how to be the weirdo of the month and the form
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22 / F / philippines!! pro...
Posted 4/17/08 , edited 6/2/08
how to be a weirdo of the month:

~must have uploaded photos
~invited buddies
~post at least one reply to forums or started one
~wrote on the wall

for those interested, please fill this up:
photos: (number of photos you have uploaded to this group)
invited buddies: (number of buddies you have invited and now a member of the group)
forum: (number of replies or/and started forums)
wall: (have wrote on the wall; yes or no)

if two or more filled/editted their form in one month, we will compare the one who contributed the most in a month. after a month, the one with the most contributed points, will be the weirdo of the month.
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26 / M / What Kinda Stupid...
Posted 4/17/08 , edited 4/17/08
photos: 9
invited buddies: 72 invited (idk how many joined)
forum: 4
wall: yes
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23 / F / A Dark Place
Posted 5/4/08
photos: 10
invited buddies: 44 Users
forum: 5 Reply And 1 Made
wall: Yes
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Posted 7/23/08
photos: 3
invited buddies: all my friends * think its like 6 or 7 pages*
forum: reply a lot made 2
wall: Yes
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