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F / In the closet wit...
Posted 7/22/08
Hello hello =D
My name is Sean said as Shan =D
I sleep a lot =3 and just listen to jmusic
I dont like hip-hop and emos
Internet is like my second home
I live in Australia but was born in the Philippines
nice to meet everyone m(_ _)m
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F / Fantasy World
Posted 10/11/08 , edited 10/11/08
Ooooiii ^^ shima00 here ^^ well actually ppl call me Byou
I love JRock of course the GazettE mostly ^^
i'm not a pop type..but i enjoy listening n watching KAT-TUN n DBSK
just like niikura_sean i don't like emos..actually i HATE them
...i don't remember how old i am n where i'm from n where i live lolz xD
umm..i love Ruki but not in the way i love Aoi Ruki is like my idol..nvm that i'm not a boy xD n i love Uruha's things ^^
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32 / F / メイン州
Posted 10/29/08 , edited 10/29/08
Hi hi.
Jez here. ^_^
I'm 23.
I live in The States
Love J-rock - the GazettE is my 2nd band, beaten only by Diru.
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31 / F / Ruki's Lair.
Posted 10/30/08
hey there i'm stolen!
i love jrock!
my favorite member of the gazette is Ruki, i love his voice and his lyrics! not to mention he's pretty good looking too muahah
i like to write poetry at times,i also make animated gifs on my spare time
i love to read and i love to ROCK any more questions....just ask i'll answer
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28 / F / Raccoon City
Posted 11/16/08
I'm Invidia
I am just your average J-Rock fan =P
I adore either Reita, Ruki or Aoi =3
I am random in what I do and if you want to know more details about me...just ask =3
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F / Finland
Posted 12/7/08
I'm a girl from Finland,you can call me Li or Li-chan.
I'm totally obsessed with Japan and everthing about Japan xD
The GazettE is my new fav band(though GazettE is on a shared first place with NEWS and KAT-TUN o(^o^)o) and Reita is my fav member(though Ruki's vocie is totally <3<3<3).
My friends would sometiems describe me as "a crazy,funny,weird but nice and caring person" especially 'crazy' and 'weird' xD
well,if you want to know anything else,just ask or check my profile
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23 / F / wishing she was e...
Posted 12/12/08
im not sure if i introduced myself yett
im supahkawaii
erm..i don't have a fav band cuz theres too manyy
i like pocky and gum and lollypops
have no idea what to say next...

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29 / F / Currently...Choco...
Posted 12/29/08
errrr....hi!A little late but nice to meet you all!
well,I'm kat_tu_2007...I like j-rock(duh!) and my favorite band would be Dir en Grey but I like Gazette a lot too :D
hope will talk more...
take care...see ya!
Posted 1/12/09
Hi. I'm Tetrablue. I love music. I don't care where from as long as they're talented and/or their music moves me. However I do have to say that GazettE, Alice Nine, and LM.C are some of my favorites.
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29 / F / phx, az
Posted 1/14/09
I'm Vikki
I love music, art, & fashion.
I love to watch movies, read, and waste a day away on my computer.
And obviously I love the GazettE.
I love all the boyz from the GazettE but Uruha & Reita are my favorite boyz. XD
Posted 1/31/09
I'm May
I love The GazettE obviously.. hehe..
I love music, love to draw and paint, mangas, my friends, watch movie/drama and animes.

I love everyone in The GazettE, but Uruha-sama wa ichiban daisuki <3...

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F / Hungary
Posted 2/20/09 , edited 2/20/09
konichiwa minna-sama!

Well I'm Hyou and 21 years old.
I love Visual Kei, but not becoulse the looks, 'couse I prefer the music and I'm really picky on that.
The GazettE was my second favorite band and they were my first in a lot of things.
Other than them I listen to ACID, alicenine., DaizyStripper, Dir en Grey, Girugamesh.
I like to watch anime, read manga and draw manga and anime pictures...


Posted 4/2/09 , edited 4/2/09
hi im M
call me that or any names that u want ^^
i super love gazette!
but i also listen to some songs of nightmare, an cafe and alice nine!
also love anime and reading books.
i can be a very good secret keeper, and i try not to skip to conclusions.
i love listening more than speaking
i kinda act like a kid sometimes...x3
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Posted 5/4/09
hi i am lia ..i love GazettE
Posted 5/5/09
I've been in this group for awhile and no post. xDD

Hi my name is Rachel.
I love the Gazette.
My favorite band currently is Versailles.
I enjoy art and love to draw.

that's pretty much it.
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