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29 / M / Louisiana
Posted 4/14/08
The plan is to make a page dedicated to Kitsune so write what you envision Kitsune's life story to be like

Suggested info to include: age, birth month/day, place of origin, hobbies, likes and dislikes in food,
These are just some suggestions, Be Creative.

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27 / M / LuzViMinda
Posted 4/14/08 , edited 4/14/08
I suggest he be from Anatolia. And that he likes Dango.
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29 / F / Lelouch's bed
Posted 4/15/08 , edited 4/15/08
A long time ago,in a galaxy far far away..............

"Grandpa,this is not Star Wars!"
"Oh sorry dear"
"I thought we are talking about Kitsune!"
"Yes,we are talking about Kitsune"
"I really want to know how Kitsune ended up in Anime Critics! And everything about it too including how you met Kitsune too!"
"Is Kitsune a he or a she?"
"Kitsune's gender is not defined"
"That's too bad grandpa"
"Well,i don't think it matters right?Let's continue"

Every generation has a legend. Every journey has a first step. Every saga has a beginning.

"Grandma,not Star Wars again!"
"That's because the story i am about to tell you is just as epic as Star Wars.I am just using it as a reference"
"Is that so grandpa?"
"Yes,let's continue"

The history of anime begins at the start of the 20th century, when Japanese filmmakers experimented with the animation techniques that were being explored in France, Germany, the United States, and Russia.The oldest anime ever known to the world is a 2 minute clip of a samurai trying to test a new sword on his target,only to suffer defeat.Japanese filmmakers are not satisfied with the production,and one night,Juno,a Roman Goddess appeared before Osamu Tezuka,a few decades after anime is introduced.She was reportedly to have said this:

"Osamu Tezuka,you are hereby given the mandate to popularize anime,by starting with manga as the first step."
"No particular reason,i am just bored"
"I know,i know you are bored but why me?"
"I don't really want to tell you this but you are actually the reincarnation of the God of Animation"
"I didn't know there is such god in the roman mythology"
"Those idiots didn't write it down properly"

And so,Osamu Tezuka produced a lot of critically acclaimed anime and manga.After his death,Juno decided to continue anime's age of glory by creating a creature that would judge animes,by having the creature to be part of various animes.The creature,who look like a fox,is given the name Kitsune.And from here,Kitsune started its adventure.

Kitsune became a part of many animes.In some animes,Kitsune was forced to see some random guy grabbing a girl's breast,while in some other animes Kitsune saw certain anime characters who have telekinetically controlled arms which resonate at a frequency to the point in which they become transparent, and have the power to manipulate objects within their range,resulting in limbs flying everywhere.Kitsune started to become emotionally scarred.Juno saw this,and decided to let Kitsune be a part of Fruits Basket.It is here where Kitsune met its best pal Momiji.Momiji introduced Kitsune to sweets and rabbits,and Kitsune soon grew fond of it.Sweets became Kitsune's favourite food.

However,the happiness did not last long.Akito Sohma,the head of Momiji's family,became jealous and decided to kick Kitsune away.Kitsune did not want to burden Momiji any longer and left.Kitsune walked off disillusionally,and somehow Kitsune suddenly ended up at the doorstep of Ouran High School Host Club.Kitsune suspected that Juno had transported him to another anime.Honey-sempai greeted Kitsune warmingly and began treating Kitsune to sweets and rabbits.Kitsune secretly thanked Juno for the reincarnation of Momiji.Kitsune had wished that he will be able to meet Momiji again.It is the interaction with Honey-sempai that immortalize Kitsune's love for sweets.

One day however,a woman named Yuuko Ichihara appeared before Kitsune.Kitsune was told that Yuuko is actually Juno.Juno was involved in a fight with Jupiter over the fact that he had his eyes on a beautiful earth woman.She had decided to stay on Earth for a while searching for the woman Jupiter set his eyes on.Juno told Kitsune not to call her Juno,but Yuuko or The Dimension Witch.Yuuko reminded Kitsune that Kitsune cannot be long in an anime,and it is time for Kitsune to move on to another anime.Kitsune desperately said no,but Yuuko said that Kitsune's wish has already been granted;as a price for being able to see the reincarnation of Momiji again,Kitsune has to pay the price equivalent to the weight of the wish.Therefore Kitsune has to move on to another anime.Kitsune could not offered anything,and so Kitsune was transported to the world of Hellsing.

Kitsune arrived just when Seras Victoria killed off a ghoul.Seras introduced Kitsune to Alucard,who show off his big fat ass gun.Kitsune was awed,but soon suffers from malnutrition as Kitsune refused to eat or drink anything blood related served to him.Seeing this,Yuuko offered Kitsune an alternative,to stay on in Hellsing or move on to another anime.A good anime but annoying cast.Kitsune reluctantly agreed,as even though Kitsune was fond of Seras,Kitsune could not stand the constant peeping of Alucard during Kitsune's shower time with Seras.

Kitsune arrived in Gundam Seed.Kitsune saw two giant mecha robots about to charge one another.

Unknown pilot 1:KIRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown pilot 2:ATHRUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kitsune broke down and cried as Kitsune saw how arguably the anime universe's best friends killing each other.After a while,Kitsune met a sexy blonde girl named Cagalli,and Kitsune followed as well when Cagalli confronted unknown pilot 1 about unknown pilot 2.It is here that Kitsune learned that unknown pilot 1 is Athrun Zala.Yuuko whispered to Kitsune that Athrun Zala is one of the most righteous anime character ever known to mankind,and unknown pilot 2 is actually Kira Yamato,the Demon King and Lord of Battles,aka "Ultimate Coordinator".Yuuko explained that she did not send Kitsune to Gundam Seed Destiny for fear that Kitsune would meet with Shinn Asuka, an asshole,sister complex and angsty whining brat from hell that will cause Kitsune to hate Yuuko forever.

After some time,Kitsune complained to Yuuko that it could no longer stand Kira Yamato's constant crybaby attitude,so Yuuko decided to give Kitsune a break and sent Kitsune to True Tears.There,Kitsune was surprised to find itself in the form of a chicken .Some random girl named Noe gave Kitsune the name "Jibeta".Kitsune could not stand the fact that the main character,who doesn't look like a chicken but acted like a chicken could not resolve his feelings properly.Kitsune heaved a sigh of relief when the chicken finally resolved his feelings.However,Kitsune hated the chicken deeply for not choosing Noe,his caretaker as the woman of his life.And so,pissed off,Kitsune requested to Yuuko that its time here is up.Yuuko then sent Kitsune to Code Geass.

Kitsune found itself in a bedroom full of a young lady's pic."Nunally" was written on one of the pics.Kitsune took a look around the room.The girl's pic made up 99.999999999% of the room wallpaper.Even the bedsheet,furniture and curtain is the face of the sweet young girl.Kitsune heard a commotion,and walked out of the room.Walking out,Kitsune noticed the sign on room door reads "Lelouch".Kitsune walked towards the sound.Kitsune opened another door where the sound came from and peeped.Kitsune blushed when Kitsune saw a hot looking guy and a girl in the middle of a XXX act.Kitsune realize that the girl is Nunally.Just when Kitsune was about to turned away so as not to embarass them and to introduce itself properly later,Kitsune accidentally heard Nunally said "Oh...onii-chan...........you are so cool".Disgusted at this incest pairing,Kitsune closed the door with a bang and shouted to Yuuko that it wanted to change to another anime.

There is a problem however.Just a tiny one.

Jupiter decided to tackle Juno from the start again,very much like when they were in high school.Juno who was touched,decided to quit being "Yuuko",and basically told Kitsune that it need to find a permanent home soon.Kitsune somewhat agreed,Kitsune realize that it is not young anymore and it need to find a home soon to settle in its last years.Kitsune wanted to contribute to mankind,by sharing the knowledge it has about animes to all anime fans out there.Juno gave Kitsune a week to find a home.

Kitsune was watching some anime through online to refresh its memory and the experience of being in the anime.Kitsune could not search for Shippu Iron Leaguer,and came across Crunchyroll in the process of searching for it.After watching Shippu Iron Leaguer,Kitsune wandered around the site,and saw that groups are allowed.Kitsune randomly went through the groups,and just when Kitsune was about to leave the site,Kitsune caught sight of a group named "Anime Critics".Curious,Kitsune clicked on the group and was transported to a group where critiques are written regarding an anime.Kitsune smiled,happy at last that it found a place worthy to be called "home".Kitsune settled down in Anime Critics,and wrote all its experience in a book that become the best-selling book.Kitsune went on to win the Pulitzer Prize and finally,Nobel Prize for Literature.Kitsune continue to contribute to mankind by staying on in Anime Critics and writing critiques.The end.

"That's all,grandpa?"
"But grandpa,you didn't tell us who you are in that story.We still don't know how you met Kitsune"
"Well.............if you must know....."
"Tell us grandpa!"

Grandpa took out a big fat ass gun.

"I am Alucard"

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77 / 椅子の上
Posted 4/15/08
^ how could you do that to poor Nunnally? D: her onii-chan would be absolutely scandalized

Kitsune currently lives on the Internet, guiding lost otaku to their Holy Grails, Anime.
He loves to eat chocolate, though he knows that it is bad for his health.
His favourite color is white.
He is very proud of his silky fur, and grooms it twice a day.
He has a secret addiction to horoscopes.
He is a Leo.
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26 / F / Edoras
Posted 4/18/08
i guess it's worth a try

let's start with kitsune-dono's (haha) background info

name kitsune
gender male
age currently unknown
birthday october 6
zodiac sign libra (he's a great sage, after all)
element water (isn't it cool?)
likes anime (of course), eating, reading (because he's a great SAGE)
dislikes people who think of him as a cute animal (but he is!), and people looking lowly at his abilities

i'll include his story next time.
Posted 4/19/08
A long time ago on a distant planet lived the gods and goddesses of anime; these beings were the creators of Kitsune. At first all the anime in the universe was just in piles, there was no order no neatness; finally one day after tiring of searching in these mountains of anime one god proposed that a caretaker was necessary, others agreed. But what would he be, and what of his name; after much debating and voting and lack of voting it was decided that he would be named Kitsune.

After breathing life into him and then giving him the knowledge necessary to interact with the gods, they gave him a task and a place to perform his task. The task: To organize, catalogue and personally critique each and every anime. He was to perform this task in another demension that transcends both time and place, so that he can have access to all animes from everywhere and from anytime to organize, catalogue and critique as was his instructions. This other dimension took the form of a grand library with it first being divided by planet then into the genres we are familiar with. And yes, the animes did all take the forms of books. Kitsune gladly accepted the daunting task set before him and now lives in his library where he enjoys all the anime in existence.

Things you may not have known about Kitsune:
He is immortal, and due to the long life he possess, has forgotten his exact birthdate.
He does however remember he is a Virgo.
Is a tad obsessive compulsive, so was living in a nightmare until he cleaned up the piles of anime and put them on their shelves.
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26 / M / Malaysia
Posted 4/21/08
bday -jan24,1917(anime was made)
sex -female(cuter~)
fav food -torayaki
dislikes -wasabi(bad for her fur)
hobbies -drawing,browsing thru the net for new animes,researching animes

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