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Okay....I have decided to post here many one - shot storys ^^ Only good ones, tough =)
Lets see what we have in our collection :

I found these storys long ago and forgot the titles and writers so I`ll just say that credit goes to the, kay? ^^

for now its 5 storys....if ya guys request more, I will gladly post them

SasuSaku story 1

In the village of Konoha, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, it was a clear, cloud-free day (much to a certain ninja’s dismay…) but two ninjas were not outside enjoying the nice springtime air.
So where were they instead? By the window reading a book?
Just hanging out with their friends?
Sitting on the couch in front of the TV doing nothing?
So what were they doing instead?
Well, they were extremely busy…
“Damn Naruto...” Sasuke muttered, sitting on a bucket in a closet.
Being locked in a closet.
With Sakura.
In the dark.
And speaking of the little flower… she was in the closet, too. banging on the door. “Let us out! Naruto!” Sasuke sighed heavily, crossed his arms and said, “That’s not going to help. He went to Ichiraku... again.” Sakura whined and slowly sunk to the floor. “Remind me... why did he do this again?” Sasuke shrugged “Your guess is as good as mine. Who the hell knows what twisted things go through his mind?” Sakura sighed again and decided that a good way to pass the time was conversation. “So... how has your day been?” she asked, shyly.
“Up to the point when I got locked in the closet locked in a closet against my will? Then had a girl literally thrown at me? It sucked. And now? It still sucks.” Sakura looked down, dismayed. “Oh, gee. Thanks.” Sasuke, knowing he had saddened her apologized. “oh...uh...” Or rather, attempted what was supposed to be an apology. “No offense meant.”
“Don’t… don’t worry about it.” spotting something dangling from the ceiling Sakura slowly reached up and pulled on what was dangling. She smiled as light filled the air-tight room. “There. Now we can see.” Startled by the sudden brightness, Sasuke groaned and rubbed his eyes, trying to get used to the light.
Unfortunately, the light lit the whole room, illuminating everything in it; including the…
Sakura shrieked. Sasuke, who had been in deep thought, jumped and let out a yell as he pulled out a kunai. “What?! What is it?!” he cried, looking around the air-tight closet. Sakura jumped at him and squeezed her way behind him and shrieked again. “Spider!”
It took a few seconds for this to fully register in Sasuke’s brain. “A… spider. You interrupt my thinking, scared the living shit outta me with your loud screaming over a spider?”
Sakura squeaked and buried her face in Sasuke’s back. “Kill. It.” the Uchiha sighed heavily and squished the spider. “There.” Sasuke turned around, lifted up the young woman and placed her down on the ground in front of him. “Happy now?”
Sakura sighed in relief and smiled at him. “Yes, thank you, Sasuke-kun.”
Sasuke simple said, “Hn.”
About an hour later, an extremely bored Sakura sighed heavily, and looked around the room. She grabbed a mop and dipped it in the yellow bucket with brown water in it and…
Smacked Sasuke in the face with it.
Once again, this knocked the boy out of his thoughts, off his seat, onto the floor. “What. The. Hell?” he spit out mop water. “Mop water. Yum.” Sasuke spit out some more mop water and sat back down on his bucket.
Sakura giggled and smacked him with the mop again, effectively knocking him onto the floor.
“Damn it, woman! Stop. With the damn. Mop!” he said as he stood up and glared at the girl who stood there, giggling at him, then she stopped abruptly. “Sasuke-kun…” she said as she readied the mop again.
Sasuke, noticing it this time, quickly grabbed the mop and broke it in half. Glaring even harsher at her, he put his face dangerously close to hers. “I said. Stop. With. The. Damn. Mop.”
Sakura smiled and kissed him quickly then sat on the opposite side of the closet. “That… was cheap.” Sakura shrugged. “Serves you right for putting your face so close to mine.”
Sasuke smirked. She wanted to play dirty? Fine. He could play dirty, too. He went to Sakura, grabbed her face and kissed her. Sakura’s eyes widened and pulled away from the kiss. “Um… wow.”
Sasuke smirked and sat on the opposite side of the room. A few minutes later, Sakura’s shock wore off and she scowled. “And you call me cheap?”
Sasuke smirked again. “It’s only cheap when you do it.”
“Well, if that isn’t the most sexist--” she growled. “I hate you.” She said as she crawled over to him and kissed him again. Sasuke smirked against her lips, lifted her up and put her into his lap.
A few moments into the kiss, Sakura seemed to notice whom she was sitting on. She smiled and ran her fingers through Sasuke’s beautiful raven hair. He opened his eyes and looked into his onyx orbs. “What are you doing?”
“You have such soft hair…” Sasuke blinked. “Thank you?”
“Affection is foreign to you, isn’t it? Your hair is so smooth…” suddenly, Sasuke grabbed her small hand and held it in his large one. “You have such small hands… so soft and delicate… like my mother’s… only smaller.” Not wanting to break the tenderness of the moment, Sakura softly asked, “What was she like? Your mother, I mean.” Sasuke got this distant look on his face. “She was the only other person, besides...him that I was close to. My father would spend all day telling me how he wanted me to be brother. He would brag about him to everyone, but my mom is...was the only one who loved me as I was.”
“She sounds really great, Sasuke.” Sasuke said nothing for a moment and simply hugged her closer to him. “She was...I miss them all so much...” he took her hand which he was still holding and intertwined his fingers with hers.
Sakura looked up from their intertwined hands and up into his onyx eyes. “Well, now you have friends who love you.”
“Love me huh?” Sasuke questioned as he brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. Sakura nodded and said, “Yeah. And I... have this friend who really loves you.”
“hn...a friend huh?”
“Yeah, a really good friend.”
“And who might this ‘really good’ friend be?”
“Um, Arukas. Anyways, she REALLY loves you.”
‘Like I don’t know that’s her name backwards.’ Sasuke smirked. “Akuras huh? Would she happen to have beautiful pink hair and green eyes? Maybe a cute button nose and dimples or am I completely off? Sakura turned red. “Um, what would... give you that idea?” Sasuke shrugged sort of carelessly. “ it a hunch I guess.” He said right before he kissed her sweetly. Sakura sighed and kissed back.
It was a nice, sweet moment.
At least it was, until…
“Whoa! You guys are still in here!?” Naruto said as he kicked the door open. Sasuke broke the kiss and groaned. “Idiot.” Sakura glared at the blonde boy. “You locked us in, idiot!”
Naruto: “...oh oops...” Naruto said, and then he looked at their position. “Hey teme! Why are you holding Sakura like that?!” This remark was, of course, ignored by Sasuke. Sakura sighed. ‘Moment ruined.’ Then she looked at wall. Then she paled. “Spider!!” She shrieked, got off Sasuke’s lap, ran out of the closet, knocking Naruto down along the way.
Said boy fell on his head after being knocked down from the girl. “Ow…”
Sasuke stood up, walked out of the closet and looked down at Naruto who was on his back. “...that looks like a concussion...I should probably help.” He said; then he walked away.

SasuSaku story 2

Yes, it was a very depressing morning. The sun was nowhere to be seen, it was pouring outside, and the streets of Konoha were all silent, empty, and seemingly abandoned. I t was like a desolate wasteland, hoping for a day when people start to thrive on it, the day where a civilization began. Sasuke, once again, was staring hopelessly out his apartment window, still holding the same emotionless/stoic face as it was since ten years ago.
Uchiha Sasuke, seventeen years old, top jounin in Konoha, Village Hidden in the Leaves, where almost every heart had a strong soul of fire. After 5 years, he even surpassed his old sensei, Hatake Kakashi, but it didn’t matter to him. All he ever cared about was his revenge. Ever since that faithful day, he could no longer feel or show any emotions. Well, he had one and it was anger. This one emotion, the only emotion he held was used to focus on his duties. To build and gain the power he needed to kill his brother, who destroyed everything he held dearly. He can still hear those words in his head, exactly the way his evil older brother said to him.
Foolish little brother. If you wish to kill me, hate me, detest me, and survive in an unsightly way. Go, run, run, and cling to life. Once you have obtained the eyes I have, come before me. That is where the battlefield between life and death arises from its eternal slumber.
Those words. Those exact words that were ringing in his head even after all these years is what he uses to fuel his anger, and to surpass the greatest obstacles of life. Nothing could get through to him, not anymore at least. Not even the fact that today was even his own birthday, July 23rd. To him, everything in this world that stood between him and his revenge was useless. Everything that’s said to give him good luck or sweet emotions was stupid and worthless, and if anything still stood in his way after that, they would be utterly torn apart.
Kore ga Uchiha Sasuke no ikizama. (This is the life of Uchiha Sasuke) The only person that had almost succeeded in getting through to the Uchiha prodigy was none other than one of our favorite kunoichis, Haruno Sakura. The only girl that truly loved him dearly and the only girl that h eactually cared for. He didn’t like her, but her cared for her.
Sasuke slammed the door once again, in another hopeless girls face. He didn’t know why they even bothered coming up. What the hell are these girls thinking?
In truth, Sasuke never really liked his birthday. In fact, it was the day he hated most. With his stunning muscular form, he knew by past experiences that every single girl in Konoha would be rushing, even fighting to get to his doorstep. They would be holding out presents screaming out stupid things like, “Happy Birthday Sasuke-kun!” or “I love you!” or even “You win a kiss!” That’s when he would slam the door in their faces, but that wasn’t even enough to stop them from coming.
He was about to make his way back his spot beside the window sill when someone knocked on the door again. Who is it this time? He asked himself with sarcasm opening the door, revealing his team mate and sensei, Uzumaki Naruto and Hatake Kakashi. Both of them soaking wet, due to the rain.
“What do you want?” he asked demandingly. Naruto spoke.
“Well um-”
“Spit it out dobe!”
“Damare (shut up) Sasuke-teme! Anyway, Sakura was throwing a party and-”
“I’m not coming” he said in the same emotionless tone as always.
“I’m not going”
“Fine! I’ll have to go break the news to Sakura-chan” he said running off to the end of the hallway where the stairs were. After he was completely out of sight, Kakashi faced Sasuke. Sasuke noticed this and stared right into the one visible eye of his sensei.
“What?” he demanded a second time.
“This is an invitation Sasuke, and it would be rude to not accept it if you have no good reason not to come”
“I do”
“Oh, then what is it?”
“She’s the one hosting it”
“Okay then…………………Happy Birthday. Please consider it” he smiled, but Sasuke slammed the door on him. Once again, he sat down in a comfortable position by the window, staring endlessly outside, which he thought actually seemed relaxing. Looking at the rain, cleansed his mind of revenge for a short period, and cleared away his tension, and now he didn’t look angry at all. He actually looked calm, but then-
Knock, Knock, Knock……………………
Ugh! He was irritated. He finally got the one chance that he could get in his life time, and it just had to be disturbed, by who? Probably another fan girl. Sasuke rushed open the door and without even looking, he shouted.
“Gomennasai (I’m sorry) Sasuke-kun. Did I arrive at a bad time? If I did, I’ll just come back later.” Someone said in a very polite, sweet, and yet familiar voice. Sasuke opened his eyes abruptly looking at the person in his doorway. It was Haruno Sakura, holding a small and yet neatly wrapped package in her hands. His eyes became glued to the box, probably even wondering what might be inside. Sakura noticed this concept and spoke up.
“Look, I wanted you to have this at least, since you’re not coming to the party and all. Before you say its just a piece of junk and you don’t need it, I wanted you to know that worked really hard on it, so I wanted to at least attempt to give it to you, so here” she smiled while holding the box at arms length, waiting for Sasuke to grasp it, but it didn’t come.
“I hate it” he said abruptly slamming the door again in the process.
15 minutes later………………………………..
Sasuke once again was at his comfortable spot near the window sill, being at his usual relaxed form, but something seemed missing. He opened his eyes and searched around the room, but he couldn’t figure out what was missing. He decided to take a small walk in the rain, to make his day a little more enjoyable, taking a break from his fan girls.
He slightly opened the door, looking both ways, hoping none of his fans were around. After he made sure that they were nowhere in sight, he completely stepped out, but there was a package in the exact middle of the hallway. To be more specific, it was the one Sakura was holding earlier. What’s this?
He picked up the package and read the card attached. It read:
Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu! (Happy Birthday) Watashi wa anata aishite imasu! (I love you very much)
Love, Sakura
He threw the card like it was nothing, out into the open, and he was about to do the same with the box itself, but he took another look at its features. The neat way it was wrapped with a single ribbon at the top. He decided to take into his apartment, and so he did.
With Sakura…………………………………….
The pinked haired kunoichi was sitting up in a tree, crying her way out of sadness, making sure the rain mixed with her tender tears, but it was obvious that she was crying because you could here her sob from a mile away. (Not literally) She was crying pretty hard though. Sure she knew how to deal with him when he didn’t take her present, but hating it was new to her. He never said that to her before.
Why do I even try? NANDE? (Why) Why do I even try and come up to him? What do I see in him? What is so special about him? I can’t see it anymore! NANDE!
Back in Sasuke’s Apartment…………………………………….
Sasuke quietly walked over to his small side table, and sat down on his bed. He didn’t know why, but he had the urge to open and find out what was inside the box. He did and he tried to resist the temptation, but it took over him. He was now taking the cover off and glancing inside the previously neatly wrapped gift.
He gasped at what was inside. Surprised, but he did do so. He held the item dearly in his hand as it shimmered even in the darkness that surrounded him. (He keeps all of his lights off) It was a small crystally gem necklace in the shape of the Uchiha clan symbol. It glistened in the darkness, and it seemed to shine even more to him, knowing that it was from Sakura.
Wow! He thought as he took another deep glance at it in his hands. He put around his neck, not caring if anyone could see it. (He doesn’t like people knowing tat he actually accepted one of their gifts) He rushed out of his apartment, looking for a certain girl with pink hair.
With Sakura……………………………………………….
Why can’t I let go of him, why? Why is it so easy with other guys, but it’s so hard to deal with him? Nande?
She kept asking herself over and over again why it was so hard to let go of him as she started to go home. She was the hostess of it, so they must be worried if she doesn’t get home soon, but someone called from behind her.
“Matte yo Sakura-chan!” it shouted.
Sakura turned around expecting Naruto to be there, but surprisingly, it was Sasuke. What surprised her even more was that he called her Sakura-chan. Hmph! She thought as she turned around again, heading home.
“Chyotto matte kudasai!” he exclaimed back.
Sakura didn’t turn around again. He seemed oblivious to her, but she was trying to ignore him for the time being, before she got crushed anymore, but she couldn’t resist, so she stopped in her tracks, waiting for his footsteps to come to a halt as well. They did as Sasuke put his hand on her shoulder.
“Matte” he said softly trying to catch his breath. Sakura finally turned around, looking at the Uchiha. She crossed her arms, not wanting to show her sadness to him, and she did look quite angry.
“What do you want?” she demanded the answer from him. He stood up straight with a confused look after what she just said, but Sakura noticed the necklace around his neck. “Why’d you open it?” she demanded a second time.
“This, well-”
“Answer me!” she shouted. Unfortunately for her, more tears came down her face and unlike anyone else, Sasuke noticed them.
“Have you been crying all this time?” he asked politely. Sakura opened her eyes, but replied in a rude way.
“Why do you care so much? You hate me!”
“I never said I hated you”
“Never mind about that”
“Whatever! I have a party to go to!” she shot back as she started to walk away, but Sasuke heard her sob even more before she left, so he replied with a weird response.
“You can’t go without your boyfriend, ya know!”
Sakura became surprised, confused, and frustrated all at the same. “And who might that be?” she asked knowing that he would probably say ‘Naruto’ or ‘Lee’ but he didn’t. Instead he put his hand on her shoulder again and pulled her toward him, where their lips met, but she became confused again, but at the same time happy.
Sasuke pulled away and pulled her into a deep embrace where they stayed there for a peaceful minute, in the rain. Now both of them were soaking wet, but they didn’t care, and Sasuke spoke up.
“Me” he answered as his thumb gently wiped off the remaining tears off her face. Now she looked even more beautiful, aside from the fact that she was still wet. She smiled softly and whispered in his ear, “Arigatou” he smiled back and took her wrist running off into the distance.
“Now c’mon! I wanna show everyone what I got for my birthday” he said cheerfully. She laughed a little, and liked the idea. Even though it wasn’t her birthday, she felt like she was the one who received the biggest gift. Her feeling reminisced with the events that happened to today. She thought of the three best ways to describe them.
Seemingly happy
And finally…………………………………………………………………………Painfully Blissful

SasuSaku story 3

They say love always finds its way. I thought I never needed love... Until that very

important one in my life appeared. What I thought for love before changed. Sakura,

I love you more than my life. I neeed you more than my revenge to Itachi. Please

don't leave me alone...

It was almost dark when we started to walk home. It was snowing, as well.

"Sayonara, Sakura-chan, Sasuke-san!" Naruto shouted.

Sakura just waved at him and started following me. "What do you want?" I asked.

"Nothing, just thought I could walk you to your home!" the pink-haired girl said and

placed that usual smile. I felt so annoyed at times when I'm with her.



Sakura stopped walking so did I. I did notice that she blushed a little, well, she

usually does.

"I'm just wondering..."

"Just get to the point, Sakura. I'm really tired."

"Well... In any way, do you like me or do you love me?"

I was shocked in what she just asked me. Why would she ask me that? I mean, okay,

so she DOES like me but... this?! You've got to be kidding me!

"Sakura, to be honest with you..."

"Hai, Sasuke-kun?"

"I don't like you or love you at all."

She looked shocked and her smile faded. She turned her back and walked slowly

and I heard her saying, "Is that so? Then... Uhmm... Konbanwa, Sasuke-kun." And

she vanished in the fog of the snow. I resumed my way home. But it looked hard for

her to take what I just told her. The next day...

"What's taking Kakashi-sensei so late?!" Naruto asked the Sakura and I.

She couldn't say a word when suddenly...

"Ah! I finally made it! Gomenasai, minna, I was late." Sir Kakashi greeted us with a


"Anyway, I'm sending you off for a mission. Well, the Hokage is having a meeting

with his subordinates and your object is to assure the Hokage's safety. Understood?"

Kakashi-sensei explained.

"Sounds simple!" Naruto exclaimed, full of excitement. A few hours later, we were

on our mission. Sakura was scouting while Naruto was sitting under a tree. I was

just on a lookout. I soon thought to check up on Sakura. I saw her stop near a cliff

when I said, "Hey, what're you doing? That's a cliff, you're not planning to jump, are


She faced me and replied, "Of course not! Why would I do..." All of a sudden, the

land that she was stepping on collapsed and I ran to catch her. But it was too late.

She fell down to the cliff and I climbed down the cliff carefully but quickly. When I got

there on the scene, I can see her blood scattered everywhere. I ran to her and she

was indeed unconscious. She was losing blood in her head and I shouted for Naruto.

Naruto just came in time and I shouted, "NARUTO, GO GET SOME HELP!!!" The

blonde-haired boy disappeared.

"Sakura, are you all right? C'mon, speak to me!"

She just let out a low moan and I felt this kind of feeling that I was afraid of loosing


On that day Sakura woke up in the hospital...

"Kakashi-sensei! Look she's awake!" Naruto told Sir Kakashi. "Oh, so she is!" he

replied. Sakura sat up on her bed in the hospital and looked at the three of us, full

of curiousity.

"Sakura, are you okay?" I asked the pink-haired girl.

"Sakura? Is that my name? Where am I? Where do I live? Who are you?" she told us.

Sir Kakashi, Naruto and I were shocked to hear these from her. She placed her

hands on her head and shook her head. Tears made their way from her eyes and

we can hear her saying, "Why?! Why is this happening to me?! I don't remember


"Oh, that's terrible news." Kakashi-sensei told us. The doctors explained to us what

happened. She's experiencing short-term amnesia. Their advice to us is to continue

our daily routines and she might eventually remember everything. Sakura was

released from the hospital two days later.

"Neh neh, Sakura-chan! Can we have ramen later?" Naruto asked her. She stopped

trying to get my attention at least.

"Really? Sure! I mean, why not?!"

I stopped walking with them and I was shocked with what I just heard. Sakura? She

agreed to go with Naruto? Now, that's weird! As far as I know, she would ask me if

I could eat with her and refuse everything Naruto asks her. But now? She just replied

a 'yes' to Naruto? You've got to be kidding me!

"What's wrong, Sasuke-san?" he asked me.


"Nothing. Just thinking." I replied.

Suddenly, Naruto shouted.

"What's wrong?" I asked.


"Then I'll come with you to get it!" she replied with that smile she used to show me.

Wait... In this situation, she would usually punch him in the head instead of coming

with him. She really changed.

"Err... I think you must go to the meeting place with Sasuke-san! I'll be back! See

ya! Oh and we can have ramen some other day! Forget about the one I told you a

while ago!!! Gotta go!!!" And he ran off towards his house.

"Naruto-kun! Chotto matte!!!!!!!"

"You heard him Sakura. He said he'll catch up. So let's go."

"Uhmm... Ha... Hai." she said with a trembling voice. That's so unusual of her. Why?

Is she scared of me? And she can't look straight at me. I'm not jealous of Naruto, am


"What's wrong with you thr... two? Leaving your poor old teacher alone by himself."

Kakashi-sensei greeted us as he returned his book in his pocket. We were at the

meeting place.

"AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Gomenasai, Kakashi-sensei!!! I'm late!!!" Naruto came running

inside the room exhausted.

"Where have you been?"

"Gomen, gomen!!!! I forgot my kunais at home and..."

"That's enough. Okay our lesson for today is..."

But I wasn't listening to Sir Kakashi. I was looking at Sakura who changed. By the

end of the day, I followed her home.

"Uhmm... Why... are... you... following... me?" she told me, still with that trembling


"Following? I'm not. I live near your house." Although I lived in the other side, I think

it's okay for her because she doesn't remember where I live.

"Sakura, are you afraid of me?"


"Huh, Sakura?"


"Are you?"

"Nn... Err... Hai."


"I dunno the real reason but... I think your heart is cold and whenever you stare at

something, you look so serious and I don't like the feeling when I'm with a serious


I don't know why but I suddenly hugged her.


"Please don't desert me, Sakura. I love you."

"Get away from me!!! Get away from me!!!"

I let her go and I noticed that she was crying. She slapped me on the face and she

ran. It started to rain. I looked at the silver pavement and I feel so alone. I feel like as

if that sun in my life suddenly turned away. The next day... I woke up early as usual

and walked my way to the meeting place. Suddenly, I heard a scream. As I reached

the place where I heard the scream, I saw Sakura on the ground with a branch of a

tree on her. I removed the branch and I tapped her cheeks a bit.

"Sakura! Sakura, can you hear me?!"

She opened her eyes and blushed.

"Sa... Sasuke-kun?!!"

"What? Why? Is there something wrong?"

"No! Why am I with you?"

"Because an old branch of a tree just fell on you and you became unconscious.

Can't you remember it?"

"No. But I do feel a bit weird. And I heard you telling me not to leave you and you

love me. Is that true? What day is it? I can't remember anything that happened to me

a few days ago."

"Sakura! You're back!"

"Huh? Back? Where was I? I don't remember going anywhere except our meeting

place with Naruto and Sir Kakashi."

I hugged her tight and I felt that sun coming back to my life. She placed her hands

around my neck and I was so happy that she's back.

"You won't leave me right?"

"Sasuke-kun, I'll never leave you."

"Sakura, I lied to you when you asked me if I love you. Gomenasai."

"You mean?..." she stared in my eyes and she blushed. I smile at her for the first


"Aishiteru, Sakura."


"Sakura, do you love me?"

"Do you still ask me that? Isn't it obvious?"

I moved towards her and kissed her. I finally told her how I feel for her. Tears fell

from her eyes and I wiped it with my hands.

"Sasuke-kun, I love you, too."

So it was true. The saying that love always finds its way. And I'm glad that the power

of love made Sakura and I close to each other. I never knew love was so strong.

Sakura and I made our promises to each other. That we'll never leave one another

even if we die. Sakura, I'll love you forever. You're the only one I love. My one and

only... Haruno Sakura.

SasuSaku story 4 (yay I have the title and writer!)

You Got Tricked, Sasuke!
By Celestartial Blossoms

The night of March 27…
Everything around the vicinity of the room where its dweller rested was filled with silence. Even the night crickets were quiet and couldn’t be heard. Darkness covered the whole area and only a small extent of moonlight penetrated it. That tiny amount of moonlight vaguely illuminated the figure of a twenty one year-old raven-haired boy who was currently looking at the ceiling with both hands under his unruly hair. He couldn’t sleep for almost two hours now. He was in a deep thought of what was going to happen tomorrow. This was where his dilemma lies.
‘What will I give her for her birthday tomorrow?’ This question had been plaguing his mind since earlier when his comrade (and rival) reminded him of her birthday tomorrow.
‘Arrgh… Damn Sakura for making me think this hard…’ he thought as he ran his right hand on his already messy hair.
“Think Sasuke. Think!” he recited repeatedly like a mantra.
After what he seemed like a gazillion years, he suddenly sat up on his bed and grinned proudly. His dilemma was solved. His gift would definitely top all the other gifts of her damn to hell suitors. With that thought, he finally felt at peace and enjoyed his well deserved sleep.
The most awaited day March 28…
Sakura woke up late than usual. Typically, she would reprimand herself and be in panic mode for the reason that her sensei, the fifth Hokage, doesn’t tolerate late apprentices. Besides, being late meant lesser techniques she could manage to learn in their everyday training sessions. However, today was different. She didn’t need to worry about these things because Tsunade-sama had given her a day-off but that couldn’t stop her from helping at the hospital where medic-nins like her were mostly needed. She smiled as she stretched her arms remembering her sensei’s words to her yesterday.
“Since you’ve been working hard and straining yourself lately… I’ll give you the day-off tomorrow. What do you say?”
“Thank you, Tsunade-same…”
“You’re very welcome, Sakura… Happy birthday!”
She got up from her fluffy bed, wore her bunny slippers and checked her clock located just above her drawer. She still had an hour and a half to prepare her breakfast (since she’d been leaving alone in her apartment from the time when she turned eighteen) and get ready for her hospital duties. She walked towards her window and opened the curtain. Bright light from the sun peeked through her now opened window as the wind blew past her and swayed her pastel pink hair at her sides. If any of her myriad suitors would look at her right now, their jaws would probably drop for she looked like an angel that came from heaven.
‘I hope this day would become perfect as it looked.’ With that single thought, she headed for her door and proceeded to prepare her breakfast.
It took her about an hour and fifteen minutes to get ready to leave for the hospital. She wore her shoes and left her home after checking for the third time that she locked it properly. It wasn’t because she was getting paranoid that she did that. She’s just too sure that her suitors would leave some presents for her. That happened every time now.
She didn’t sense the presence of a man in a crouching position gazing at her which was positioned just above her roof. The man smirked and waited for the pink-haired girl to disappear from his view. He didn’t want her to see what he’s about to do.
Later that afternoon, Sakura finally decided to take some rest since this was a special holiday for her and besides, her fellow medic-nins had been bugging her all day that she didn’t have any peace at all. She bid goodbye to them and journeyed towards the entrance of the hospital. The moment she stepped outside, she immediately saw the silhouette of a guy her age leaning against the trunk of an ancient Cherry blossom tree. She eyed him with curious eyes and saw that his lean and strong arms were crossed and were near his muscular chest. His spiky, unruly hair swayed with the breeze. Upon closer examination, she saw that his eyes were closed and his handsome face was very relaxed. She blushed when he sensed her, then, opened his obsidian eyes and looked at her before giving his infamous smirk.
“What are you doing there, Sasuke-kun?” she finally inquired.
“Waiting for you.” He replied with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. It really annoyed him when she always questioned that to him. It’s as if he wasn’t always walking her home every SINGLE day. He’d been doing that ever since he returned to Konoha and realized that she meant more to him than just being a friend.
Sasuke put his hands inside his pockets and walked ahead of her. It took her a good whole minute to catch up with him. Then, she smiled knowing that she really enjoyed his presence. It meant more to her than what he might give her today. But the question was, would he?
They reached her house after a couple of minutes of walking and having a short conversation every now and then. They immediately froze when they saw the tons of gifts lying on her front yard. It grew a large of number compared to last year’s. Sakura was without a doubt very flattered while the shinobi at her back was smirking at the same time twitching his eyes.
‘How dare those damn to hell suitors of hers give her these gifts when in fact they knew that she only belonged to me. But, then, they wouldn’t have a chance since I’ve given her the best present a guy could give to her…’
He was brought back to reality when she said that she needed help in bringing that mountain of presents inside her apartment. Immediately after all the gifts were brought inside, she sat down on her pinkish couch and opened them one by one. She failed to notice the box covered with blue shining wrapper tied with white ribbon which was lying on her coffee table. This fact irritated her companion but decided to remain silent and watch her from her side as he positioned himself leaning on the wall with his arms crossed on his chest.
After an hour of opening presents, so far she got twenty bouquets of flowers bought from Yamanaka flower shop, plenty of personalized cards, a pink rabit-ty bank, picture frames, ribbons in different hues, a cook book, pearl bracelets, strawberry cake from Tenten, a silk dress from Hinata, a box of ramen from Naruto, a weird-looking stuff from Lee, and others more. Now, she was finally down with one more gift to open. She picked it up from the floor and read the card that was attached to it. It came from Kakashi.
“What could this be…?” she asked more to herself than to her companion. But nonetheless, he answered.
“Just open it!” he retorted impatiently.
‘When will she notice my gift already?’ he thought losing his temper. But Sakura only paid no heed to him. Then, she opened her gift and not less than a minute, her face became aghast to what she’s holding at right now. He, too, had the same look as her.
“You better not USE it, Sakura!” He growled as a vein popped on his head.
“You betcha.” She agreed with lots of veins popping all at once.
‘DAMN KAKASHI FOR GIVING ME A SPECIAL EDITION OF ICHA ICHA PARADISE!’ Her inner self threw a fit on her head with a matching wild fire in her eyes.
After a minute, she calmed down and decided to place the orange book together with her other presents. She looked around to look if she missed to open a single gift. Her eyes landed on a blue-covered box on top of her coffee table.
‘Finally she noticed…’ he thought while smirking at her side.
She stood up and got it. Then, she sat back down and began looking for a card or something. When she found none, she just opened it and marveled at the beauty of the silver necklace inside it. The necklace was shaped like a heart with gold linings and tiny diamonds to emphasize its shape. There’s a smaller heart in the middle which was formed out of diamonds. All in all, it was just perfect.
“It’s so beautiful! Don’t you think so, Sasuke-kun?” she smiled and continued staring at it.
“Hn.” He just replied while closing his obsidian eyes to hide his surging emotions. He smirked as he opened an eye and stared at her from the side. He could see that she really liked the present he had placed on the table right after she left to do her duties. With the blue wrapper and the white ribbon which symbolizes him, he was sure that she would know easily who it came from even without any card and dedication. But, unfortunately, he was wrong.
“Who could this be from?” she asked as she placed her right hand below her chin while her other hand held the precious gift securely.
He stood straight with eyes matching those of saucers obviously surprised that she didn’t figure that out. And there he was, totally proud of his wonderful creation that he’d been bragging about with his inner self.
‘I… I thought…she knew me that much…but I guess… I’m wrong… But, an UCHIHA never goes wrong!’ he thought with a bit of disappointment in his voice but more on with a tone of superiority.
‘Damn, Sakura! You better figure out that it came from me soon or else…’ he cussed.
‘But, you can’t DO anything from her. Am I right?’ his inner self retorted.
“Just shut up!” he said aloud causing Sakura to be a bit surprised with his words.
“But, I wasn’t saying anything…” Her voice grew softer as she bowed her head down, her bangs totally covering her emerald eyes.
Sasuke felt sorry to what he did but immediately dismissed his thought when she interrupted him, her forlorn façade changing abruptly to her usual cheery demeanor.
“Who could this be from?…” she repeated her question and pondered about it.
“… the blue wrapper and white ribbon clearly stated that it came from a man…” she murmured softly but Sasuke heard it loud and clear.
He nodded.
“… the necklace is full of real diamonds which means that the guy must be awfully rich…” she continued.
He nodded again.
“… the necklace is heart in shape… meaning… whoever gave me this precious thing must… love me… in a way…” she blushed.
He nodded and fought the urge to blush.
“… I’m sure it didn’t come from Lee-san… he can’t afford it…”
‘Damn right, you are!’
“… I’m also sure that it didn’t come from Kiba-kun…”
‘The dog-boy is DEAD!’
“… Shino-kun?… Hmmm… out of the question… It also didn’t come from him… he just isn’t the type who would give this kind of gift…”
‘Even the sunglass freak!’
“… Could it be from Gaara-san?”
“What!” he yelled out loud as he was counting the guys that he would severely punish. Again, Sakura didn’t pay attention to his outburst and just continued what she’s doing.
“… No. He possibly can’t because he’s still at his village… Who else?”
‘Grrrrrr, Sakura! Just how many are your DAMN TO HELL suitors!’
“… I know!” A glowing bulb appeared on top of her head. She stood up and faced his standing figure with the gift still on her hands. She flashed him one of her brightest smiles.
“Finally…” He sighed in relief while looking directly at her emerald orbs. Their eyes met for a minute but then, she tore her gaze away from him and proceeded to go to the door. He looked really irritated as he followed her. When she was about to open the door, he caught her wrist and turned her around so that she could face him.
“Where exactly do you think you are going!” he snapped tightening his hold on her wrist.
“I am just going to say my thanks to the guy who gave me this gift…” she eyed him innocently with a smile that never failed to leave her face since earlier.
“And who exactly is the guy you’re talking about!” his eyes turned quickly into red with three commas appearing in them, jealousy finally taking control of him.
“It’s Neji-kun!” she blushed.
“OKAY, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” he snarled taking her two wrists upon his calloused hands.
“Huh?” she replied meekly as she brought her face to look up at him. She could see that he was absolutely jealous. Her plan was a success!
“I was the one who give you that gift not that white-eyed freak!” he, at last, confessed to her the truth.
“Now, now Sasuke-kun, there’s no need for you to tell a lie.” She released her right hand from his grasp and waved it right at him to emphasize her point. His crimson eyes grew darker, fiercer and deadlier. Everybody must have been terrified by now if he was looking like that to them… but not her. He bent down his head, his bangs covering his eyes.
‘Just control yourself, Sasuke!’ he repeated on his head again and again.
Seeing that this little trick of hers was already enough, she smirked at him and then stifled a laugh that would erupt any time soon. Sasuke heard her and looked directly at her. He was flabbergasted and confused. His sharingan eyes turned back to normal. Noticing this, she at first giggled at his reaction. Then, she laughed so hard that she clutched her stomach with her free hand. When her outburst subsided, she decided to confess to him the whole truth.
“… I know you’re the one who gave me this gift… smiling at him It’s pretty obvious, you know… But then, I thought that it would be so funny to make you jealous that’s why I pretended not to know that ---”
He didn’t let her finish her explanation as he caught her wrist and pinned her to the door. She was so surprised with his actions that she began to panic.
“Sasuke-kun… what are… you---” she murmured softly, panic clearly evident on her voice.
“This is what I should have done since I first saw you today…” he mouthed to her those words as his onyx eyes looked right through her panic-stricken jade eyes. He moved his face closer to hers, their foreheads barely touching.
She didn’t have time to finish whatever she was going to say as his mouth captured her own into a sweet, gentle kiss that soon turned into a passionate, possessive-filled kiss. After what seemed like eternity from both of them, they at last released themselves from the embrace but still close enough that they could feel the warmth emitted by their partner’s body. Sasuke inhaled the intoxicating scent of Sakura utterly enjoying her smell. He gingerly held her right hand and brought it up closer to his face never leaving his gaze from hers. Then, he eyed the silver ring with gold linings on it that was located on her ring finger. He fixed his gaze back to her again as he spoke.
“… Never do that again, understand?” he said in a husky voice.
She nodded her head and smiled sweetly to him. He, too, returned her smile with one of his own. Then, he got hold of his gift and brought it out of its container. He unclasped the lock and turned her around. He placed her long, silky, rosette hair on her side and put the necklace securely around her neck. After that, his hands traveled down her arms and encircled them on her waist. He pulled her into an embrace and she leaned back against him. He drew his face near her ear which caused her to shiver slightly. She blushed even though he did that countless of times already. Then, he whispered in her ear these words before he claimed her mouth again…
“Happy birthday, Haruno Sakura… or should I say in the near future… Uchiha Sakura.”

SasuSaku story 5

“Do you really have to go?”
“Why can’t they send someone else? You’re not the only person capable of doing this mission!”
“We’ve been over this.”
“But its suicide!”
Onyx locked onto jade and hardened considerably.
Tears swelled up in her eyes as she tried to fight against them. Sakura dropped her chin and glared at the ground. “I still don’t understand-”
“I’m the only one who knows the complete layout of the base. It’s suicidal enough. If we didn’t know the area then we would all be dead.”
“That’s enough Sakura.” Sasuke voice was cold as he turned back to his pack and finished checking for all of his weapons.
Sakura let out a small growl and snapped her head up as she sent a deadly glare Sasuke’s way.
“Fine. Kill yourself.” Sakura bit out before turning on her heel and walking out of the room.
Sasuke let out a sigh before pulling the pack on and grabbing the white cloak and porcelain wolf’s mask.
He exited the bedroom and headed towards the kitchen, where he set his things on the counter before heading into the living room where the pink haired kunoichi sat, glaring at the wall.
Sakura didn’t look up when Sasuke sat down beside her. She continued to glare at the wall until she felt a strong, gloved hand grasp her own fisted one. Jade eyes fell to the floor in front of her feet as silence passed over the two.
“I’m a captain. We both knew the dangers when I accepted.” Sasuke said quietly, breaking the silence.
“I know.” Whispered Sakura. “But I don’t have to like it.”
Sasuke stood and gently pressed his lips to Sakura’s forehead before walking in the kitchen and putting on his mask and cape. As he walked to the door, he was stopped by an embrace from behind.
“Come back, alive or I’ll find you, bring you back to life, and kill you myself.” Sakura snapped as she continued to fight off the tears.
Sasuke smirked, successfully suppressing a chuckle, and turned in Sakura’s embrace. He tenderly kissed Sakura’s lips before pulling away and exiting the small apartment.
“Are you ready, Teme?” Naruto snickered as he playfully punched the Uchiha in the arm, fox mask in hand and black cloak draped over his shoulders and pack.
Sasuke rolled his eyes and turned to the other two members of their team.
“Hyuuga. Aburame. Are you ready?” Sasuke asked emotionlessly.
Both males replied with a sharp nod before following behind the Uchiha with Naruto taking up the rear as the dashed through the trees.
“It will take two days to get there. We’ll stop once the sun sets for the night.” Sasuke informed the group.
“What is the exact objective?” Shino’s voice replied.
“Take out any enemy shinobi in the base. We’re ending this war before it starts.” Sasuke’s voice was cold and solemn.
They all knew the risks. Four ANBU taking out a Sound base that could hold anywhere from five to a five hundred enemy shinobi didn’t offer great odds of returning in one piece. But it had to be done.
Since Sasuke had returned two years ago, when he was sixteen, after killing his brother, Tsunade had been sending out team after team to dispose of any Sound bases that were rebuilding themselves. Unfortunately, Kabuto was still out there, and there was no doubt in any one’s mind that he was going to rebuild Oto to its former “glory” and take all the power for himself. He had already attacked Konoha three times in two years with small militias of shinobi. But now, word had come in that Kabuto had succeeded in setting up bases through out the Rice Country and was slowly building his armies. If Konoha didn’t stop the Yakushi soon, then there would be an inevitable war between the two countries.
This is how Sasuke, Naruto, Neji, and Shino had wound up on this mission. A mission report from Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, Kiba, and Hinata from when they returned from their “recon and destroy” mission from deep within Sound’s borders, had stated that there was an unnamed base that was being operated within Fire Country’s boundaries. It stated that there were many high level ninja there, but there was not an exact amount. The report had gone on to talk about the advance security measures and training that was being done inside the base, and the it was supposedly where Kabuto was staying, for now, as he worked on his plans to attack Konoha once again. With further recon, Sasuke led a team, which consisted of Tenten, Kiba, and Rock Lee, and found that the base did in fact exist and that it was actually an old temple that had been abandoned a long time.
Lucky for Konoha, it was a temple that Sasuke new very well from his childhood.
So, Tsunade put together a four man cell to send in to terminate the base.
Neji, Shino, Naruto, and Sasuke were the only people qualified for the job.
“We’ll stop here for the night.” Sasuke finally called out as he jumped down in to the clearing while the three other males followed his lead. “Set up camp.”
The only voice you could hear was Naruto’s as he attempted to start a conversation with the three stoic shinobi.
“Naruto. Stop. Talking.” Neji finally bit out. He was on edge. Neji, especially, didn’t like the odds of them not returning.
“We’ll take turn for watches. I’ll call the first.” Sasuke informed the males.
“Second.” Shino put in.
“Third.” Neji said next.
“That leaves me with the last.” Naruto shrugged.
“We leave at dawn. That would be nearly ten hours. Each shift will be two and a half hours.” Sasuke commanded.
Three simultaneous answered replied before they went on their way making dinner and finishing the set up of their camp.
“Hey, wanna go get lunch?”
Sakura filed away the last report before taking off her white lab coat and following Tenten out of her office in the hospital.
“Where are we going?” Sakura asked as they walked past the ramen stand that she usually went to for lunch.
“I found the cutest little café up the block that I wanted to try.” Tenten smiled as she led the way to the restaurant.
Tenten and Sakura had gotten extremely close over the two and a half years that Naruto was away. They, along with Hinata and Ino, had often trained together and went out from brunch on shared days off and after missions. Both Sakura and Tenten found it nice to have a female to hang out with; it was a nice get-away from their male comrades who, more or less, where either emotionless, or just a plain pain in the ass.
After they had been seated, both girls immediately ordered their food and waited for it to come.
“I heard that Neji was on the team that went to take down the base Kabuto had set up.” Sakura started after a moment of silence.
“Yeah. I all but got on my knees to beg him not to go. But, you know Neji. I swear that husband of mine has the biggest stick up his ass. It could probably rival the size of his ego.”
Both girls laughed at Tenten’s comment.
Tenten and Neji had married only a year earlier at the age of eighteen, just after Hinata denounced the title of clan leader and passed it to her cousin, officially ridding the Hyuuga of the branch family. Neji, at first decline the title, but after Hanabi reassured him that she didn’t want the responsibility, Neji accepted and then got married.
“Yes, well, I’m almost positive that it’s smaller then Sasuke’s.” Sakura sighed as the waitress came with their tea.
“Then there’s Naruto. I feel bad for them. Naruto can get to obnoxious sometimes.” Tenten snorted as she took a sip of her tea before adding the right amount of sugar and honey to it.
“I agree. But at least there’s Shino. I’m sure he would keep Naruto in order.” Sakura laughed.
There food was brought to them soon after and, for the most part, they ate in silence.
After their lunch was eaten, Sakura and Tenten paid before slowly walking back towards the hospital.
“You know, I’m really worried.” Tenten finally confessed.
“I know. So am I.”
“Do you think they’ll make it?”
“They better. All four of them better.”
“Naruto! Behind you!”
Naruto quickly spun on his heel and stabbed his kunai into the enemy’s chest before yelling a ‘thanks’ to Sasuke, who was busy with his own opponents.
“Sasuke! Twenty more are on route!” Neji yelled across the clearing as he kicked another dead shinobi to the ground below him.
“I sense them.” Sasuke replied.
In the morning, they had set out once again. By mid-day, the base had come into sight and the team began to formulate a plan. Unfortunately, by mere coincidence, one of the Sound shinobi came across them and so began the assault. More and more enemy shinobi were coming from the temple turned base, and Sasuke was starting to wonder if there really was five hundred ninja.
“Last wave. Ten more on route!” Neji reported.
“Don’t leave to greet them. They’ll come to us.” Sasuke commanded.
“Here they come!” Naruto yelled as the swarm stampeded into the clearing and began their endless attacks.
“Hey.” Sakura looked up as Tenten walked into her office and took a seat on the couch.
“Hey. What’s up?” Sakura asked as she continued writing out a report on one of her patients who had a hemorrhage on his inner thigh.
“Nothing. I just came from Hinata’s. She’s a mess; unbelievably worried for Naruto and stressing out way to much. Ino was there, but I don’t know if she was doing any good. Shikamaru has been away the last three weeks and apparently is two days over due.” Tenten reported as she laid back and closed her eyes.
“Sometimes it makes me wonder why we chose this for ourselves.” Sakura sighed.
“What do you mean?” Tenten asked confused.
“The ninja lifestyle. Endless killing, always unsure if you are going to be alive the next day. Loved ones go missing for days, even weeks, at times and you have no idea where they are. It difficult.”
“That’s why there is only a select few who are able to do it.”
Sakura nodded her head before closing the file and setting it in her desk.
“When do you think the boys will be back?” Tenten asked as she opened one eye to look at Sakura.
“Soon, hopefully.” Sakura replied as she heard a commotion coming from outside her office.
Suddenly her door burst open and a frantic nurse appeared.
“Haruno-san! You’re needed in surgery immediately! An ANBU team returned and their badly injured!”
“Shit!” Sakura took off with Tenten hot on her heels.
In the lobby was a picture nether girl would ever forget. Sasuke was supporting Shino while Naruto had collapsed and Neji was being loaded onto a gurney. They were all bloodied and cut up. The worst off was probably Shino.
His skin was a deathly pale and strange red rashes were appearing all over his body. A long gash ran across his stomach up to his right shoulder and his cat mask dangled off of his chest armor.
Naruto was probably better of then the others. He was cut, bruised, bloody, and had a nasty gash above one eye, but for the most part, it didn’t look like he was severely injured. The biggest toll on his body was the chakra depletion.
Neji was grimacing in pain at the large stab wound that was in his stomach. His left arm was twisted in a way that shouldn’t even be possible and he was covered in blood. Even his long chocolate hair was matted with dirt, sweat, and blood. In his right hand was his eagle mask clenched within his fist.
Sasuke looked the worst, only second to Shino. He was breathing heavily and was extremely shaky on his legs. Massive amounts of blood was still flowing from a horrific head wound on the right side of his skull and there was a deep cut that ran from his right shoulder down to the bottom of the left shoulder blade, on his back. There was a clear impression that his right shoulder was dislocated and he, too, was a deathly pale.
Sakura didn’t miss a beat in getting the situation under control.
“Call Tsunade and Shizune and have them in here stat! Send Hyuuga to O.R. 1, Aburame to O.R. 2, and Uchiha to O.R. 3. Have Uzumaki be sent to examination room 7 and have him checked immediately.” Sakura rushed to Shino’s free side and took him from Sasuke, who looked like he was ready to pass out. “I need three gurney’s stat!”
The three gurneys were brought over and each male was placed out one. The moment Sasuke had laid down he lost consciousness while Neji still groaned in pain and Shino was wavering in between.
Tenten stood completely frozen with horror at the sight of what was happening.
As Sakura passed her as she was going with Sasuke to the operation room, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Sakura knew how it felt to not be able to do anything. “Tenten go get Hinata and tell her that Naruto is in the hospital and I personally promise that he will make it. Neji and Shino too.” Sakura called out to her, deliberately ignoring to say that Sasuke would be alright. Deep down, Sakura knew that Sasuke was fighting for his life and that that may not be enough to save him.
Once inside the operation room, Sakura immediately got to work healing all of Sasuke’s injuries. “I need four bags of AB blood.” She commanded.
A nurse ran out of the room to get the blood bags as ordered while Sakura continued to push her chakra through Sasuke’s body.
“Come on.” Sakura chanted as she began to heal the wound on Sasuke’s head, which seemed to be the worst.
“Haruno-san! Aburame-san’s heart rate just plummeted.” A nurse said frantically as she rushed into the operation room.
“Shit. Where’s Tsunade and Shizune?” Sakura demanded.
“On their way.” The nurse replied.
“Take over.” Sakura commanded one of the doctors as she ran into the next room.
She immediately began to send her chakra through Shino’s body to find what was wrong with him. It appeared that one of his ribs was shattered and he had a punctured lung. Then Sakura let out a horrified gasp.
“His bugs are eating him alive!” Sakura nearly shrieked.
“What?” The doctor closest to her nearly had a heart attack. “How can that be?”
“Send enough chakra through with the proper jutsu and you can rewire the bugs’ way of thinking.” Sakura replied as she did rapid hand signs. ‘Please work.’
She slammed her hands down on Shino’s chest and for a split second his entire body flashed green. A second later, his heart rate stabilized, but was still not beating fast enough, and his breathing began smoother.
Sakura began to heal the damaged lung and fixed the rib as best as she could under the circumstances.
“What did you do?” The doctor asked confused.
“Rewired the bugs.” Sakura replied in a flat voice as she continued to heal the damaged organs. ‘Well I guess I figured out where the rash came from.’
“Sakura, I’ll take over.” Sakura turned to see that Tsunade had entered the room. “Shizune is covering Neji.”
“Alright.” Sakura quickly briefed Tsunade as she walked towards Sasuke’s room.
Once she was back in Sasuke’s room, she had the nurses roll Sasuke onto his side so Sakura could heal the nasty gash on his back. After nearly an hour she was ready to move onto his should and relocated it.
Finally after nearly four hours, Sakura stumbled out of the operating room, almost completely depleted of chakra, and made her way towards the waiting room in search of Tenten. Instead, she found a worried Kakashi, Naruto, and Hinata.
“Naruto, aren’t you supposed to be in a…bed….somewhere?” Sakura asked as she rubbed her temples.
“I wanted to wait.” Naruto replied completely seriously. “Shizune already came out and said that Neji would be okay; Tenten’s with him now. Tsunade hasn’t come out yet. How are they?”
“Sasuke’s alive.” Sakura smiled weakly as Kakashi and Naruto both looked like they just had a load taken off their shoulders. “I don’t know about Shino. I think he’s fine. When Tsunade-sama took over he was stable.”
“That’s good.” Naruto sighed loudly.
“Are you okay?” Kakashi questioned as he watched the wary girl.
“I’m just low on chakra. I’ll survive.” Sakura once again smiled weakly before turning around. “You guys can visit Sasuke once he’s been moved to recovery.”
Three more hours passed before Tsunade came out of the operating room, with help from Shizune and a nurse, stating that Shino was alive but in bad shape. “It’ll just take him time to heal.” Was what she said.
Naruto and Kakashi had come into see Sasuke, who had not woken yet, while Hinata went to see her cousin and teammate. Tenten was ecstatic that Neji was alive and wouldn’t stop thanking Shizune. Neji was the only one other then Naruto who was awake.
After a while, Kakashi had decided that it was time for Naruto to leave the hospital, so he stupidly treated the young man to ramen at Ichiraku. Hinata and Tenten had decided to join them; the former only going because she was going to get some from her husband.
While they went out to eat, Sakura stayed planted beside Sasuke’s bed, gripping his hand as she silently cried and prayed for him to wake up.
“Why didn’t you just listen to me, you stupid man.” Sakura growled as she gripped his hand harder.
“’I’m the only one’, my ass.” Sakura stood up and then sat on the bed beside Sasuke. “You better wake up. You remember what I said.”
Sakura felt tears running down her cheeks as she brushed raven locks from Sasuke’s forehead. “I love you. Please don’t die.” She whispered as she kissed his forehead gently.
“I…won’t…” Sakura jumped off the bed when she heard the words that Sasuke barely whispered.
“You’re awake?” She asked happily.
“Hn.” He groaned.
Sakura embraced him in a tight hug, completely forgetting about his injuries. You scared me. Don’t do that again.” She commanded.
“I’m sorry.” Sasuke whispered in turn.
“You should be.” Sakura whipped away the free tears and gently kissed Sasuke’s lips.
“I love you."
“I love you, too. Promise you’ll never leave me.”
“I promise.”

The end

hope ya like them minna =)

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Hehe ive these stories about a hundred times already. x] I love the first one. Haha she hit him with a mop.

Oooooooo! And i request more!

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