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Posted 4/16/08
i need a mod in this group cuz my internet is messing up alot if u wanna be mod plz respond 2 this topic
Posted 4/16/08 can i help????
Posted 4/17/08

exPikachu wrote: can i help????

like giving people seeds when they need it or like make some1 a ham-ham if they want
Posted 4/17/08
ok i'm ready!!! ^__^
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Posted 4/17/08 , edited 4/17/08
If u need 2nd mod I could be too:D If I can, then I'm surely going to draw much more photos:3

Aww... Thank u SO much^^
Posted 4/19/08
hey...can i be a mod too i like helping out
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Posted 4/25/08
hii can i also be mod.? i can help out.
Posted 5/8/08
No More mods pls i don't want this group that lets every1 become a mod
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