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24 / M / koko de... matte...
Posted 4/15/08
on the first day of my journey
i look at all the things i had
knowing that when i leave... some must remain
in the places i reached there is always problems
but something bothered me
on the time i reached a place

pondering on each corner
seeing no one there
after reaching the main hall
i was startled at view
everyone lied down on the floor
with the dead crowned with crows

leaving the place with a burial
the thought came to me
wether i stop or continue ahead
days and nights passed
no answer came to me from distances
i got scared to try again

that's it for a while... i'll just continue it after thinking a little bit more
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24 / M / Tulsa Ok
Posted 4/16/08
it was good the flow kinda threw me off but all in all it was really good
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77 / M / Gravesend Neck Road
Posted 4/18/08
Path Of No Return ~ should suit this poem for a good title ^^
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