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Posted 4/14/08 , edited 4/15/08
Quote from Anime News Network

Angelique is a schoolgirl in a world besieged by monsters that can only be defeated by Purifiers—hot guys with special powers, one of whom believes that Angelique may be the rumored “miracle girl” with purifying powers

Angelique is definitely the bishounen series of the spring animes.While i expected it to have the same lousy quality like the previous Angelique series,this one is surprisingly well animated,and the character design is beautiful.

Unfortunately,this story has a seemingly "damsel in distress" girl as the lead,and i absolutely hate that type of character.I hope this won't happen though,all that girl needs to do is to shoot some powers here and there and flirt with all the guys she knows and in the end,choose one of them.The end,yay.Much better than an emo characteristic.

I am also getting a lot of Fushigi Yuugi vibe here,but maybe because it is about a girl surrounded by beautiful and powerful guys.I hope this won't end like La Corda did,with
.But i guess that won't happen here,cause the ED shows her walking off in the rain with A guy.Right now,there are some speculating that it will be Rayne that Angelique will choose.

I will continue watching this because it is pretty well animated,and the fact that i haven't been getting any "dose" of bishounen series for quite some time now.Shoujo+Action=Win
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Posted 4/15/08 , edited 4/15/08
you never know cos it seems that its gona end like 'La corda' again
but then again, i love the anime cos its well modern compare to the other series and i love how the characters are like and what kind of clothing they wear
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