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Posted 4/16/08 , edited 4/27/08
Amu,and her Chara's stared in shock at what had just happend but suddenly Ran spoke "Amu-chan were going to be late!"Amu blinked and then moved away from the wall "Amu-chan are you okay?" asked Suu "Y-Yeah lets go" Amu said as she started to walk to school...

"NeNeh Ikuto what are we going to do? that girl has 3 chara's,and even the humpty lock!"
-No Response-
"Ikuto wait for me nya~"Yoru complained as Ikuto walked down a street.

"Amu-chan!!"gasped a girl "she's ssoo cool I wish I new her well" said another girl as Amu sat in her seat "YAY AMU-CHAN WE MADE IT IN TIME IKE IKE GO GO!!!" Ran cheered "y-yeah" Amu sighed she felt kind of hot..on her face?
Throughout the whole day she couldn't pay attenchion,even to the girls that were making more rumors about her.

Ikuto looked in the window of were the girl with the humpty lock was "most likeley" in (school) he looked around and noticed that she was sitting right by the window,he heard 1 of the girls chara speak "Amu-chan!!don't be like this!" Ran gasped "Ya its no fun when ur not talking Amu" Said Suu in a small voice "H-Huh!O sorry Ran,Miki...Suu"she tried to smile "I'm just..thinking...." She sighed.Ikuto went in through another window and walked outside....

Amu walked slowly out of school and saw a bunch of girls talking about getting a new cell phone strap."I wish I could go out shopping too....the Guardians are to busy I guess...."Amu sighed and walked towards the school gate to leave.She stopped suddenly and looked,IT WAS THE CAT EARED GUY FROM BEFORE!

Ikuto tuned his head slightly and saw the girl from before,he walked towards her and loward his head so that he could face Amu.

"U-Um....WHAT DO U WANT!" amu gasped "mmm" He moved back to his normal posture and spoke "I just have developed an interest in you"He spoke calmly "W-What?" Amu asked "Would u like to go mout with me?" he asked
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