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Posted 4/16/08 , edited 4/17/08
Quote from WikiPedia

Tokidoki is a Japanese high school student who, when he fails his history class, is sent to a high-tech history museum that virtually recreates the Edo period to do make-up work. However, what was supposed to be a simple school project becomes much more complicated when he's attacked by two supernatural beings known as "the nue" and "the yakou" and loses the vision in his left eye. After he's saved from the nue by a girl named Kuchiha, he realizes that he's no longer wearing the simulation goggles, and is trapped in the virtual Edo.

After watching episode 1,it wasn't that bad compare to the impression i had when i saw the screenshots.The virtual reality museum scene was pretty good,and the pace is fast.I am glad we don't see a whiny guy who is angry and confuse having landed in the same world but different era.He is so calm.And again,Toki is voiced by Jun Fukuyama.Jun Fukuyama is almost in every freaking anime i am watching.The moment i heard toki talks,i know it's him.

I didn't know that there are women who dresses up like Kuchiha.I thought women in Edo period are cautious about the way they dress,but maybe that's just me.I like Romi Paku who voiced her.The tough,not-so-feminine voice suit the character well.

It's good that this is 13 episodes only,so chances are high that i will finish watching it.
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Posted 4/16/08 , edited 4/17/08
I was suprised by how good this started off because its a very common story line of people bieng thrown into another world or time, but this one has some intrigue to it.
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