14 April 2008 - Rain sends hope to a young brain tumor patient
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SingerRain has sent hope to a young female fan suffering from a brain tumor.He participated in an international book activity that "sends hope tochildren with terminal illnesses" and sent a fan battling with braintumor a book and an autographed CD. This is an activity that sends outthe message of dream and hope to children with terminal illnesses. Raintook time aside while shooting his Hollywood movie "Ninja Assassin" inBerlin to prepare her gift. Rain's management company stated, "Theautographed book and CD was given to the young patient, while a fewother autographed books and CDs will be given to readers through adrawing. Money collected from this drawing via the participation ofregular readers will go towards this young patient's medical needs."Apart from Rain, FT Island, SS502, and other entertainers are among theparticipants. On the 14th Rain will start his (online) networkparticipation for this activitiy.

Zheng Qinghua/article

In another similar [MyDaily] article, it stated that the patientis an 18 year-old. It also stated that Rain hopes that through his ownparticipation in this activity, he will be able to encourage others todo likewise for the benefit of these children.

EDIT: Found out that it's through Make-A-Wish Foundation in Korea.

source: MyDaily
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Posted 4/15/08 , edited 4/15/08
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