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"Hey Ruka-pyon, let's go to Central Town!" squealed a 15 year-old brunette after their class. Ruka blushed at the sudden invitation and went all red. On the other hand, our cool flame-caster glared at Mikan who was obviously clueless about the cold stare he starts to emit. "B-but..W-wh-why all of a s-s-sudden?" Ruka stuttered, getting cold shivers from the intense stare he was from the raven-haired man. "Actually..." Mikan leaned in closer, making Ruka blushed...and making the curtains on fire courtesy of Natsume. Everyone who witnessed the scene was surprised at the motion...then later fond out that she was actually whispering something on Ruka's ear.

"Uh-oh...we're in for a big ticket to a drama movie..." Nonoko gasped after helping the others put off the fire. All of them knew what was happening, and that situation gave them bad vibes.
"Oh really? To what cinema?" Koko, being playful as he is, said though he knew what was her girlfriend (*yes, didn't heard me wrong! *)
Sumire took her stance and smacked the mind reader straight to his head, "She wasn't talking literaly, idiot!"
At the Central Town
"Heck, Why am I following them?" Natsume asked himself as he discreetly watched Mikan and Ruka coming in and out of each and every store in Central Town. All right, All right! He was jealous...even himself could figure that out. He got tired of his anxiousness and entered the store where the two recently entered. Luck by time, Mikan was at the long line from the cashier purchasing something that our Kuro Neko couldn't see. He quickly tugged Ruka's yellow t-shirt and whisphered madly, "And since when did the both of you started to go out?!" Ruka jumped back wildly and stuttered his best friends name.

"Oi! Answer my question!" Natsume demanded, his cold eyes growing more intense. Ruka understood what his best friend meant. He sighed and showed a look of dissappointment, "I'm sorry...", he said "but I can't tell you the reason why we're here. Rest assured, this is not what you're thinking about---"
"And what else would you like me to think about, huh?! Spill the beans already--"

"Ah! N-N-Natsume? Y-You're here?" Mikan exclaimed after coming back with a shopping bag on her hand..well, it wasn't actually a simple bag...It was a ecorated paper bag with a colorful tag tied in a ribbon attached to it (*could you guess what this is about? ) "You!" Natsume shouted, scaring the hell out of the customers out of the store and making the employees hide underneath the counter table. Natsume saw the paperbag and quickly took it from her, "Having fun, aren't we?" he stated in a cold voice.

He threw the paperbag out of the window and unto the bushes beside it. Mikan's auburn eyes started to overflow with tears as she shouted, "Natsume, you big jerk!", she ran out of the isolated store...her chestnut hair flinging in all directions from her speed and the cold wind...
"Natsume, listen to me first... we weren't going out like you expected." Ruka said, his voice almost pleading for his attention.
"Then what is it?" Natsume demanded, completely forgot that the blond in front of him was his best friend.
"You haven't...realized what this day is, don't you?" Ruka asked him. He volunteered himself to grab the paperbag otside and hand it to Natsume. "Read the greeting card" Ruka said.

As Natsume skimmed the letters ot of the card, his eyes budged open. He couldn't belive that he was soo cruel to the love of his life when she was actually thinking about her.
"I got to go apologize to her..." Natsume said


"Mikan...Mikan!" Natsume called as he knocked the door of Mikan's special star room. Mikan ignored him and continued to sulk under her blankets. The quiet place inside the room was disturbed when the flamecaster forced the door open. Nothing came new to Mikan...he always did that when he was mad at her, only this time, it wasn't his reason.

Natsume laid the paperbag on top of the bedside table and sat beside the lump form of Mikan under the blankets. Natsume sighed and pulled the covers away, revealing a poor brunette who battered her eyes with tears.
"I'm sorry, Mikan" Natsume apologized, letting his hand ran through the long strands of the brunette's hair.
"You big jerk..." Mikan almost said in a whisper, "you didn't gave me the chance to explain!"
Natsume leaned in closer and made the distance between them dissappear...yes, you've guessed it right... he kissed her...forehead! (*I'm not giving away that scene too early, you know*) The action made Mikan freeze to her bed and blush deep red.
"I know...that's why I came here to apologize. You came with Ruka to help you pick a gift for my birthday...Truth to be told, I don't know it's my birthday too, it sorta slipped through my mind..."
"That proves how big of a jerk you are" Mikan said, but not denoting the slightest bit of hatred, "you sure are forget your own birthday..."
"SoOo..." Mikan turned to her perky self and hummed. Natsume's face was buried in curiosity for two reasons: 1. Why is she humming like that? 2. How in the world did she switched to being a crybaby to a cheery clown?

"So?" Natsume asked
"Have you opened my present yet?" Mikan said, clearly ot of her cry-mode
"Not yet"
"Idiot! Go open it!" Mikan demanded, sitting up on the bed and shoving the paperbag to his hands. Natsume shrugged and opened the was an expensive watch that is only one-of-a-kind, it was also featured in print-ads all over the school. She must've got trouble finding this all over the town Natsume thought
"Natsume, Happy Bir--" Mikan was cut off when Natsume pulled her to a kiss. It was something that only lasted for minutes, yet seemed like an eternity for the both of them. When they finally pulled away, Mikan giggled and played a pout,
"I was supposed to greet you 'Happy Birthday', but you suddenly did that" Mikan said

"Hn..." Natsume murmured. He laid his body beside her and pulled the covers up above his body.
"H-Hey! What are you doing?" Mikan thought as he pulled her, making her body laid beside him.
"Think of this as your gift for me" Natsume said off-casually, pulling Mikan to an embrace
"I-I already gave you your gift!" Mikan pouted
"Just sleep." Natsume said. Before Mikan could complain, he stretched out his hand and turned off the lamp that was the only thing giving the room light.
"Good Night" Mikan said, letting the both of them drift to sleep

How was it?
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lols, yeah.
very sweet
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