The Name That Anime game.
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Posted 4/15/08
You can post just one set of 5 clues & list 10 anime. Since some animes are very cliche, list animes that have things in common with the correct answer.

What anime am I?

*Probably Inspired by Dungeons & Dragons.
*Hero isn't exactly "good" or even nice.
*Has a dumb blonde.
*Has 3 series & 5 movies.
*Had a bimbo who was in most of the movies but wasn't in the series.


*Gokudo/Gokudo-Kun Manyuuki.
*Ruin Explorers.
*Those Who Hunt Elves.
*Dragon Slayer.
*Dragon Half.
*Record of Lodoss Wars.
*Legend of Himiko/Himiko Den.
*Fire Emblem.
*Sorcerer Hunters/Bakuretsu Hunter.

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Posted 12/6/09
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