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**One Piece Invent Your Own Cursed Fruit
Posted 12/16/07
1)are are no mi (huh huh fruit)

2)memory altering powers

3)can alter memories up to one month, so......interrogation, confusion, stealing.......

4)paramecia...i guess

5)are no arashi (that storm) memory loss of up to 10 hours in a radius depending on users strenghth

are no karada? (that body?) makes the victims body forget a function (breathing, heart beating, blinking, etc.......

are no itami (that pain) makes the user able to make themself or another person forget pain

are no bakudan (that bomb) its a memory time bomb meaning that once it is set the person will forget selected things or everything for up to a month.....can be set up to a week before hand......or to a month.....depending on users concentration

a-are? (h-huh?) makes anything able to forget within a kilometer....forget....for 20 seconds.....enough for a get away

conditions for use: you know how some fruits need like......a certain hand position or whatever to activate it (noro noro beam thingy) well........the user must make its hand in of a the shape pistol......other positions may incur different aspects of the power........or nothing at all..........

(side effects of the are are no mi is that if the user is not always concentrated the power will slowly eat at the first memories of said their memory decays backwards......)
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25 / M / Calibaby.........
Posted 12/16/07
1.Neutralize Fruit will be able to neutralize all of the devil fruit user's ability
3.Go against ppl in the grand line(White Beard,Shanks and that other dude I dont know.
4.dunno what it is.
5.well pretty much num 2 explains it all....
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77 / M / california
Posted 12/16/07
swim swim fruit
makes u swim like an olympic swimmer...wait...
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26 / M / singapoRe!!~~~ wo...
Posted 12/16/07
1) Angel fruit.
2) transform user into a white creature with wings that can take on large amount of damage. The wing allows its user to shoot feathers at opponent before changing into a second level of creature.
3)Defensive role, attacking role. preferably defending.
5)Angel's fall(shooting of feathers thingy), Shield of grace(defences user with its wings), Eternal warth( instantly transform user into a knight with featherless wings, the colours are black and white) and finally Rising Hell(turns large area of land or sea into a large buring fire, drags opponent into the end of the world before the fire 'closes'.

x) my two cents

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24 / location location...
Posted 12/18/07
1.Shut Up And Listen Fruit
2.Shut the hell up when I want you to
3.Used for silencing my nagging mother
4.Logia type
5.SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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26 / M / The Cursed Place..~♫
Posted 12/24/07
that doesen't Make any sense..
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Posted 12/24/07
1]Ima imago fruit
2]can do all you can imagine with your brain
3]Can summon anything you can imagine like golems and all that stuff and also you can cast spells like you see in any online games ^_^
4.type Zoan Logia Paramecia wdf? lol no idea
5]just say and put the picture in your brain and it will come true lol ^_^
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24 / M / japan i hope
Posted 12/24/07
1)all all no mi
2)all the power that the other has mentioned.......
3)c 2
4)all type
5)just fart and the power will come to u !!
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26 / M / Philippines (T_T)
Posted 12/24/07
Ramen Fruit
>Able to transform,Summon and Manipulate ramen ingredients.
> Battle type, use noodles to entangle foes, lolz. use ur imagination. too many to type.
>-Noodle Woodle
-Hot n spicy
-No cuury (wtf?)
-Dumpling shower
-summon ramen (4 eating)
thats it lolz. luffy will benefit from this
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23 / M / Hougang, Singapore
Posted 12/25/07
Vege Fruit Fruit
-Allows you to create fruits and vegetables out of nothing
- Paramecia
-Battle Type allows to create extremely large spikes due to pineapples.
-Nvr get hungry due to the fruit ability.
-Live longer than anyone because of healthy body
-Good toturing Weapon, allows you to force the person being tortured to eat vegetables.
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Posted 12/25/07 , edited 4/18/08
[1] Control Control Fruit
[2] Allows you to control anything [FIRE, EARTH, Lightning, Water, People :)
[3] You could use it at anywhere anytime .
[4] Special
[5] Control
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32 / M / Hell (I'm gona be...
Posted 12/25/07 , edited 4/18/08
1.metal metal fruit
2.ability to make metal and form it form nothing out of his or her body
5.blade armor
hall of allution(a hall of mirrors that helps me fight)
hell(sharpened metal is flying in the form of a tornado around u, it looks red cause i used red metal)
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24 / M
Posted 12/25/07 , edited 4/18/08
1.frost time fruit to freeze time,return to past and go to the future
3.can cheat exam, slap ppl in front of them
4.alternate the future
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Posted 12/25/07 , edited 4/18/08

1. Wicked fruit of stupidity
2. Copy any cool anime characters moves and can make your own anime world
3. u can make your own anime or u can copy goku's kamekameha and naruto's rasengan at the same time and use it again luffy.
4. idk
5. use it just for fun
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 4/18/08
1.invisible fruit
2.u can turn invisible
3.go invisible and hit pplz from behind
4.i dont know
5. i dont know
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