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Where'd you get that???
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hikari_hime wrote:

Where'd you get that???

the member evaluation thread for member description and the create ur zanpakto thread for that member's zp info.
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drascorpion77 wrote:

hikari_hime wrote:

Where'd you get that???

the member evaluation thread for member description and the create ur zanpakto thread for that member's zp info.

souka... and those duel stuff???
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taicho, requesting permission to build my own room...
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hikari_hime wrote:

drascorpion77 wrote:

hikari_hime wrote:

Where'd you get that???

the member evaluation thread for member description and the create ur zanpakto thread for that member's zp info.

souka... and those duel stuff???

the zanpakto that everyone makes n the gotei13 member info nothin more ty
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ItzJustJeremy wrote:

taicho, requesting permission to build my own room...

hmmmm.................ok i want ur assignment done n u got a deal! how about that?
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drascorpion77 wrote:

ItzJustJeremy wrote:

taicho, requesting permission to build my own room...

hmmmm.................ok i want ur assignment done n u got a deal! how about that?

hmm? what assignment? put it in my gb to make sure i get it lolz
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ItzJustJeremy wrote:

hmm? what assignment? put it in my gb to make sure i get it lolz

This guy is one step closer to being kicked in the ass
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1)Name: Seikon- which is the name of the Dragon
2)Command to release Shikai: Bring forth your strength and speed, Seikon!
3)Description of Shikai Form: HUGE, curved blade... very similar to a scimitar. Handle and hilt are blueish in color with a chinese kanji embedded in center of the hilt "Dragon". Blade is silver-blue in color. Also a Shield is formed in the off-hand of the wielder. The Shield is enough to cover the whole top portion of the body from the neck to the waist. Impenetratable, almost. Also blue-silver in color with Gold decorations and trimmings on the front of the shield.
4) Powers gained in Shikai: Increased and maximum overall defensive and attack performance. Almost impenetratable defense (because of the shield). As well as a HUGE increase in combat speed and "shunpo", flash-step. The shield can disperse ANY Kidou Effects on me(takes a lotta reistsu tho). Also, my shield can form a protective force-field made of pure spirit energy from my own powers. The sword can also be used to perform various manuevers and kidou-using attacks.
5) Powers gained in Bankai: Basically the physical manifestation of Seikon appears, BUT in Silver Dragon Seikon form; which is essentially a giant, silver chinese dragon which unmatched speed and of course power(naturally). Known as Seikon the Silver Dragon of Flash. The Dragon is my guardian, my protector and will assist me in defeating my opponent and will defend me, the wielder, with his life. The physical body form doesn't appear until the Dragon sees me incapcitated, that way it could defend me better.
6) Physical manifestation of Zanpaktou:
Two forms Seikon may take
Dragon Form- The Silver Dragon of Flash Seikon, basically a giant chinese dragon silver in color with bright, blue eyes.
Physical Body Form- The dragon takes the form of a man clad in an ancient armour resembling a dragon.... also his appearance is sort of reptilian MAINLY the eyes, because they are the eyes of a dragon which is Seikon's true form
7)Wielder: The current wielder is me. However, unlike many other zanpaktou, Seikon isn't tied to ONE shinigami... if I were to be killed or the blade judges me unworthy to wield him, the blade will not be able to achieve Shikkai or Bankai without another
wielder whom the blade approves of.
* Set backs: Although the shield at Shikkai state, is unpenetratable.... the wielder can be overwhelmed by an opponent with incredibly strong attacks or very high-level kidou attacks. Also, the Bankai form of Seikon naturally can only be effective in open spaces since a dragon needs quite a bit of room to manuever.


Command: Bring forth your strength and speed,Seikon!


My blade forms on my right-hand:

My shield forms on my left hand:


Command: Ban Kai. Dragon of Flash, Seikon!


Seikon, the Dragon of Flash.The horns, claws, dorsal hair, and underbelly is gold. The scales and the rest of the body is blueish-silver:

puff8806 wrote:

1)Name: Tamahome
2)Command to release Shikai: Concentrate on the blades and yell Tamahome
3)Description of Shikai Form: Just like this. When I cross them together and pull apart they get bigger.
4) Powers gained in Shikai: I get super-human strength.
5) Powers gained in Bankai: First form: An oversized white tiger comes to my aid. Second form: A big fire dragon.
6) Physical manifestation of Zanpakutoh:
First Form:I say, almost a whisper, Bankai, Snowy Tiger It's just an oversized white tiger that also has super strength. It can talk.
Second Form: I concentrate my spirit energy and yell Bankai, Flame Dragon!!!! here is the form.(I know....another dragon, but if you read my evaluation, you'll understand.) When I use this form. The dragon can burn anything in sight, while also using a protective barrier around me and my friends and squad.
heres what my swords look like in this form. But not that small, the same size as Shikai form! lol!
7)Wielder: The current wielder is me.
Set backs: After a while of fighting with the super strength, my body gets worn out and, if I survive, can't move for about a week. In the second form, this uses just about all of my spirit energy, I pass out cuz I'm close to death(so I don't use this unless I REALLY have too, a last resort basically).

Tartarus wrote:

1)Name of Zanpaktou: Kuro Sakura "Kurow"
2)Command to release Shikai: "Infest... KuroW!"
3)Shikai form: Black Steel like Ichigo's and looks like a normal size katana with metal skull grip. The Steel edge is Crimson colored. The hilt is plain black. The black cherry blossom appears.
4)Powers gained in Shikai: A lil defense (kuro sakura for support) , great speed and huge amount of Power. Nightmare Slice!! Can cut through everything! XD (i prefer battling outside) Black cherry blossoms are not very good for attacking, im using it for my defense. (like a barrier around me)
5)Powers gained in Bankai: The Overlord will appear!
6)Physical manifestaion of Zanpaktou: Her info is SECRET for now. (-Her- A girl? wow) XD
7)Wielder: Born from Byakuya's Zanpaktou "(Z/S)enbon Sakura" the Darkside of Byakuya's Zanpaktou. Exposed from hell infested with hell's black like substance.. so it borned, after that the original is never be seen again. (i think). i found the Crystalized Orb and then reacted to me. In my nightmare i heard a voice "600 year's are enough to be with you,so il be reborn again" sigh... long story.. that's it for now. XD BTW the wielder is me the "original" .

westco3894 wrote:

1)Give a name for your Zanpaktou :
Shikai: Soeki (Plague)
Bankai: Sesshou Soeki (Killing Plauge)

2)Give command to release Shikai :
"Dojou kono tsuyayaka Yochi" (Soil this beautiful Earth)

3)Describe your sealed form :
A wakizashi with a dark red handle and black cloth wrapped around it. It has a Ying-Yang hand guard and a small Grim Reaper etched into the blade. The scabbard is black but is stained with blood and it has a black rope wrapped around it

4)Describe your Shikai form :
Kusari-Gama (Sickle with a chain and weight on the end)

5)Describe powers and techniques gained in Shikai :
Able to control the shadows and prevent people who are touching the shadow from moving, and an increase in speed among other select abilities, no increase in defense or offense. One technique which I can use is called "Devil's Fog" and what this does is prevent all high-speed attacks, movements and abilities for everyone in the area including myself (example: no one can use shunpo/flashstep)

6)Describe your Bankai form :
A pale white scythe about 6 feet tall with cloth where your hands go and a spike at the end

7)Describe powers gained in Bankai :
Dawn an all black armor, hood which covers the face in shadow preventing anyone from seeing and black robe and cape which covers everything with blood on the bottem. I gain the ability to transport myself through the shadows and sneak up on people, decreases speed, but significantly raises offensive and defensive power

8)Describe physical manifestaion of Zanpaktou :
The Grim Reaper with red eyes and blood soaked outfit

9)History of my Zanpakutou:
After arriving in the the Gotei 13, my original Zanpakutou was infected with the defeated soul of the Grim Reaper himself. One of the drawbacks due to this factor is that my Zanpakutou is very difficult to control and that I am unable to use Bankai when Seikon is on the battlefield. My Zanpakutou can evolve a little in select times and places because its a living soul instead of a mirror of my sprit energy, which gives it the ability to take over my body if it feels its container's life is threatened

StargazerBlue wrote:

Haha, I already did one of these though XD I guess I'll just copy and paste it ^^

Name: Akahinote (Red Blaze)
Command: Kashou, Akahinote (Burn, Red Blaze)
Shikai: Katana is enveloped in bright red flames. Katana is a double ended spear-like blade with a flaming red hilt in the middle to hold. Blades are curved in shape of a candle flame, and length is about 1m. Spinning the Katana at fast speeds creates winds of great speeds which propel the fire from the blade. Flames leave blurred afterimage which confuses enemy, and a touch of the blade cauterises the skin and muscle at temperatures of 1000 degrees. When skin is cut, muscle movement is lost, and liquid fire travels through the cut into the body, burning the enemy's inside. During Shikkai the flames make a fire of protection around the wielder, red in colour and only able to be penetrated by extremely high leveled water attacks (water bankai).
Bankai: Katana increases in length, becomes thinner and pole-like. Flames turn deep red with a hint of blue flickers every now and then. Speed of spinning increases, and one attack is able to immerse the enemy in un-dousable red-blue flames. Able to fire fireballs at enemy, Katana is able to break into two to become two separate flame blades and used as a sword.
Manifestation: A horse-sized cougar, flaming with orange, yellow and red with coal black eyes and sharp white teeth.
Wielder:A girl with jet black hair and streaks of red, cut in a short layered style. Eyes feline-like, red in colour and wearing a black singlet splashed with red. Pants are in a hip-hop chain style, red and black converses for shoes.


zabuza212 wrote:

1) Name: Dori-mingu Mizu(dreaming water)
2) Shikai calling: drown in your dreams, Dori-mingu Mizu
3) Shikai description: just a handle with no blade. when swung the blade shows(dark blue glimmering, kinda like water). the wielder can command the water from the blade like byakuya controls senbonzakura. the water can form another sword which looks like the unreleased state.
4) powers from shikai: the effects it has are temporary paralysis, instant death, and healing. paralysis occurs when the water drenches the spine. instant death if swallowed with killing intent. healing if swallowed with no intent or healing intent. 5 forms when fighting 0 - 4
5) Bankai description: Dark blue gauntlets and grieves and a glimmering silver armor.
6) Bankai powers: water summoning which takes away all armor to bring to life a water beast. without summoning each attack is followed by a wave of water(can be used with mind but faSTER with hands) all the saame effects of the shikai and shunpo speed is increase and can steal reiatsu.
7) wielder: 5' 7" with long grayish shiny hair ponytail shoulder length. a gray captain robe with faded blue at the bottom. eyes are yellow and blue with black exterior like a hollow. black pants with faded yellow at the bottom always carrying a black kendo stick.
8) Drawbacks: lost of stamina and attack power, reiatsu is consumed highly when controlling the water, can only heal 3x per day, instant death can only be used 3x a week. after bankai is gone there is a blackout

xAsurax wrote:

Zanpaktou Name: Ayame
Command to release Shikai: "I call upon you Ayame!"
Shikai Form: Long black blade, with a red ribbon going around the blades handle.
Powers gained in Shikai: Increased speed, stronger in offense and defense. And my sword turns red
Powers gained in Bankai: Red Fox (giant) Ayame appears. Very powerful, quick in speed and powerful in offense and defense. Its aura protects it from harsh-full attacks. And my sword has flames around the blade.
Physical manifestaion of Zanpaktou:
Fox Form: (giant) Ayame appears and fights alongside with me.
Physical Body Form: Ayame become one with me. Once Ayame and me become one, i take her eyes *red eyes* Ayame's eyes allows me to determine an opponents attack before it happens. And i have a red cloak which protects me from attacks.
Describe it's wielder: The wielder is me. After a long period of time in Bankai Form i start becoming weaker. The red cloak is mainly effective from long term attacks.

patty_mara wrote:

Zanpaktou Name: hikari no ankoku
Command to release Shikai: Open your eyes, Hikari
Shikai Form: just like a regular katana but the blade turns all white with small decorations like silver stars... delicate just like its owner, and its scabbard is also an important tool in battle mainly for defense strong as the blade that guards... wind always go around the blade and scabbard
Powers gained in Shikai: Increased speed, stronger in offense and defense. the decorations shows great light in each attack it is like almost you cant see because the little but really strong light while the scabbard is keep in the back (while fighting there will be a strong wind sorrounding the battle so no one can interfire)

Command after release Bankai: Come to me; ankoku
Powers gained in Bankai: the little lights disappear and for a moment everything just stop.... (as well as the wind) the katana change (like an ilussion) turns all black and all the decorations are gone... just the darkness within prevails (enemy is distracted for the wind that is suddenly released so he/she coverts their eyes... finally all over the place is like we are inside a black room) and the scabbard in the back of the owner changes into a sort of shield. The enemy that sees the blade's change finds that the darkness takes away his/her 5 senses, one by one, speed increased and defense only seems increased (if you find the catch, winner that is the weakness), bisedes one of the great weakness is al about the wielder spiritual power... that affect the time the zanpaktou show itself like the flowers of ice the toushirou has...

Physical manifestaion of Zanpaktou:
Animal Form: two wolfs one black and the other white
Physical Body Form: only the owner can see it physical form... a clue? is something you could never though before

Describe it's wielder: The wielder is me well at least for now, it look for someone of the same character of itself and also someone who can heal it... so the wielder now is like and angel and like the devil... never knows what is going to be her choice... always keep calm it will be a real problem if i lose my mind. one thing loyalty is important even more than life.
physical appearence: long dark hair, eyes normally brown that change into gray one the zanpaktou is use

OK i edited many things... this is now my beautiful zanpaktuo there is one thing about the scarbard but i have decided yet... jeje

SendoHana wrote:

1)Give a name for your Zanpaktou: Raleoto (Swiftsound)
2)Give command to release Shikai: Raleoto Let me hear you!
3)Describe your Shikai form: Rale disperces into meny forms... it usilly goes to notes the flout around me,or Raps it self around my arm turning its self into a *swordarm*turns white and extnds my arm about 3ft longer.
4)Describe powers gained in Shikai: the power to make sounds of blistering levels, and explodes on contact
5)Describe powers gained in Bankai: My hole Personality changes (hana takes over) My eys turn yellow and my speed is multiplied, My sword turns Black and grows to be 7ft from the hilt , From there i can gain a hat once i put on my Fedora my eyes turn fully red i loose all control of myself Hana is in complete control my speed is sound. at this speed my sword can cut though almost anything (note: when met only a couple survive i dont like to use bankai) In this The Speed shows the Shape of the Sound Dragon (thus my favorite Dragon:P)
6)Describe physical manifestaion of Zanpaktou: << <<HUh??? i think you mean like my swords will well the swords will is hana ... Raleoto looses his name after hana takes over they are one.
7)(optional)Describe it's wielder: Hana Is Me .. but She is 6'5 short brown hair , Yellow sometimes red, weres the same clothing i do exept the Fadora .. that is hers

mexime wrote:

Okay..well my zanpaktou is also a wind type... not coping, plus mines the king lol :]

Here's some basic instructions:
1)Give a name for your Zanpaktou:Kazeou
2)Give command to release Shikai: "I call upon the winds. Release Kazeou"
3)Describe your Shikai form: It is in the form of two swords, the wind of the north and the wind of the south, (just make two of these :]) It has the previous picture look but it has the hilt of these swords :]
4)Describe powers gained in Shikai: I can either fight in short range or long range. It dispenses into wind and I can guide it with my hands. The down side is that it had a low defense when it becomes into its wind form...
5)Describe powers gained in Bankai: The blades combine together and become one (see previous pic) , it then become razor sharp :]... and when its called this is the background that shows up :] , when both the wind of the north and south combine :]
6)Describe physical manifestaion of Zanpaktou: There are two blades but then become one in takes the form of a god :p
7)(optional)Describe it's wielder: ME :]

Setbacks: low defense, and usually works its best in the outside :]

Kira0309 wrote:

1)Give a name for your Zanpaktou: Suachi /Demonbane Sword
2)Give command to release Shikai: Suachi unleash chaos unto the world
3)Describe your Shikai form: has a purple aura and can shrink becoming a daggar also can manifest and create duplicates of itself

4)Describe powers gained in Shikai:
- can call upon demonic spirits to attack the enemy
- can adsorb certain attacks (attacks using spiritual energy) and direct them back towards the enemy
- if stabbed by the sword can absorb a persons spiritual energy giving back to the user
5)Describe powers gained in Bankai:
- summons the physical manisfestion with duplicate of the sword to fight along side user
- can create a protective barrier around the user to absorb enemy attacks and can be directed back at the enemy (uses up spiritual energy )
- speed and power greatly increases
- posses other attacks and powers that are still not even known to the user
6)Describe physical manifestaion of Zanpaktou: powerful looking demon in human form with black hair and red eyes (really hot looking too )
7)(optional)Describe it's wielder: ME XD really mysterious.....bwhahahhahahaha xP

killuamelody wrote:

this just a simple introduction of my Zanpakutou...

COMMAND TO RELEASE SHIKAI: "Show yourself... Kenshirou!!!"

---shirou is a legendary young-girl assassin. using her sword,she kills anyone that annoys her.. everyone is afraid of her except for a young man named ken... shirou falls inlove with ken... unknowingly ken is a dark wizard and aims to kill shirou for revenge.. ken saw when shirou killed his parents who are the great leaders of his village... he cursed shirou and seal inside a "pocket-size sword"... the only way to release shirou is when someone has the strenght to fight her and win against her... no one dares to save her because they believe that ken is just watching the sword pass on through generations... until one man came to challenge her and successfully set her free...
POWERS OF SHIKAI: at this state of power kenshirou possess the speed of light... it can cut anything and everything that it touches... with its white blade, the enemy can hardly see the speed of kenshirou coz light bounces on the blade...
COMMAND TO RELEASE BANKAI: "Spread your wings... Kenshirou!!!"
DESCRIBE POWERS OF BANKAI: the speed and strenght is doubled...
Winged Tiger

---on this form, she can use the elements of fire and air/wind... fire comes out of her mouth while thw wind from her wings... it can easily fly to any direction and dodge all attacks..

---on this form, she can use the elements of ice and water...

*she can change her form according to skill and technique of the enemy...

SETBACKS: after usage of bankai on long-run, my energy level will become weak and my sword will go back to its original form (pocket size sword)... it takes 10 to 30 minutes before i will be able to use my shikai again... use of bankai is only once a day...
WIELDER: the first wielder is my great grand father (the one i mentioned above who set shirou free from the curse).. then i am the second to possess the ability to control kenshirou's power..

DeathBySins wrote:

Name: Tegika(random name i came out with)
Command for shikai: show them fear,
Shikai form: Transforms into a midevil(i know that how you dont spell it) sword with a black triangle shape behind it.

Power gained from shikai: The triangle is originally white every time it causes a wound it slowly turns black. Once it is full black every time it cuts someone/somethin it slows the reaction time of the opponent(aka a low level paralysis)
Bankai:Depending on the mode i am in the bankai changes
Activated by hope, love, and for others
acitivated by anger
The bankai activated by hopes power can control nature and everytime it cuts the opponent slowly heals but once hit by a rose(its special weapon) all the pain of the wounds pain comes back all at once

The bankai activate by anger is a violent sword. The power of this is sword is that it will only cause one wound but every time it makes contact with the opponent with the wound no matter where it hits the damage will be dealt to that open wound.

Both these are my bankai the one the the dragon is anger the one on the horse is love

YEs i know its a bit weird but i hope its alright lol

drascorpion77 wrote:

1)Name: Wrath of heaven
Shikai: saisai
Bankai: kouki hikari

2)Command to release Shikai: swift death to evil

3)Description of Shikai Form: daitō Katana. Black handle that cames with white diamond and green crusting of a beautiful kimono-has a retractable very short sword. armor of Genbu white diamond and green crusting of the green dragon and with the color of the four celestial guardians as well as the moon, sun, ocean and earth, covers my body if needed. PIC later cus I'm drawing it.

4) Powers gained in Shikai: elemental power of light, throw beems of light(like cero), create any Mirrors. domesional mirrors n be able to transport between them n surprise ppl(cannot be stopped unless mirrors break) are few of attacks.

5) Powers gained in Bankai(sealed): Able to bring down a giant beam of light from the heavens healing everything in its 20m radius called heavens healing.

6) Physical manifestation of Zanpaktou: My beautiful hikari Geisha-Goddess of Light- with her naginata.

7)Wielder: The wielder is me and only me. My zanbakto is the manifestation of my true beloved that died long ago in the hands of an espada that cutted her slowly into pieces infornt of my eyes while half-dead blood coming out. I killed him in rage(hallow controlled state). In a miracle the spirit of my beloved stopped me from loosing myself forever to my inner-demon. her spirit is still with me n we still do talk often. However, my rage n hatered has not wained one bit one it when comes to hollows, arrancars n especially espadas.

*Set backs: no stat increase(my own strenght except when running between mirrors) for now. my inner-demon can over-ride my reason in any moment(lose control). obviosly, dark places piss me off(u kno what i mean) though my light counteracts them a lot ther is a limit. on top of it, my zanbakto takes a lot energy from me. my zanbakto can little by little grow tronger with me, so with time(long ass time) it will take small lesser energy. eavens healing can only be use once n take 10 percent of my strength. my armor takes 5% to form(so usually last resort)

attacks(can't think of cool names damn)

wanna come here?

uses shardmirrors to pretty much surround victim and crush him in the small about sand sized mirror shards(call em ssms for ease swry).

Hell's quicksand
translations: quicksand of ssms . calls forth a LOT of ssms and it does this avalanche affect and just pummels the enemy in a big pit of ssms. can took out a large clearing.

Devils howl
A step up from just a hellpit coffin and quicksand. Using Hell's quicksand, places hands the sand it, to my assumption, squashes the person underneath the devastation via shockwave/s.

Infinit slick(lol had to use this one)
ground is covered with polished, sleeky mirrors. hehe try walkin on those with them shoes unless u michael jackson bwahahaha lol jk

Bankai attacks hmmm.......
Amaterasu 5%

Tsukuyomi (caos is too good for this one damn lol) 5%
mirror illusion nothing else just a stronger version. *u face a mirror ur in lol.

Susanoo 5%
lot of daggers, swords or shards nothin fancy(like byakuya just made of mirrors)
(those three r not eye techniques btw lol)

n heavens judjment(heavens healing counter part) takes 15% energy n used just once

wolfwood012 wrote:

I would so not be surprised that I am the last captain to make one lol

Please give me some feedback

1) Give a name for your Zanpakuto: Heaven’s Drive
2) Give command to release Shikai: “Light in the Darkness, Heaven’s Drive”
3) Describe your Shikai form: White Gauntlets from finger to shoulder spreading over the top half of the torso , around the wrist there would be blades on the shoulders. As well as white greaves that cover my feet with blades covering the toes and ankles .
4) Describe powers gained in Shikai- Heaven’s Drive allows me to stabilize/channel throughout my body so my reitsu to increase my stats soooooooooo my stats all depend on my reitsu… strength, speed, vitality you name it… BUT I have an abnormally high reitsu to begin with, and one ability of Heaven’s Drive is allowing me to absorb abnormal amounts of spirit energy from the surrounding atmosphere (basically combine the way Shinigami spirit energy and Quincy spirit energy works). So my average reitsu is a tiny bit higher than that of Kenpachi (no eyepatch/seal). This allows me to perform loads of high level Kidou spells without breaking a sweat. Due to my high spirit energy levels I can actually blast holy elemental spirit energy out through heaven’s drive "divine tension"(kind of like a hadouken or a mini kamehameha, or a small Cero). And also instead of a small long range blast, I could use the holy energy to extend my reach, or it can trail my movements doing excessive damage.
5) Describe powers gained in Bankai- My reitsu absorption is off the charts. I actually get an aura that surrounds me (that looks something like this ), I can do a full fledged energy blast "Divine Release" (like a shinku haduoken )
6) Describe physical manifestation of Zanpaktou- Heaven’s Drive appears as a male angel with wings, dawned in black clothing (sorta like him ---> )
7) Drawbacks? Need immediate medical attention after fights. Unless my energy continues to circulate throught my body, it leads to my energy going out of control (My body goes into shock or I go berserk...), I have energy left but I can't direct it, therefore leaving me open to all types of attacks becaus I can't cast kidou, or block with my energy. Plus my stats go down because I cant control my energy. best way to describe it would be I feel like I am on fire... and I have no real spiritual pressure behind my attacks (they are weak) only way to recover is by waiting the even out.

caosbreeder wrote:

1) name: Nagareboshi (shooting star)
2) Comand to release: fall from heaven Nagareboshi
3) Describe your Shikai form:

The sword transform it sheath and blade into a polearm that seems to be emanating some kind of dusk into the atmosphere.
4) Describe powers gain in Shikai:

The dusk that emanate from the pole arm affect all the senses of an opponent, This allow to it’s user(Me) to make it’s opponent see things that are not real and to hide its user. Also because there particles the opponent can touch and be hurt by the things that he see. It can also serve to create mirage in the eyes of its opponent. The whole purpose it’s to break its opponent will to fight and allow making deathblows easier to connect.

5) Describe power gain in Bankai:

In Bankai the pole arm transform into a Great Sword, the dusk particles leave the atmosphere and they concentrate in the blade. The blade turn into a blue fire, but also his abilities changes drastically. In his previous form it was more defensive type, in this second form its abilities are offensive type. The blade almost disappears into the flame making the sword more energy type weapon. These allow the blade to cuts into any defense that opposed it making impossible to block any attack. An because it’s a energy weapon have the ability to perfectly deflects energy type attacks and that includes the Cero attacks. It also has an unique attack called shine that allow to its user to manifest a white aura that heal him instantly.

6) Drawbacks?

In his Shikai form the mayor drawback is that the weapon dusk only cover 1,000 meters from it’s user, it the opponent escape into a distance mayor than this its effects vanishes. If the opponent come in contact again with the dusk it can fall again in the effect, but that doesn’t mean that he’s going to experience the same mirage or conditions than before. This is because the nature of the pole arm is a close combat weapon.

In his Bankai form the drawback is that the weapon has few defensive capabilities.
The sword can only negate the defense of opponents equal or weaker that it, in the end this ability depend in the strength of the user. It also has a drawback in his special ability shine because it can only heal its user and only 3 times per day. Trying to use this ability a fourth time in a day result in the destruction of its user and 1 mile radius obliteration of any life or spiritual form present. This effect is called Nothingness and is similar to the explosion of a mini nova.

rhino101 wrote:

Give a name for your Zanpaktou:
-Zetsumei (means "death" in japanese)

Give command to release Shikai:
-Shikai release: "show them no mercy, Zetsumei"
-Bankai release: "death waits for no one, Zetsumei"

Describe your Shikai form:

-This Zanpaktou can be carried on the back or on the waist and can be used with only one hand if the user is strong enough. It has the ability to choose its user and reject others.

Describe powers gained in Shikai:
-In this stage the strength and defense of the user is doubled but speed is slightly lowered. Has the ability to control earth and use it for attaching and defending.

Describe powers gained in Bankai:
-While in this form there is an enormous increase of all the users stats. The user has the ablility of ressurection of hollows (but are slightly weaker than there former selfs). If the user strikes the foe three times in the same spot it will causes an instant death.

Describe physical manifestaion of Zanpaktou:

-After the use of Bankai, the user loses strength and defense but their speed is still increased.

auel_1220 wrote:

1)Give a name for your Zanpaktou

2)Give command to release Shikai

>release command for Bankai

3)Describe your Shikai form
a wakizashi (about 24 in)..."a sword that has no end"...cause the other end is sharp too and slides to and fro the hilt....i also get confused sometimes on which is the "real" end of this sword.... it's actually hard to control at first...kind of unpredictable zanpakutou... but soon learned that the secret is on the hilt ...disappears when other's try to touch it...

4)Describe powers gained in Shikai
everything's going REAL SLOOOOOOWWWW.....and me going super fast in the eyes of my opponent...faster than flash steps...[always accompanied by a bg music (i don't know where does that come from...err....i think, the wind?...since my zanpakutou's a wind-type...)...either a koto or a shamisen...depends on the mood of the battle actually...]

5)Describe powers gained in Bankai
the opponent's sucked down in a different dimension...everything's inverted...a flute playing in the background....different curses are performed depending on the tune i'm playing...

song # 1... hibari no koe : invisible strings of wind cut the victim into pieces...the lowest penance....
song # 2... hayai tsubame : opponent feels sharp pain from the inside (resulting from inflation of all the body organs...kyahaha!...the the victim suddenly becomes a "giant blueberry" (as seen on charlie and the chocolate factory....yum!.)...unluckily, i don't have a juicer so ...victim will continue to grow rounder and bigger til his skin can't hold it any longer....*pyon!...victim bursts...T-T....(entrails all over the place...)...

other song titles and effects are yet to be discovered by constant practice....

...any attacks from the opponent is nulled because of the combination of wind & reiatsu surrounding me...and enables owner to create multiple reflections all over the place (through

6)Describe physical manifestaion of Zanpaktou
a simple yet so complicated

in shikai form: the background music is kind of annoying sometimes...especially when it comes to the climax ( eg. cutting the head of the opponent)...

in bankai form: since bankai forms use extreme amount of reiatsu, i guess feeling weak after use is my case...i experience shortness of breath...especially when i play higher-level tunes (it's longer...and more complicated) add another km in my jogging to improve the effeciency of my )...and sometimes....(i admit it!)...i sometimes forget a note or two... ...that's why instead of raining senbon, it's raining pocky....YAY! IT"S POCKY!!!...(but also means that i'm gonna get killed sooner or later!)...luckily, it happened on a practice...not on a real duel...-_-V...

Somilge wrote:

hmmmm, i guess i'm the last one to put this up, so sorry it took so long

Name: Mangaragan
Command: Dance Mangaragan
Shikai form: Blue hilt and white blades, looks like an ordinary katana, with an alibata of Mangaragan on the blade. The sheath is black. When she's unsheathed, the blade pulsates with bluish-white energy.

She focuses my reiatsu either to fire attacks similar to twin lotus fire, or to form a shield to deflect attacks or to concentrate the potency of my kido spells.

Bankai form: Reiatsu concentration manifests into a bluish white phoenix, acts as a shield automatically. It can make the air highly static, kido potency increases 5 times, ability to heal is present but consumes a tenth of my reiatsu

Physical Manifestation: She has 3 forms ~ Lalahon (the maiden aspect), Mangaragan (the warrior goddess) and Ideale(crone aspect, known for her witchcraft). It is best to commune with my zanpaktou on a full moon.

>still not done with the pic, so sorry<

Drawbacks: has a lot of openings you see

jackakalynch wrote:

Name: Kenshiko (saber- toothed tiger)

Command to release shikai: Mouko, Kenshiko (fierce tiger, Kenshiko)

Description of shikai form: A single sword with a red hilt with black stripes, a black blade and a black handle.

Powers gained in shikai: Super human speed, and it gives me the ability to take the thoughts of my opponents and use them against them (illusions) (your in my illusion after a purlpe breeze).

Powers gained in bankai: All of the powers in bankai are the same as the ones in shikai but bankai also has two forms.

first, a saber- toothed tiger comes to my aid.

second, the saber- toothed tiger turns into a three headed saber- toothed tiger and grows ten times taller. Also its three heads have three abilities

1st head: By any slight movement or any movement at all he can shift the ground (earthquakes).

second head (middle):If you look it striaght in the eyes you will turn to stone (temporaraly or whenever my bankai goes away) (you turn to stone (depends on rietsu) in 2 to 15 seconds) (even the strongest shinigami).

Third head: Spits on the ground making vines and plants grow out of nowhere (that he and i can control). (we share thoughts)

Physical manifestation of Zanpaktou:

A man with the fur of a saber- toothed tiger on his back, limbs and part of his chest and the skull of a saber- toothed tiger covering the back and top of his head, and it also covers his forehead, and the two long fang like teeth go down his cheeks and end about one or two inches below his chin.

Drawbacks: Some people like byakuya are immune to my power (illusions), and after using my bankai my body goes into a state of shock (after awile).Also before I use my bankai I must shed some blood (willingly and non willingly)

brad17 wrote:

ok im finally doing mine lol

Zanpakuto - Buraindo Tetsujin (Sightless Beholder)

Name: Buraindo Tetsujin (Sightless Beholder)

Spirit: A skinny old man with a short beard, he wears an kimono that has faded with age. He is always seen in the lotus position (, he has no eyes and it is obvious from the scars around his gaping eye sockets that they were removed with force. He has the ability to know the future through what he calls 'the third eye' but can't explain what he knows about the future because he has no eyes to see it. He is a font of wisdom that can always be consulted by ME for advise and support.

Command: See again Tetsujin!


Unreleased: A thin short sword that weighs almost nothing but is by no means fragile, the handle has a hooked base with a spike that can be used to trap the enemies weapons and disarm them or can be used to stab a person through the heart

Released: Slightly longer then the unreleased shape the blade has a series of small shark teeth like protrusions along one edge and has a blue tint. The handle has much the same shape but the cross guard is now bigger and folds back over handle for added protection and an additional disarming attack.


Zenchou (Premonition): Through Tetsujin, i gains the ability to see a few seconds into the future. Through this premonition he can plan his attacks, guards and moves knowing what his opponent is going to do next. Needles to say this increases his talent for swordplay ten fold. Zenchou is always in effect when Tetsujin is released.

Kanzei (Persuasion): Using Kanzei, i can force a person to answer a single question truthfully. This is a minor ability that can be used without Zanpakuto release.

Ban kai: my garb becomes that of Tetsujin and the sword disapears compleatly. in its place i have a normal(for the most part) quaterstaff.

abilities gained

instead of a few sconds i can look into the future nearly any amount of time, but to do this i must remain compleatly motionless. this gives me a increadble advantage in a fight if allowed to compleat it. as for Tetsujin, i am able to store great ammounts of spritual power in him and when i slam him into the ground a very slow "bubble" of compressed sprit power begins to expand around me. this "bubble" will begin to tear apart the bonds holding matter together of anything it touches. the draw backs of this is that it is very easy to dodge and it takes time to store anough energy to use the ability again. the final ability of Tetsujin is that if it is ever to hit you, your preception of time is altered, for you time may speed up or slow down at random, not even i can control it, which makes fighting very diffucult because it doesnt increace your reaction time or your abilitys at all it just changes the way time moves around u.

Narutojutsu wrote:

Zanpaktou - Furyoku

Name: Furyoku

Spirit: A medium sized blue and white Air dragon. Intelligent and quick thinking she can be counted on to tell me if i'm being an idiot. Her numerous battles have left her with scars all over her body the most prominent being claw marks raked across her left side. Dislike of the ground means she can most likely be found perched on the highest point she can find or flying around.

Command: Unfurl your wings Furyoku

(as shown but with ten blue spikes facing down to the point)
Unreleased: Twin white swords with flat blades and only a slight tip. The hilts are circular with ten blue spikes facing down the length. Their almost feather like weight ensures great speed when swung and are almost impossible to see during combat.

Released: The spikes on the hilt lengthen and spread whilst the blade flattens and spreads across them. This creates two tessen (japanese iron fans) with pointed spikes at the tip of each folding joint.


Ichiji (a gust of wind): Used when Furyoku is unreleased the blades are brought together and swung in an arc motion. This creates a gust of wind strong enough to rip roof tiles clean off. It allows me to regroup, buy time, gain distance or distract an enemy. However the arc has to be perfectly in line with the target to be at its most effective.

Yokoana (tunnel): A released technique that shoots off several different tunnels of wind. Activated by bringing the fans down and pushing them out at speed. If caught in a tunnel the opponent will be battered and sliced by the razor sharp winds until it dissipates. This can take several hours however this attack is inaccurate and the timing must be perfect.

Suu (breathe in): A released technique that draws the surrounding air into a bubble around the user. This is a last resort technique as it consumes a lot of my reiatsu. Once the air is drawn in a vacuum is created leaving no air to breathe. This affects the target in several ways 1) The target can suffocate 2) If the pressure of the vacuum is gaged correctly the target can implode in around 30 seconds. It is however very difficult to gage the correct pressure as it depends on the targets Reiatsu and 3) The temperature can be dropped in seconds causing the target to freeze to death. This technique can be broken by shattering the air bubble. How this is achieved though i will not say.

Ban kai: Not yet accomplished

icyshadow24 wrote:

Give a name for your Zanpaktou - Koi Toukon 'Dark Angel'

Give command to release Shikai - whispers "Tame, Koi Toukon" to the sword

Describe your Shikai form - A dark blade of the shadows

Describe powers gained in Shikai - brings all other attributes of the weilder up to par with its weilders highest attribute. as well as the ability to control the shadows. Using them as a way of moving. Also darkness extends from the blade to make the reach longer.

Describe physical manifestation of Zanpaktou - a creature from the depths of the shadows

Drawbacks - the weilder is greatly fatigued to the point where he/she can barely move.

Weilder - Kaden

sealed sword-

firebert27 wrote:

1)Give a name for your Zanpaktou: Manzoken(physicaly healthy tenthousand fold strong son)
2)Give command to release Shikai: show us your true strength Manzoken
3)Describe your Shikai form: A staff with a double sided curved blade at one end like a halberd
and a double bladed sword at the other
4)Describe powers gained in Shikai:^^^^
5)command to release bankai: Rule over the burning planes, Manzoken xiepl (tenthousand fold strong son, noble of fire)
6)Describe powers gained in Bankai: A green kingly suit of armor decorated with flames which though
it looks heavy dosn't slow me down due to the spirit manifestation (I mean come on the guys huge) it
also increases my speed and strength tenfold and has several special atacks the most powerful one
engulfs me in a sphere of flames which extends outwards at severe speed.
7)Describe physical manifestation of Zanpaktou: a giant made of rock which is not only strong but wise.
He is never afraid to take matters into his own hands

ItzJustJeremy wrote:

Give a name for your Zanpaktou:Kinzoku
Describe your sealed Zanpaktou:A large metal ball, attatched to a chain, which is attatched to my right ankle.
Give command to release Shikai:Shine from the Heavens, Kinzoku!
Describe your Shikai form:My zanpaktou breaks off into 13 metal balls that look like this:
Describe powers gained in Shikai:I control my shikai with my hands and mind, and the balls move as fast as I can think.
Describe powers gained in Bankai:My bankai is activated by holding out both palms and yelling bankai. The balls then fly into my palms and I have a metal area of my body the size of my leg. I can control the metal inside of me, to make weapons, armor, or projectiles.
Describe physical manifestation of Zanpaktou:A metallic blue blob of metal that constantly winds around itself in mid air.
Drawbacks:Vs. enemies with techniques that alter the mind stronger than my mental stability, I become vertually defenseless. High powered attacks also break my defences open. My bankai only protects a limited amount of area, so multiple attacks at the same time could occupy all the metal, making it impossible to block each attack.

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ill do the personalities of the taichos and fukutaichos after this episode of sopranos...
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**knocks** Hello??Kari chan??

*wanders in*

*looks around*

*leaves box on the table, writes a note on top of the box*

*note reads: For Kari Chan ^^, hope u have a good one and have many more to come ^^,

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hmm? itz yuh burtdae? hmmz hap-p burtdae
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hi well happy b-day huzevas it is... o yh n im doing a mandatory check round the divisions...
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oh yh n urs is alrite... so far... ill be bac in a week 2 recheck
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katty020194 wrote:

hi well happy b-day huzevas it is... o yh n im doing a mandatory check round the divisions...

for what i may add?
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