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he promises to come back for her
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26 / F / Germany!^^
Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08
He promise to protect her from Fuji!^^
Hm, or he promise that he will always see her real herand will never like people just from their appearance!
Posted 5/13/08 , edited 5/28/08
Answer: He promised her to come back and give her the rest of the rings (yes, there are more rings )

Promise (1)

Hitsugaya and Higurashi were walking home.
Higu: that was fun!
Hitsu: <_<; I don’t know why Minamino changed the story. If she had just let that as it used to be, I wouldn’t have to play this roll, a roll that she invented just to make me act in that performance.
Higu: eh? So are you saying that you preferred to have the Fairy Godmother’s roll instead of the Prince?
Hitsu: <_<; I’m not saying that. I’m just saying that it was useless. She changed the story and even she didn’t know how the story ends. That’s stupid!
Higu: what are you saying? She worked hard to make the story successes, but you, you are saying horrible things about her. ( Knowing that she let the story like that because she wrote the story using me as an example, because I’m the same like Cinderella, two guys fighting to have my love)
Higurashi was angry, she went ahead to go home. When she got there she met Rangiku.
Ran: Yukiko-chan, what’s wrong? Why are you so angry? Perhaps Shirou-chan made you angry?
Higu: Yes. Just a little bit
Ran: When he comes back, I’ll scold him. Don’t worry
Hitsu: Oey…..what’s wrong Yuki?
Ran: Shirou-chan, what did you say to Yukiko-chan? She’s angry with you
Hitsu: I’ve said many times that don’t call me Shirou-chan
Ran: why?
Hitsu: that’s embarrassing!

Ran: so, what about Tou-chan?
Ran: Shirou-kun?
Ran: Chirou-chan
Hitsu: …TOUSHIROU!!!
Ran: Ah…Toushirou.
Hitsu: yes
Ran: chan
Hitsu: you’re pissing me off. Just call me Toushirou, ok? Big Breast-san
Ran: what did you say?!!!
Higu: haha. It’s enough you two. Calm down
Ran: I’m older than you. You should respect me. Don’t call me Big Breast, ok?
Hitsu: if you call me as I want to, I don’t call you Big Breast.
Higu: Shirou-kun, I’m going home. Bye
Higurashi left. Rangiku started imitating her.
Ran: Shirou-kun, I’m going home. Bye
Hitsu: <_<; shut up.
Ran: why? Why can she call you Shirou-kun and I can’t?
Hitsu: because….because she’s younger than you. Haha
Ran: what did you say? Calling me old
Hitsu: I didn’t say that. You’re saying that you’re old?
Hitsu: finally, you call my name
Ran: I’m going to kill you!
Hitsu: wait, wait. I’m just kidding
Ran: I’m going to kill you!
Hitsu: AHH!!! Help me
Hitsugaya started running away.
Ran: wait…..
Hitsu: <_<; are you crazy? Do you think that I’m going stay there to let you kill me, are you kidding?
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Posted 5/13/08 , edited 5/13/08
omg umm i wonder what will happen next please do right more its an awsome story
Posted 5/13/08 , edited 5/14/08
Promise (2)

Next day, Higurashi woke up earlier, so she went to wait for Hitsugaya outside of his house. When he came out, she saw that he had many scratches on his face. She was worried about him.
Higu: what’s wrong? Why are you like this?
Hitsu: It was Rangiku. She beat me up because I said that she was old.
Higu: haha. You deserve it. You know that you can’t say that to a woman, specially to Rangiku-san.
Hitsu: <_<; shut up. By the way what’s that ring?
Higu: don’t you remember?
Hitsu: No
Higurashi was upset when he said that. She just turned around and said in a cold way
Higu: Let’s go. We’ll be late.
Hitsu: wait. Tell me what that ring is, please
Higu: how could you forget it? I’m going ahead.
Hitsu: oeyy. Wait. Now that I think about it, I’ve seen that before, but where?
Hitsugaya started trying to remember, but at that moment he couldn’t remember anything. He just gave up in that moment and he just hurried to reach her.
When she arrived to the school, she met with Minamino.
Mina: what’s wrong? Why are you angry?
Higu: he forgot about it
Mina: he? Who? Hitsugaya-kun? Forget about what?
Higu: <_<; never mind. I’ll go to change for the sport class. I’ll see you later.
When Higurashi left, Hitsugaya arrived.
Mina: oey! What did you do to Yukiko-chan?
Hitsu: me? I don’t know. I even can’t remember anything about that ring
Mina: how can you be so coldhearted to forget about something so important to her?
Hitsu: do you know about the ring?
Mina: No, she didn’t tell me, but I know that ring is special for her. Perhaps is the ring of engagement?
Hitsu: ah!!!
Mina: really? Is it the ring of engagement?
Hitsu: No. but now I can remember
Mina: really? Tell me, what it is?
Hitsu: it’s a secret between us
Mina: ahhhh. You are the same as she. She told me the same that time when I asked her.
Hitsu: I’m going ahead. Bye
When the class is over, Hitsugaya searched for Higurashi, but he couldn’t find her. He met with Minamino.
Hitsu: Minamino, have you seen Yuki?
Mina: she already left. She said that she wasn’t feeling well, so she went to home.
Hitsu: eh? What did she have? Fever?
Mina: I don’t know. Don’t worry. I don’t think that it’s a big deal.
When the classes are over, Hitsugaya got out from the classroom so quickly. He ran to go home to meet with Higurashi. When he got there, he saw that Higurashi was taking the trash out. He stopped and talked to her.
Hitsu: sorry for forgetting something so important
Higu: eh?
Hitsu: sorry. Finally, I remembered it. Our promise
Higu: really?
Hitsu: mm... This is for you
Hitsugaya took out a little box from his pocket. It was small, with a red ribbon around it. He gave it to her. Higurashi opened it.
Higu: this is…
Hitsu: as I promised, the second ring.
Higurashi started remembering her past.
Hitsu: This is for you, the first ring. I promise you that when I come back I’ll give you the other three rings
Higu: Mm… I’ll wait for you to come back. I promise
When she stopped from remembering her past
Higu: thank you
Hitsugaya was blushed and didn’t know what to say. He started scratching his head, then he asked her
Hitsu: are you feeling well?
Higu: ah… no problem.

Question: what's the meaning of the rings?
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Posted 5/15/08 , edited 5/16/08
i think the rings are a symbol of...<3
but i know there is deeper meaning in it so i would say that the rings would be a symbol of three things...and UGH i can't think with all this on my mind. i think for now i'm going to stop replying but i'll keep reading it but right now i've got studies to do :[ so i am sorry
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Posted 5/20/08 , edited 5/20/08
Posted 5/20/08 , edited 5/20/08
Answer: Chase, Proposal

The meaning of the rings

The following day at school, when they arrived, Fuji brought some flowers for Higurashi
Fuji: Higurashi-san, this is for you
Higu: flowers? For me?
When she received the flowers, Minamino saw that there were two rings in her hand. Minamino called her to talk to her privately.
Mina: when did you get the other ring?
Higu: this? Yesterday
Mina: Hitsugaya-kun gave it to you, right?
Higu: eh? How did you know?
Mina: don’t underestimate me
At that moment a girl interrupted their conversation.
Girl: {high voice} Hitsugaya-kun gave that ring to you
Girls: eh??!! Hitsugaya-kun???
Many girls got close to her and asked her many question. Higurashi was blushed. She was so embarrassed, her heart started beating so fast. She didn’t know what to do so she ran into the toilet. She locked her inside and stayed there until her heart beat was normal again. When she came back, everybody was around her asking several questions.
Girl: when did you start dating him?
Girl2: have you kissed?
Higu: what are you saying?
Fuji: is it for real? He gave you a ring
Mina: No, he gave her two rings
Higu: eh?! Kaho-chan!
Fuji: AHH! Impossible!!!
Girl: by the way, what’s the meaning of this? Why do you wear those rings that way?
Higu: you know what? I’ve always said to myself that in my life I have to have a very romantic love. I don’t care if that love is everlasting, but what I really care is that we ever shared our love. Even if I die, I’ll be happy then. A love which I can remember all my life.
Girl2: ah…romantic. But you haven’t told us what the meanings of the rings are
Higu: that’s right. I’ll explain to you. What I have right now, in my thumb is the ring of Chase, this means when a man is chasing after a girl and this ring is when you give it to her. The second one, the one in my index means Proposal; this one is when the guy confesses to her, that’s when you give it to her.
Girl: cute!!! Romantic!!!
Higu: that’s why I’ve always said to myself that in my life I have to have all the four rings.
Girl2: now that you have received two, it means that you’re getting along, right? You’ll get married soon, won’t you?
Higu: what’re you saying? He hasn’t confessed to me, yet
Mina: eh?! Really?
Higu: ah… <_<; he gave it to me yesterday, but he didn’t say anything
Mina: don’t worry. I know that if he gives it to you it means that he loves you, but Hitsugaya-kun is that kind of person that doesn’t how to express his feelings.
Higu: you’re right. But I still want him to confess to me
Mina: Maybe someday he will do.
Higu: I hope so.

Question: What do you think is the meaning the other two rings?
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Posted 5/27/08 , edited 5/28/08
i think the other rings MAY mean that well i know one that he'll promise to love her forever i just can't think of the other one o.O
Posted 5/27/08 , edited 5/28/08
Answer: Engagement and Wedding Rings

The Face of a Stranger

Higurashi and Minamino were walking on the street. They were going to buy some groceries.
Higu: what do you need to buy?
Mina: Hmm…I don’t know, yet. I don’t know what to cook for tonight.
Higu: I’m the same. I don’t know what to cook, either. Let’s go and see, and then decide, ok?
Mina: Hmm.
At that moment, Higurashi saw a little kitty crossing the street, she saw that there was a car coming so fastly. The car was going to run over the kitty. When Higurashi saw that, she jumped into the street, took the kitty, but she was hit by the car. She fell down on the floor. She was bleeding. The moment she fell down, Minamino ran to her and saw that she was unconscious, she called an ambulance quickly. Few minutes later the ambulance came and took her to the hospital, Minamino went with them. When they got to the hospital, they took her to the operation room. While Minamino was waiting outside, she called Hitsugaya and told him about the situation. When he heard about that, he was extremely worried. He ran to go to the hospital and to see her. When he arrived to the hospital, he had to wait, since the operation hasn’t finished, yet. After a while, the operation light was off. The doctor came out, Minamino and Hitsugaya went and asked him about her situation.
Hitsu: how’s she?
Dr: don’t worry, she’s not in danger. But due to she lost so much blood, I don’t know when she’ll wake up.
Mina: what do you mean?
Hitsu: is she in coma?
Dr: you can say that
Hitsu: how long will she take to wake up?
Dr: I’m very sorry. I don’t know, either. It depends on the patient. But you can help her talking with her about things that can help her wake up. Excuse me.
The doctor left. Then the nurses took her to a room. They followed her, and stayed there for a while. After a while, Minamino left.
Hitsugaya was looking at her with a sad expression of his face.
Hitsu: wake up…..Yuki. Don’t sleep, wake up!
Hitsugaya stayed there until midnight.
Hitsu: I’ll come tomorrow to see you. I hope that you will wake up by then.

Hitsugaya didn’t go to school the next day. When he woke up, he went to the hospital directly. When he got there, he started talking with her. He thought that maybe she will wake up when she hears about the happy things that they did together when they were children. He did that for many days. The day that he was waiting for finally came. When he was talking, Higurashi had some reactions. He was happy then, he called the doctor quickly. When the doctor came, he checked her and said that she was ok. Higurashi had waken up, Hitsugaya started smiling and quickly called Minamino and told her the good news. The first reaction of Hitsugaya when he saw her was to embrace her strongly.
Hitsu: are you feeling well?
Higurashi looked around for a while. She stayed quiet for a moment. Then she asked.
Higu: who are you?

Question: what will help her recover her memories? what will Hitsugaya do to help her?
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Posted 5/27/08 , edited 5/28/08
wow! she has amnesia! that's bad.......

A: err...... the rings?
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Posted 5/30/08 , edited 5/31/08
nooo! she has amnesia...that's messed....but it does go good with the story :] thanks for uploading it again.
and i do agree with gsb_fairy that it will be the rings to help her remember ^-^ i hope she doesn't forget him....
Posted 6/3/08 , edited 6/3/08
Answer: The third ring

The Third Ring

Hitsugaya was in shock when he heard that.

He let her go and smiled nervously.
Hitsu: what’s the matter? You just woke up and you’re already teasing me?
Higu: why do you say that? Do I know you?
Hitsu: are you serious? Don’t you remember me?
Higu: No. I have no idea. Where am I?
Hitsu: this is a hospital. You were hit by a car when you were saving a kitty.
Higu: I see. What relationship do you have with me?
Hitsugaya faltered saying
Hitsu: eh…we’re childhood friends
Higu: really? What’s my name?
Hitsu: Higurashi Yukiko
Higu: I see. What’s your name?
Hitsu: Hitsugaya Toushirou.
Higu: can you tell me more about me? Hitsugaya-kun
Hitsugaya was surprised when she called him Hitsugaya-kun. He felt that the distance between them has distanced in just few days. He felt terrible at that time. He couldn’t believe what was happening.
Higu: what’s wrong, Hitsugaya-kun?
Hitsu: nothing. I have to go, take a rest. Bye
Higu: hmm.
Since Higurashi’s mom wasn’t at home, Hitsugaya went to the hospital and picked her up the next day. He took her to her home, and then he said that the next day, he will take her to school.
When they got to the school, everybody surrounded her and asked her many questions.
Girl: are you ok?
Higu: I’m fine, thanks
Girl2: I heard Minamino saying that you lost your memory, is it true?
Higu: Hmm. I can’t remember anything
Girl: really? Did you forget about Hitsugaya-kun, too?
Higu: Hmm.
Fuji: It’s good to hear that, My Princess. (Now she will be mine, haha)
Higu: you…who are you?
Fuji was in shock when Higurashi said that she didn’t remember him. He let the classroom crying. Minamino went after him.
Mina: what’s wrong? Why are you crying?
Fuji: she…forgot…about…me
Mina: Yukiko-chan? Even if she hasn’t forgotten about you, she wouldn’t be with you. She loves Hitsugaya-kun, and you already know about that.
Fuji: you’re right. But it really hurts, being forgotten by the person you love
Mina: you’re right. I can feel how’s feeling Hitsugaya-kun

Girl: poor Hitsugaya-kun! I almost can feel his feeling. Being forgotten by his girlfriend
Higu: what? What did you just say?
Girl: huh? Poor Hitsugaya-kun!
Higu: No, the next one
Girl: I almost can feel his feeling
Higu: No, the last one
Girl: being forgotten by his girlfriend
Higu: Hitsugaya-kun is my boyfriend?
Girl: I think so. Because you already had received two rings from him
Higu: two rings?
At that moment her mind appeared some pictures, but she couldn’t recognize them.
Girl: hmm. You said that before.
After the classes, Hitsugaya and Higurashi left to go home. On the way, Hitsugaya said that he wanted to take her to a place, so she could remember some things. Hitsugaya took her to a park, the park where they used to play when they were child.
Hitsu: do you remember this place?
Higu: No. I can’t remember anything
After she said that, Hitsugaya took out a little box from his pocket. He gave it to her.
Hitsu: what about this?
Higurashi opened it. When she saw that it was a ring, the third ring, the Engagement ring, all her memories came back.
Higu: this…
Hitsu: do you remember?
Higu: why do you give me a ring?
Hitsugaya was in shocked when he heard that.
Hitsu: I see. I’ve thought that it will help you to remember, but I was wrong. I thought that the rings were important for you, so it will help you remember our promise.
Higu: what promise?
Hitsugaya was blushed, he faltered saying.
Hitsu: I can’t tell you. You’ll know when you recover your memory.
Higu: eh? You’re always like that. You never say your feelings.
Hitsu: eh? Why do you speak like this? Did you recover your memory?
Higu: ahh. I would prefer to forget about you, Shirou-kun.
Hitsu: what are you saying? Would you really like to forget about me?
Higu: why not?
Hitsu: you… I was worried about you, and when you recover your memory this is the first thing you say?
Higu: are you angry?
Hitsu: Not really?
Higu: really?
Hitsu: ( it’s good that you’re the same)
Higu: ( what a disappointment! I thought that you will confess to me. But it’s ok; this is the same Shirou-kun that I have in my memories. Thanks to God that I recovered my memory, otherwise, I’ll lose all this precious memories with Shirou-kun. That’ll be the worst, worse than being dead)

Next episode: they are going to the beach

Question: what do you think it would happen over there? Use your imagination.
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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww awwwwwwwwwwww lol
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bakuganrocks123123 wrote:

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww awwwwwwwwwwww lol

what do you mean with that????
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