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Posted 4/15/08 , edited 4/15/08
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The stage is the Middle East in a not too far away future: in Rags Town, a city full of scums. A carefree detective named Shun is living in this city, doing what he pleases. But one they he meets a beautiful girl who's lost her memory, and he tries to solve her mystery without knowing that this would change his life and make him face a powerful enemy.

Just watched the first episode,and while it didn't leave any deep impression on me,it wasn't bad either.It's still too early to judge with just 1 episode,so i will watch a few more episodes.But i will likely finish this,since this is only 13 episodes.The animation is decent,well at least it looks better than Monochrome Factor and Amatsuki.I saw the screenshots for both the anime and i don't really like it.

They did a pretty good job on the character introduction.But i don't like Manami,both her voice and her character.It's pretty annoying.I hope she wouldn't appeared in a lot of scene,but i think that won't happen since she is part of the "team" after all.And this shoow seriously reminded me of Speed Grapher.I bet that Shun will fall in love with the "cargo" in the end.
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