stayed in the school and started walking around the building. Suddenly they heard something. They started running to where that noise was coming. When they got there, they couldn’t see anything. Then Higurashi was attacked. Something was clutching her strongly, but they couldn’t see anything. Higurashi started crying, and shouting.
Higu: Shirou-chan helps me. I’m scared. Help me, help me, please
Hitsugaya didn’t know what to do but started shouting.
Hitsu: don’t worry, I’ll help you. Hang in there.
Hitsugaya started mulling over what to do to help her. Then he thought that even if he couldn’t see it, it was there. So he started throwing chairs to where it was. He started hearing that thing screaming. It was extremely angry. In order to stop Hitsugaya from throwing chairs to it, it threw Higurashi to him. Both of them fell down and lied on the floor unconsciously. When it saw that both of them didn’t move, it started getting close to them, but suddenly someone dressed all black, carrying a sword with her appeared and cut that thing. Then she got close to them. She saw that they had lost conscious. Therefore she took out something strange from her sleeves and erased their memories, replacing them for something else. After that she left.
A few minutes later, Hitsugaya woke up and found Higurashi in his arms, unconscious. He didn’t know what happened in that moment, so he started remembering what could have happened before they fell unconscious. Finally he remembered that a thief had attacked them.
Hitsu: Yuki….wake up.....
Higurashi opened her eyes slowly, she looked around.
Higu: Shirou-chan, what happened?
Hitsu: a thief attacked us and let us unconscious. Are you alright?
Higu: Mm… And you?
Hitsu: Ok.
Both of them decided to return home and forget about that. In the middle of the way, she asked.
Higu: Hey…
Hitsu: What? Are you feeling bad?
Higu: No… I just wanted to ask you something.
Hitsu: What?
Higu: Is it ok…if I call you Shirou-chan?
Hitsu: No.
Higurashi was disappointed after hearing that.
Higu: I see.
Hitsu: But you can call me Shirou-kun instead.
Higu: Really?
Hitsu: … I don’t mind, but are you sure you’re all right? I think it’s better if you go to the hospital and check.
Higu: No problem.

Question: Who was the person who saved them?
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26 / F / Germany!^^
Posted 4/22/08 , edited 4/22/08
Yeah!^^ Sweet, he wanted to save her I love these scenes

I think, the person who saved them was a woman, because u wrote "She"
Maybe it's Rangiku
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Posted 4/22/08 , edited 4/22/08
i'm thinking rangiku but why would whity-chan's cousin not tell him that she was a shinigami. and aren't they shinigami too? or are they like bannished? and anyway to answer the question i would say rangiku and/or rukia because rukia is the only person who carries that stuff with her
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Posted 4/22/08 , edited 4/23/08
wow!! great as always!! they're right!! u should right a manga or something!!

A: uhh......Rangiku?Rukia? ooh, i'm excited!!
Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/23/08
yayay !!! Great!!!!!!! =D yeah I think its Rangiku!
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Posted 4/24/08 , edited 4/24/08
sooo so far it is

rangiku: 4
rukia: 2
Posted 4/24/08 , edited 4/25/08
Answer: It's Rukia. Because she has that strange thing to erase memories, do you remember that?
Some of you were indecisive, you said Rangiku and then Rukia. I hope that next time you are more decisive, ok?


Mina: it looks like you’re getting along with Hitsugaya-kun, right?
Higu: M… now that I look at him, he’s still being the same, but he’s a little cooler right now. I just have to give time to him, so we’ll be the same as we used to be.
Mina: look at you!
Higu: what? Do I have something on my face?
Mina: it’s not that. You know what I think about you right now?
Higu: what?
Mina: you look like you fell in love with him
Higu: are you kidding? Of course not, we’re just friends
Mina: really? Are you sure?
Higu: what do you mean?
Mina: it’s possible that you fell in love with him but you don’t know
Higu: of course I know if I’m in love or not
After she said that, the teacher came in smiling.
Tea: everybody listen to me. We have a new classmate.
When she said that, a guy with dark blue hair and yellowish eyes entered to the room.
Tea: students, this is Fuji Ryosuke-kun. He’ll be your classmate since today. He was born in Canada, but his parents are Japanese. Help him with everything he needs, ok?
Stu: Yes!!!
Girl: look! He looks so hot, don’t you think so?
Girl2: yeah, he’s as cute as Hitsugaya-kun
Girl: yeah.
Tea: There’s a seat over there. Fuji-kun, you can sit there, behind Hitsugaya-kun
Fuji: Ok.
Fuji was walking to go to his seat. When he saw Higurashi, he ran to her and held her hands. Higurashi was surprised and didn’t know what to do.
Higu: what’s wrong?
Fuji: Finally, I’ve found you!
Higu: ahh? Sorry? Do you know me?
Fuji: you’re the woman of my dreams
After hearing that, Higurashi was completely blushed and didn’t know what to answer. Everybody was looking at her. At that moment, Hitsugaya interjected him, and pulled him.
Hitsu: what do you think you’re doing?
Fuji: What? This isn’t your business. This is between her and me
Hitsu: did you ask about her will?
Higu: Shirou-kun…
Fuji: Shirou….kun, you said?
Fuji was angry at that moment.
Fuji: what relationship do you have with her?
Hitsu: This is not your business. This is between Yuki and me
Fuji: Yuki, you said?
Fuji was angrier than before
Fuji: Perhaps you’re my woman’s boyfriend?
Higu: what do you mean “my woman”?
Hitsu: what’re you saying? She hasn't said she wanted to be your woman!!!
Fuji: she doesn’t need to say it, I know she’ll like to.
Higu: wait a minute! I’m not your woman, and I don’t want to be your woman. Can you just call me by my name, please?
Fuji: I undertand. But you haven’t told me your name
Higu: I’m Higurashi Yukiko
Fuji: I understand Yukiko-san
Higu: I don’t like you calling me Yukiko-san, I prefer you call me Higurashi-san
Fuji: …Ok. But you can call me Ryosuke
Higu: no thanks, I prefer to call you Fuji-kun
Fuji: it looks like I’ve lost to that white hair guy
Hitsu: Hitsugaya Toushirou!
Fuji: Ahh. Hitsugaya, I challenge you!
Hitsu: ah? What?
Fuji: I challenge you to a fight for Higurashi-san’s love
Higu: wait a minute, I’m not a prize. Have you asked my opinion?
Hitsu: That’s right. You can’t use her as a prize.
Fuji: are you getting away?
Hitsu: what did you say?! Who is getting away?
Fuji: Ok. It’s settled. Tomorrow will be the match between you and me. The one who lose, can’t go after Higurashi-san anymore.
Hitsu: Ok.
Higu: wait! ( Who do they think they are deciding everything by themselves?)

Question: Who do you think will win?
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Posted 4/24/08 , edited 4/25/08
oh cool!! Low Voice: and now a new rival arrives to fight for Higurashi's love.......

A: its a draw!!
Posted 4/24/08 , edited 4/25/08
Why there are so few people who posts???? Perhaps you're the only ones that read my fanfic??? Wakaranai
Anyway thanks for support my fanfic, continue reading please
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Posted 4/25/08 , edited 4/26/08
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Posted 4/26/08 , edited 4/26/08
please carry on!
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Posted 4/26/08 , edited 4/26/08
Interesting... I like your story.
Although I'm more of a HitsuHina fan rather than HitsuOC, I'd say this is pretty good.
I like the humor and connections that you add in.

A: Hitsugaya must win!!!
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Posted 4/26/08 , edited 4/26/08
I love this story!
It's really good keep it up!
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