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Posted 4/16/08 , edited 4/17/08
One morning,while Amu was walking to school,she thought she saw someone behind her.
She turned around quickly and looked around.knowone was their so she slowly turned around and started walking back to school...

"Amu-chan!" said Ran "What's wrong?you keep turning around" She asked
"ya" said Suu
"Its nothing..." Amu answerd slowly
"Maybe your waiting for the prince,and Tadase!?" Said Miki in a lovestruck voice
"The prince is Tadase!"Amu yelled "And I'm not waiting,or looking for him!" Amu said in an annoyed voice.
Amu kept on walking even though she still felt like someone was following her.Finally she stopped and turned around "Who's their!" she yelled.knowone came out so she kept on walking but only a few seconds later she felt someone poke her,she turned around quickly and looked "Whats wrong Amu-chi?" asked Miki and the others....
"Someone's following us..." she said slowly "I can feel a way...and also for some reason the Humpty lock keeps shinning.." she said slowly "But who?" asked Suu in a delokit small voice "I don't know..." said Amu "H-Huh!?" she gasped "a-a tail....?" she studderd"a cat....?" she pointed and her arm shook
"AH!Amu-chan I sence a guardian chara" Miki gasped "so do I..." said Ran "I'm scared" winned Suu.
Suddenly Amu moved in front of her chara's and said"I know your their come out!!and you won't get hurt!"
Suddenly a boy with cat ears and a tail emmerged from the shadows of an aly "E-EH!!!" gasped Amu and her Chara's
"hello my name is Ikuto" suddenly the boy moved very quickly and pinned Amu to a brick wall
"Why do you have the Humpty lock?" he asked with curiosity on his face
"I-I got it from the guardians" Amu said slowly in a studder
"mmm- I guess they thought a person with three chara's would be special...." he said as he eyed Ran and the others.
Suddenly Amu felt a little angry
"their my friends I guess I would be special to them" she said angrily.
The boy seemed shocked for a second,then he moved away from Amu and walked off.He suddenly stopped and faced Amu
"this is interesting..." he said and then he jumped up onto a shops tent and went onto a building and ran off....
"W-what?" Amu said in a shocked voice


I hoped u like plz tell me if u like and if u'd like me to change somthing,or if u have any idea's for the next part of the side story :D

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