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Hey! Say! JUMP collaborating with C-ute?!?!??!!?
Posted 5/2/08
have mercy, no!
I almost fainted when i saw the title of this thread and more in the vid.
it's a mixed vid of two PV's and it's a waste of time, as said.
the worst part about that was when they even dared to close-up on chii and put a thai/korean voice... in the "kaze wo kire" place.
Or at least i thought it was...

but anyways, they want to do it as their own so no biggie~
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Posted 5/4/08
LOL! That user is weird. Why would they mix a Chinese song with Japanese artists. xDDD But that was amusing. Haha. But that was just a Chinese vid with UMP. It'd be almost impossible for those 2 groups ever to collaborate eh? xDDD
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Posted 5/5/08
didn't like the video but i liked C-ute and hey say jump....but i don't want them to interact or collaborate with each other
Posted 5/6/08
Someone made it.

The video which shows:

Hey Say JUMP = Ultra Music Power.
One with C-ute = Namida No Iro.

If they really are they would at least make something new?

And the song definitely wasn't any of them singing.
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Posted 5/19/08
that's edited..the song "miz call" is not japanese..I don't want hey!say!jump and c-ute will be together because...(secret) hehe...
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