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In the JRock world
Posted 4/17/08
I am the creator here, you can call me Hiore or Hio ^^
I like JRock, I hope all of you here have fun in Gazette group
and i well be happy to chat with you all here ^^
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F / Riva
Posted 4/17/08
Hi! I'm Iva!
I love jrock, my fav band is Nightmare!
I also love to draw, watch anime, to read manga.....

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32 / F / ---mystic moon----
Posted 4/18/08
Hello people! I'm Jen.
I love Jrock (obviously that's why I am here)
I find Visual Kei interesting and different..and well...eyecandy XD

Posted 4/18/08
Hi, just call me Uru. Jrock is one of my main passions, more specifically The GazettE.
I watch anime, read manga, draw, play video games, and uhh...I think that's it. ^___^
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25 / F / Finland
Posted 4/18/08
Hi, I'm Rukiness.

Gazette is totally my favorite band in the world
I love to listen j-rock and I do listen other music too (like Western and other Asian).

I love to watch movies. Takashi Miike's movies are really really really awesome. Pure geniosy.
Japanese, Korean and (some) Taiwanese dramas are really awesome, too.

Goddamit, I'm so young compared to you guys

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33 / F / Romania...never h...
Posted 4/19/08 , edited 4/19/08
I'm Youna.I'm addicted to Gazette,i hope that some day i'll go to one of their concerts.
I like jrock a lot(that's all i'm listening too).
I'm too busy to do something else,because i'm learning japanese right now.(So complicated! )
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29 / F / Australia
Posted 4/20/08
i'm kalani.
i love to listen to rock and jrock
i LOVE the GazettE! Aoi <3
love to watch anime and read manga.
and i want to learn japanese.
Posted 4/20/08 , edited 4/21/08
Hi i'm XShinobiX.
I like listening to Japanese music.
I love watching and listening to Gazette becuz there are very talented and look hot as hell.
I look up to Uruha when it comes to playing the guitar cuz he is wicked on it!

Lovey Reita and Uruha!
Ty. XD
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29 / F / http://ryuki-chan...
Posted 4/29/08
hi...i'm kimijae...
love Jrock very much!!
The GazettE is the first visual kei band that i like !!!!
love their make up ofcourse..and i always known for gothic styles...but not really...just a bit...
watch anime well as manga...
addict to jdrama,kdrama n taiwanese drama...
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Posted 5/4/08
grocerine here .
i liked the Jrock more than cpop, jpop .
the GazettE is the first visual kei band i liked , seriously i did not know how they look like when i listen to their songs :x
i love anime and dramas , vampires and chatting
im super extrovent - correct spelling ?
the other Jrock band i like are - Sid , SuG , An Cafe , LuLu , Ellegarden , Versailles , LM.C
Love Uruha from the GazettE most , his guitar skills first and then his looks . XD

Posted 5/20/08
Hey there Ger here.. kinda late to join but better late than never!!!
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F / spore
Posted 5/22/08
heys all, tlnrs here =D

i love jrock songs! the first band i got to know was luna sea because of a japanese drama i watched xD
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Posted 7/1/08
Hellllo, I'm racheele {pronounced rachel; I just like it spelled different. (: }

I'm new to the whole J-rock &VK scene. Started on May 7 of this year. Yeah pretty new. The 1st PV I ever saw that was Jrock &VK related was GUREN by The GazettE. After that I started looking at other J-rock groups &solo artistes. I don't know a lot though. >__<

Yeah & so I fell in love with it. xD Now it''s like an obsession that never fades.

I may be young but I'm not naive . . . maybe a little. .__. xD
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31 / F / california... whe...
Posted 7/18/08
hi 8D
i'm stacy, but you can call me anything, as long as i know you're talking to me, and it's not offensive
i love GazettE, alice nine, an cafe, miyavi, LM.C, and more... but i love GazettE the best
my favorite member is reita
i love Jrock, but my friends think i'm a little too obsessed.. only because they love manga characters while i love bands
i am a (wannabe) writer. i enjoy writing fanfictions for my friends, so tell me if you want to see certain pairings or events occuring and i'll write it out for you
i am very.. what's the word... i dont know- i dont possess a lot of knowledge of certain things and i actually believe ALMOST everything that people tell me... but when i find out that people lied to me, i get very mad because i hate liars.
i am honest and straightforward, but i do my best to not hurt anyone's feelings
i am a hard worker when i want to be, otherwise, im lazy.
i am mature and i love to talk.. sorry > <
i enjoy making new friends so feel free to talk to me casually!!

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